Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Midnight Mercato

Midnight Mercato was mouthful of fun!
My belly was really happy! I definitely am going back! <3
We went last Saturday. We arrived 9:30 in the evening, Midnight Mercato opens at 10. When we got there, a number of people were already lined up outside waiting for doors to open.
The place was jam-packed. No more table for us. *sigh*
We didn't finish our pizza. It's super heavy on the stomach, and I really don't like my pizza thick. I like my food thin! ;P
150 per slice
Chef Resty's Roast Beef Carving Station
Grabbed this photo from Essa
ZOMG! I noticed just now, as I construct a caption!!!!, Rodrigo's is in Mercato!!!!!! ZOMG! I didn't see this!!!!! :(((
Been meaning to try their deadly, sinful U.S.D.A Angus Beef Belly Roast for quite a time now!!!!! *creys*
Candied bacon ice cream flavor! Didn't try it, though! Next time!
I had to buy and have Mochiko first!! <3333
Bought Mango (Finn's) and Green Tea flavor! 
It's really good since the pounded sticky rice/chewy mochi shell is just thin, and the ice cream filling is so creamy!
We allowed it to melt for a bit since it was really frozen! Nangilo ze teeth!
70php per piece, 400php for box of six.
Macarooooons! Didn't crave for macarons that day, though.
Queue @ Manang's Chicken was sooo long! Asked Essa and Carlo to get us wings, instead! 
It's really goood! I prefer Manang's Chicken over BonChon! hee 
Had Philly Changa too
Flame-grilled burgerzzz
Lechon Cebu!
Japanese Chili Dog
Had milk tea (Wintermelon) too! <33
The guy who ordered before I did kept on ordering loudly "santol juice... santol juice... santol juice". I got really intrigued. It seemed like he was really sure of his order and was badly craving for it. When the lady asked me what my order is, I said, "orange juice" (read: safest flavor to order). There were A LOT of flavors to choose from! I really didn't know which flavor to have. I wasn't craving for any juice really = I would like to try 'em all unusual juice flavors, hrhr! She, then, said, "wala pong orange juice" (translation: we do not have orange juice), and since some people were waiting in line, santol juice it was! Nakigaya na lang ako! ;) 
It was my first time to gulp down santol juice! I had never tasted it and had no idea how it'll taste like. I do not really eat fruits, in general. I am more of a veggie person. BUT boy, I really liked it! Super refreshing!!! <33333 I liked it better that my milk tea! <33333
(Juice Bar photos from
 Street food available too!!
Off Beat Burgers
Burger patty and other more (cheese, ham, and so on) sandwiched in Orginal Glazed Kripy Kreme doughnut! Hmmmm....

 Since we had a hard time looking for available table and seats, where better place to settle and nom than in the sidewalk. I also enjoyed Camille and Drei's rice box with small cuts of wagyu beef. Tasted so.... Japanese! ;p Cheap yet really tasty.

Most photos (unless otherwise indicated) are taken with Lumix GF2, pancake 14mm lens installed, in expressive mode. :) Really good for landscape shots. Look at the scope the camera can cover as compared to photos grabbed from others, specified as grabbed! :) I am starting to really love my new baby! I was actually complaining before, oops. :) It's pricey, no! It better be great and I better be satisfied with its performance! :)) I didn't use the flash --I rarely use cam's flash actually-- which explains why some shots are blurry. They're still nice! It captures better night photos than our dSLR Sony Alpha350. ;)  

Cropped this grabbed this photo from Essa

Bonifacio Global City, 1632 Taguig, Philippines

Operating Hours
Friday   :10:00 pm3:00 am
Saturday :07:00 am-2:00 pm
10:00 pm -3:00 am
Sunday   :07:00 am-2:00 pm

>>For more information, visit Mercato Centrale's facebook page.


  1. Very interesting. Is that a picture of an entire pig?

    Love from Oregon USA,


    pink and blue

    my twitter

  2. hahaha. mercato's really so yummy but you end up going home feeling so full! mochiko's a must-have talaga! everything's so good and tempting though! went there last month too and my friends and i had to sit sa sidewalk din coz it was so jampacked.

  3. Waou.. looks like such a cool fooding event! I wish they had such crazy event here in Italy too ;) Anyway, was very nice to be able to see all your pictures.. And I learnt a few things on quite a few 'exotic' product I had never seen before!

    A kiss from Milano

  4. Supeeeeeer inggiiiiiit akooooo! Thanks for sharing Nina. I've been wanting to visit Mercato for the longest time!

  5. Mercato is one of the best places to go on cheat days... =) My favorites would be custaroons and philly changa... My friends from Davao are coming over so I might bring them there tonight... =)

    Nice post Nina... =)

  6. Kung nagutom ka sa post ko, di lalo naman ako dito, diba! Hehe! :) Hi Nina! I linked your blog pala!

  7. Nina, I think we have something like this in Cebu in Banilad Town Center but I never really had the chance to drop by there.

    I am not so sure if it's me but I do follow your blog but for some reason, I don't see any of your post in my dashboard. Let me follow you using GFC again.

  8. Now this made me drool nina! ;) yummy photos!

  9. I'm definitely going there this weekend!! your post made me drool!!!! :) hahaha! Thanks for Joining my giveaway and Good luck. Love!

    Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen

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  10. i love mercato too, so many people lang, we usually go around 2-3am but by the time, almost all the food is gone :P

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