Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Am in Love: Louis Vuitton Men Spring/Summer 2012!!

Days ago, during the second day of Paris menswear fashion week, Louis Vuitton revealed its yachtclubesque/yacht club apt Spring/Summer 2012 Collection designed by Marc Jacobs and LV's newly-appointed style director Kim Jones (his debut collection for LV!)
...The collection is inspired by the spirit of travel, “about someone who, from America and England, picks up and leaves and goes slightly native”, shared Kim Jones....
Never am into menswear and not really gaga over big brands but I really like this collection especially the scarves, varsity jackets, sunglasses, strappies, and the BAGS!! The entire collection makes me admire LV more... Marc Jacobs too!! ;) <3

Anyhoo, without more ado, here are some photos!! :) ...
Love the V logo!!
 I'd like to carry these men's bags! hehehe. They're pretty! 
I am in LOVE!!! Ganda! Machismo!
Made me love blacks!! Don't find them macho, eh... Now I do! :))
Photos: Ludwig Bonnet / Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

TSOKNAT BAGS!! (selling two designs at Schmug)

2008, I got fascinated with Tsoknat bags. I made sure, as much as possible, that I was logged in minutes before the upload since a collection easily gets sold out just few few minutes after! ...Shopping for a Tsoknat bag was insane!!!
Tsoknat Bags is an online store that specializes in one-of-a-kind, quirky bags made up of fabric swatches and different embellishments. It is Filipina-owned business that aims to bring out the individuality in the Pinay.
Tsoknat Bits 
  • Tsoknat bags get reserved and sold out just minutes after the bags’ pictures are uploaded.
  • No two Tsoknat bags are the same. Tsoknat upholds the one-design-per-bag policy.
  • Toni Rose Favoreal, the name behind Tsoknat Bags, has no formal training in fashion design or fashion merchandising. She is a graduate of digital illustration and animation at Ateneo de Naga University.
  • Tsoknat was chosen as one of the 20 finalists in the 2008 JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award.
  • Tsoknat ranks first in the Top 10 Philippine Online Fashion Shops by WikiPilipinas.
  • Tsoknat also ventured into baby clothing and apparel through a brand called Tiny Tsoknat.
  • They have plans of reviving and rebranding their sister shop GirlGetsBoy early next year.
    -directly lifted from geloshots. Read the whole article by clicking the link.
I visted the site again and saw new quirky designs. Some albums offer swatches and embelishments to choose from to create one's very own Tsoknat bag. :) Here are some of my picks:
Cute samples! :)

In 2008, I knew Tsoknat bags with their one-piece-per-design layered scrap bags like these ones:

If you want a Tsoknat bag, you may visit them at their mulitply account... I am also selling two Tsoknat bags for way way lower price --one from Boy Meets Girl and the other from one of Tsoknat bag's collection. :) Remember, no two Tsoknat designs are alike! So, you will only find these two Tsoknat bags thru Schmug. You'll carry a one-of-a-kind bag! :))
 View the two Tsoknat bags I'm selling by clicking the link below (Carry Underwood collection at Schmug)

Monday, June 27, 2011

KNOW WHY: Sitting is Killing You

A visually appealing, must read information I'd like to share with all of you and just keep here for my own good/as a reminder... since I personally think that too much rest or too much time in the couch/bed won't do anyone any good and is definitely not the key to healing. Our body needs just the right amount of rest and laziness but needs banging amount of exercise. Come to think of it, we are encouraged to sleep, have a full rest for 8 hours a day and spend the remaining 16 hours to 'work'. That's why some people kiddingly say that they get sick, get sicker whenever they don't go out; I think there's (medical, scientific) truth in it.
Sitting is Killing You
Via: Medical Billing And Coding

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gluttony and in-betweens

I am in love with Italannis!! Everything is just so delicious!!! I love their balsamic vinaigrette-filled insalata, fettuccine tartufo pasta, Quatro Staggioni pizza, and their panna cotta!!! Ahhh, SO SO SO GOOD! 
Honey with walnuts!
TRIVIA: Did you know that Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods can't stand to eat WALNUTS?! He hates walnuts more than durian! It's the only food that he doesn't really like to eat! He eats everything, yes, but not walnuts!! Totally bizaareeee! hehehe!
 Fresh Fruit Shakes!!! Two of my three faves!
I always order grapes or watermelon shake! I always order grape shake at Cibo! They're so refreshing!! As much as possible, I hate milk / condensed milk / any form of sweetener on my fruit shake... except with Avocado shake (another fave)!! <3 <3

