Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm in looklet now!

Hi, you guys. I'm also in looklet now. It's my second day of looklet-ing and I've managed to create 16 looks already. It is really that addicting! If you have one, check mine out. Do comment your username here so I could check yours' too!

What's great about looklet is its 3D visual with models to choose from. It is a site to sign up for stylist wannabe. It can be an outlet to explore one's potential and is home for materializing one's creativity and imagination.

Here are some looks I did in looklet:
 This look is inspired by stockholmstreetstyle.feber.se. I thought that I would love it more than lookbook.nu. But, I came back to lookbook now. Nothing still beats lookbook.nu, suffice it to say.
Because I want an H&M outlet in the Philippines
I admire casual HOT girls
fab in black and floral
Designers and models have the right to be unconventional and still be labeled fab! A commoner would be labeled weird and get sarcastic weird laughs and stares --just a thought.

Gorgee of looklet 


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

A MUST HAVE: Loop earrings

Loop earrings is a must-have for girls. You can have an instant wardrobe lift wearing one. For studs enthusiasts, it's time to get your perfect pair of loops. Don't get frustrated with ample tries and still couldn't find the one which suits you best. After finding a pair, I am sure that you would crave for more. 

A while ago, I found the PERFECT fancy gold loop earrings in People are People. It is engraved with sophisticated details of swirls and leaves. See...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Canoe Beach Resort, San Antonio, Zambales

Classes are not still over, working employees still are waiting for break, when my high school friends and I decided to go to San Antonio, Zambales. Surprisingly though, there were still a great number who went there for a break. 

We stayed at Canoe Beach Resort which is the prettiest resort. It has a swimming pool and the food is really great and you can avail this wonderful package at an affordable price. It truly is a gem of a find in Zambales. Whoever said that you have to spend a lot for a nice vacation and for white sand beaches, does not know how to seek.
 for contact details and reference

We were really excited to take pictures of the beach and the place which we did the moment we arrived. My friends wore long sleeves because they're afraid to get a bad tan. I did not because I love the sun and I know that my fair color will come back after a few days. Thanks to a nice melanin formulation! I wore a white kimono top with sewed details of little flowers and somehow protected my face from UV rays with a hat. I also brought with me a scarf in case I can't tolerate the heat anymore. I have to say that it really looks awkward to see people wearing long sleeves in the beach (according also to them who wore long sleeves, haha).

We spent two days and one night there. On our first day, we hopped two islands via motored boat. We even saw media entertainment group who were having a shoot there. Sadly, we did not have the chance to see them up close and to even have the information about it. Then, we went back at the hotel and swam in the pool, played water games, and ate scrumptious hotel food. Our personal pick was the spicy tofu. I am not an avid eater of tofu but I really enjoyed it! Try it when you go visit the place. 

On our second day, we packed our bags and went to the city proper where we rode the bus. We went there earlier to buy some souvenirs and other personal stuff we could find. I bought lots of cheap but of good quality beaded bracelets. We also went thrift shopping, but I did not purchase anything. Thrift shopping is no good when you are not in the mood for it.

my bracelets!!
thrift shopping. I got nothing. Thank God

To sum up our total spending, it cost us 1,700-3,000 pesos each which is not bad for the wonderful vacation we had!


Ever wondered if threading hurts? I did, back when I settle on plucking.

Last week, I went to the mall to get an eyebrow shave. The beautician and receptionist asked me though if I would like to try threading. At first, I was hesitant with all the info in mind that it hurts so bad. I said maybe some other time. Maybe when I am ready for the pain.

When I got to my seat, I asked the beautician once again if I could tolerate threading. I think I could since my threshold in pain is high. I was just too scarred from all the reviews I read. I also had other considerations other than the pain. I am thinking that my brows would be thinner. I hate thin eyebrows. I just want the clean sophisticated look. So, I had to really stress not to overly do it. After all the discussions and assurance, I went for threading. 

Honestly, it really hurts. It made me cry especially when threading the innermost part of the brows --near the nose part. As I've said, I have a high threshold for pain but still it really hurt.

