Sunday, October 2, 2011

SHOP SCHMUG: Guess who's back

A number of items from Schmug's Guess Who's Back collection got sold and reserved already! So, I'll just post the items that are still available! =) To all my co-bagaholics hrhr, we'll finally upload new set of bags (**ten!! new bags to be exact) this Wednesday, October 5! Mark your calendars, girls! <333  
- sheer but with lining
- can be worn as tube / halter see photos
- PRICE: 330php
- Beaded layered necklace for sale too, 120php only! Visit Neckciting III album. :)
- really cute <333
- will fit S-M frames
- with side pockets!!
- V-neck when zippered
- PRICE: 300php
- will fit S-M frames
- with pretty silver vintage buttons
- PRICE: 300php
- will fit S-midL frames
- PRICE: 300php
- Faux meet real long necklace for sale too, 120php only! Visit Neckciting III album. :)
- Upper East Side blazer 
- Will best fit XS-S frame
- Pretty! Satin inside of the same color. Missing 1 button at the end of the blazer, though, not noticeable!! see photos. :)
- Forgot to take a photo of the blazer's sleeves rolled up so you can see the inside! --HERE IT IS NOW!!
- PRICE: 400php
- Beaded layered necklace for sale too, 120php only! Visit Neckciting III album. :)
Set of Bangles for 200php only! Only available set is the orange one, though!
Visit Cuff it Up album to see all photos! :)
New rings up for grabs!! Visit Bling it On III to see all available rings!  



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