I love Army Navy too since I like my fries and onion rings thinly sliced! I like my food thin a.k.a more flavorful! :)
Onion rings, freedom fries, burito, libertea
They have to lessen the price, though!! If not, make their serving portion fuller, bigger!
BULLY BOY BURGER looks tempting!
Wheat grass entices me... maybe because I feel a sense of cleanliness everytime I see them. I want to have a box pot of it in my table. hehe
Wheat grasssssss!!
I always have a shot whenever some juice kiosk offers this to get a doze of vitamins as promised! This juiced wheat grass at Edsa Central is sweet, though! It really didn't taste like grass! Taste's much more tolerable. Maybe because theirs is fresh/freshly cut? :)
Food taste better with herbs, no? <3 <3
These natural stones would make a good center piece!
 My fave 'garden'/plant and garden needs seller in Seedling Bank / Garden Center! Their shop (ambiance and interior) is really lovely and homey! 
Better if they have a cafe inside! It would really be nice to hang out here and just look at their arrangements and cute details they placed here and there. <3
See the elaphants? ;)

Don Henricos, why do you have to serve sinful buffalo wings?! (What a question!) The ranch sauce is sinful too! Always can't resist this! <3
I fancy lights!

P.S. Thank God it's not raining heavily anymore! I miss Mr. Sunshine!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Home and beyond

I assisted my brother to schools last last week and we've been busy looking for furniture for weeeeeks now --hence the hiatus / slow turn-out of posts! Anyhoo, this series of furniture hunt makes me admire interior designers!! It's really a baffling task to look for pieces which are suiting --to the size (all the more for a small space!! i.e condo), walls, motif, and other details of a space-- especially if there are a lot of pretty choices! 

Glad that I always tag along! I get giddy seeing beautiful pieces here and there! :))  

Every piece is really unique and indeed exportesque! I was in awe when we were inside the showroom! :) <3 I wanted to bring home something from any of the participating renowned manufacturers! 
 Deco Central is a one-stop establishment where buyers can conveniently shop for the latest selections of high quality products that local furniture and home furnishings and accessories sectors have to offer.
...Deco Central projects the unified spirit of world-class Kapampangan exporters that have made a mark in the furniture industry.
At least 20 renowned furniture manufacturers and exporters will have permanent shows at Deco Central, the most apt venue where these companies can launch their new products that are likewise being offered in the world market.
These companies include A. Garcia Crafts, Asia Ceramics, Betis Crafts, Inc., Betis House of Décor, Calfurn Mfg. Phils., Inc., Country Accents, Inc., Dale Mathis Studio, Inc., Diretso Design Furniture, Inc., Furnitureville, Inc., KLM Manufacturing, Las Palmas Furniture, Inc., Maze Manufacturing, More Than a Chair, Inc., Office @Work, Peter’s Custombuilt, Philiana Designs, Smartdesign, Inc., South Sea Veneer Corp., Venzon Manufacturing, Inc., and Vivere Lifestyle Co., Inc. -from Trends and Spots article
 PhilExport Region III pieces in Clarkfield!
Yes, all pieces are offered in the world market! EVERYTHING is just so pretty and unique!!
Deco Central is located beside Puregold Duty Free Shop
Bldg. N3679 CM Recto Highway, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga
They are open Monday to Sunday, 10am till 7pm