On a positive note, if you want a clean brows without those little popping hair after you shave, threading could give you that result. Because usually, I am still in dire need to pluck my brows after a shave. They told me that it could last up to two weeks and I would have to agree. My brows are still neatly shaped for days. They reminded me though that I have to go back in two weeks time so that it wouldn't hurt much after a couple more threading/get used to the pain little by little.

After the threading, I looked like (picture below). That's already 5 days after threading without even plucking it until now. It still is clean.

For additional do's and dont's, don't wash your face after having one. Don't expose your brows to water. It's like you had your facial. The pores in your brows are open and water could make your skin chickeny with all the pores getting visible. Be ready to see your brows in flaming red. It was really awkward to walk with red brows. It was like I had a brow facial but the redness came off after a few minutes. If you do not want the attention, bring shades.   
If you're still at the point questioning yourself if you should get eyebrow plucking or shaving or threading, here is a little background story:

Second year high school, my eyebrows were still virgin. Then, I saw a big difference in one of my classmate. She arrived in school the usual but she got prettier. We looked at her and wondered why. Was it just because she was just blooming that day, we asked. Then, we realized that it was her brows. It certainly made her a lot prettier. Due to that, I tried it as well and from then on, I regularly pluck it or go to a parlor to get a shave. I must say, shaving your eyebrows perfectly could make a big difference. Try it. Just don't over pluck it and get ready for positive remarks!

Why wear boots when you are in a tropical country

In so many ways, I am one of those conventional people but not with regards to my political stand, I guess. But as I number my years and got exposed, I suddenly realized that it's good to stand out. Deviating from the usual does not make you any weirdo or less of a "normal" human being, it just shows that you are confident with yourself and willing to take different criticisms. On one end, these things do not come easy especially if you settle in your comfort zone in most times. Thus, I would have to point out that it does not make my character any different. It does not make me any better than others, rather, became better than my old self.

January 1, 2010, we were at our grandfather's house to celebrate New Year. Mom got me my first boots from Zara TRF and so I wore them since it was just a family gathering and I could get away with anything. The feeling was weird, of course, I am one of those who thinks that there is no room for boots in a tropical country, actors are an exemption though.

Contrary to what I expected, they did not notice it right away cause I was just busy sitting, hiding my feet under the table. And when they finally noticed, they told me it looks good. I was too conscious on how they would react but it turned out great, now, I can wear anything I want.  

By the way, this is how I looked. Not bad, yea? I wore a big-for-my-size blue blouse from Anna Sui, which I knot-tied on one side, Levi's jeans (always a fan of the perfect fitting Levi's Strauss), Zara TRF boots and finished my welcome for 2010 look with  bangles from India which I got from American Women's Bazaar in WTC and two native T'boli bangles from Narda's in Baguio City.     

Monday, March 22, 2010

BACON: Blocks Arteries CONsequence

Bacon is good due to the heavenly laden bad fat it contains. Cured meats, such as bacon, contain nitrates which serve as anti-bacterial agents and preservatives which is insoluble in water, making it harder to digest resulting to clogged arteries.

I can't remember the last time I ate bacon. Mom does not approve preserved products. Subsequently, whenever we do our grocery, my brother and I drool over those ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat. There are seldom times wherein we surreptitiously put unhealthy stuff into the cart and when we get into the counter Mom could not do anything anymore since we do that Puss in Boots stare, begging for some junk.

A couple of weeks ago, I craved for bacon. I begged for two 250 grams of bacon packs. I cooked it in the oven and did not put any oil. I let the bacon's fat do the whole thing. I ovened the bacon twice and changed the plate on the second cooking time. Thus, a quite amount of fat still came off (refer to picture above). No wonder it is considered as one of the most unhealthy food.

We all know and are aware that most food that we love are unhealthy and are dangerous to our health. I guess we have to be reminded from time and again that we have to choose what we eat wisely. As the saying goes, "health is not everything, but without health everything else is nothing". Let's take good care of our daily diet and physique and not wait for everything we take in daily accumulate and succumb us.

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