Thursday, November 25, 2010


Weeks ago, KFC came out with Double Down and now, Pizza Hut tempts us with a Pinoy classic. It seems like a season for fast food ingenuity! I wonder, what else is there to try!

I told some of my friends about this days ago --that Pizza Hut is having (just came out November 23) Lechon Pizza. It wasn't that appealing for them, though. I, on my behalf, badly want to try it!

Just to relay information in relation to previous post, KFC released appreciation statement ads for the great response they are getting for Double Down stating (to quote a few) that 'demand is way beyond expectations' and that 'they will do their best to make Double Down readily available to all'. I guess their statement explains why I had to visit three KFCs and six KFCs in my friend's case just so we could get our hands on Double Down. Insane, KFC! INSANE! 

Hm... Howboutchu, Lechon Pizza? At what rate will your market perfomance be?

Pizza Hut Lechon Pizza Price and Holiday Feast Promo

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  1. Hi Nina! yes. i received two emails from you, nag reply ako sa isa. Your belt is coming your way na.

    have a great Friday!


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