I love their accent pieces --metal works, stone ones, and so on! Their shop always stands out! Got two pretty hand-painted Taiwan works from them!! <3 Can't wait to see them on my wall! :)
 Insignia is a company known for its collection of unique and world class decorative materials ranging from interior to exterior applications.  Its humble beginnings started out as a family collection of rare artifacts and novelties collected around the world.  With number of collections on hand, we decided to sell some of it in different bazaars (at the height of the bazaar fever) and the response was tremendous.  Clients’ demands were overwhelming hence; we decided to open a semi-permanent shop around Manila area; from one shop some three years ago to five shops this year in Metro Manila area alone.
Insignia is dedicated to provide the most unique and trend-setting decorative materials for Manila’s penchant for very distinct artworks.  Local and foreign collectors have graced our shops; designers and architects have repeatedly ordered for their clients; home and business owners (like spas, hotels, restaurants, and others) have proudly displayed Insignia Artworks.  They have come for one thing… Insignia will always give our customers quality and unique artworks at a competitive price. -Arch. Genevieve K. Siao, General Manager
They have branches at: 
Ortigas Home Depot (where we went)
3/F Home Zone, Glorietta 4
4/F Art Plaza, Shangri-La Plaza
4/F Rustan's Dept. Store, All Titott merchandise, Shangri-La Plaza 
2/F North Building, SM MoA
Saw them at Tiendesitas too
Know more about Insignia here:

They say Mandaue Foam (of Cebu) is the secret haven of interior designers! No wonder! Everything is really cheap and they even go on sale --from throw pillows, accent pieces, furniture, lighting, foam, mattress, and other home necessities. I really was amazed on their pricing and choices!
 Mandaue Foam Industries, Inc. is a Filipino-owned corporation primarily engaged in the manufacturing of polyurethane foam used in beds, furniture, packaging, garments, insulation and the automotive industry.
Started in 1971 by Mrs. Rosita T. Uy as a foam manufacturer, Mandaue Foam has rapidly grown over the past 37 years. Today, Mandaue Foam is one of the country’s top 1000 corporations with 15 factories and showrooms nationwide.
In 1989, Mandaue Foam brought its brand of quality foam products straight to home use customers with the opening of its first retail showroom in Cebu. Soon after that, it opened its branches in Davao, Iloilo, Cagayan de Oro, Bacolod, Butuan and Gen. Santos. 2005 was another landmark year as the company opened Jaro Town Square in Iloilo, a 6,000 sq. meter development, which includes a furniture showroom, a supermarket, fast food and appliance store. 2 years after, Mandaue Foam expanded its operations to the GMA area by opening its first factory and showroom in Ortigas Avenue Extension. It is equipped with state-of-the-art foaming machines to serve our retail and trade customers. -from here
  Singit photo! hihi
Always a must to have a full body mirror, no? :)
Love this comfy studded Pink Manila top! And the bow garterized belt that comes with this Zara capris...
 Pretty curtains! Even prettier than the ones I see in Our Home, SM, etc! And way way cheaper here!
 Saw a number of cheap bonggang 'chandeliers'! They're all pretty good for the price!

Mandaue Foam's (only) Manila showroom is located at Ortigas Avenue Extension, Cainta Rizal (near Mang Inasal; quite near Ma Mon Luk as well). Visit their website for more info:

Their pieces are well-thought of and multi-functional. It is where we found our sofa bed! FINALLY!! We've been looking since the start of our furniture hunt...
Loft Details Furnishing established in November 2003 offering you the best values on quality home furnishings. Our concept is to introduce modern ways of living through our wide range of unique, functional and comfortable furniture. We believe that creating a beautiful and relaxing home is important. At Loft Details, we are here to provide lifestyle solutions to your home and share our modern furniture at affordable prices. -from Loft Details's website

Visit Loft Details at their 3-level flagship showroom located at NST Bldg. #189 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Libis, Quezon City. They are also located at MC Home Depot -Fort Bonifacio, Westgate -Alabang Home Depot and in TriNoma Mall.

I tend to shop for itsy bitsies in between! Can't resist pretty 'art pieces' for the wall or be placed on an easel. I cannot not purchase little kuchi-kuchi for projects in mind or just because. hihi. Here are some:
 Wanted this antique-kunu box :\
Charmed safety pins!! <3
Saw them pined in a katsa/eco bag! Really pretty! Nice idea to fill a cotton bag with these safety pin charms! :)
Stickerssss for my travel journal! Will show it to you!

Got this small pillow at Mandaue Foam.. Then, as I was looking at Heima, I saw this armchair with a seat cushion identical to my throw pillow's print! <3
Safari / leo-ish (they also look like amoeba! hehe) candle! :)
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