Monday, July 26, 2010

Soul Garden: BBQ buffet cum Hotpot

We wanted shabu-shabu for lunch. All the way from The Block, we walked to The Annex to try Seoul Garden. We went to the buffet setup to do some supermarketing to choose fresh uncooked seafood, filleted fish, meat (from marinated to plain cut ones; pork, beef and chicken all present) and other ingredients to go into our broth and grill for lunch. I remembered Sutukil in Cebu with its buffet setup. At Seoul Garden you get to cook your own food, though --to create your own dining experience. As promised, their "Refreshingly fresh" tagline holds true. 

The price was worth it all together which already includes drinks (sodas, juices, coffee, milo and all else). It was a plus factor for me since most buffet restaurants do not include drinks. For dessert, they have 6 flavors of ice cream with choices of toppings, mini cupcakes, rebel bars and other pastries, DIY halo-halo, and fruits. They also serve bibimbap upon request, pasta, Korean appetizers, salad, and a whole lot more. The quality of the meat cuts, freshness, and selection are excellent despite the variety. For promos, students get discount. 
inside Seoul Garden
 BBQ cum Hotpot
Veggie bibimbap and seafood bibimbap on the side. There are chicken / beef / pork bibimbap too.
WHERE: SM City North EDSA, The Annex 1. Open daily from 10 AM to 10 PM
Yes, as indicated, they have branches in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Humor for my health

There are those precious times I crack up to the point of hurting my stomach so bad consuming enormous energy that I can't find the strength to laugh anymore and fall on my knees and recuperate from the incident on the floor due to clumsy mistakes and other faux pas.

Weeks ago, I saw a spoof compilation from one noontime show I find comical. I must say, the unforgettable ones are those seemingly unforgiving boo-boos...


I'm fond of "Wer u at" in MYX. Not only because I adore the tandem of Bianca and Chino but their stream of episode features are really informative and tempting to try. Way way way back, they featured "Strip Manila". The concept and services offered by Strip are kind of funny, choosing Chino to talk about bikini waxing doubly so --how adorably awkward!

This is really witty! A satirical ad during that time of Bush and the scandals in between, nearing term's end if I'm not mistaken as inferred from the statement, though. Forgot the story behind this ad. But it's somehow circling on that.

At that time, I was like "what the" on this idea of having wax in different shapes!

 At that time as well, I smirked due to the availability of "boyzilian" --waxing for male!

I remember this thought we had, from a need or a want comes a business. I really got submerged on the aspiration to put up my own business just recently. As observed, the ideas started from my needs and wants that I don't find in the market. Some business ideas / products I thought of are nothing original but there are revisions, hence, improvements I want to make and be made available for everyone.

Same through with Strip, they would sell their services concentrating or mentioning on what separates them from other waxing salons. Sanitation is their top most priority. Strip assures that they do not reuse waxing materials. This is in defense and rebuttal against waxing salons whom practice double dipping and reuse waxing spatulas used in different body areas from one individual to another, yikes! Waxing is made fun with those variety of cuts to choose from and bearable by Strip as well; as they stand by their HSQ mantra: Hygiene, Speed and Quality.

WHERE: 2F Serendra Bonifacio High St. Bonifacio Global City Taguig
Store Hours: Mon-Sun: 10AM to 10PM

4F Greenbelt 5 Phase 2 Legaspi Street, Ayala Center Makati
Store Hours: Sun-Thurs: 11AM to 9PM; Fri-Sat: 11AM to 10PM


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yesterday, I don't like you. Now, I want to have you

One thing I noticed as I age, my style preference changes. I tend to go back to jeans and shirt --my first love. Along the way though, I find myself falling in love on things I used to unlike, not even bother check out, or simply am apathetic about --things that some people may verily want, wondering why.

Months ago, I didn't like RIIR bags. I told myself I'd rather have an Aranaz instead. Few weeks ago, I saw a lady carrying an RIIR at the mall and thought that it's actually pretty nice when carried and is one helluva statement bag. Two days ago, mom and I went to their showroom. The shop attendant was too perky and nice to show us available bags in store.

ABOUT: RIIR, Rags2riches (literally, rags to riches pieces; from scraps to world class ones), by designer Rajo Laurel upcycles scrap cloths (those woven / weaved foot rags we see everywhere) embodying eco-ethical style as they call it with the labor help of the marginalized sector of Payatas.

Weavers of Payatas. photo from HERE

During RIIR's anniversary, they asked famous astists to do limited edition bags for auction including Ben Cab, Raymund Isaac, Jenni Epperson and daugther Aryana, Anita Magsaysay-Ho. Great works and play of ideas, I must say.

Personally, I love the RIIR by Aranaz line. But there's also this RIIR eco-shopping bag called the Tree Bag by Rajo I'm somehow eyeing for and thought that the idea's nice.

 This is the Tree Bag. It's that simple and is foldable. The handle is really nice. The wooden ones are from Cebu, according to the perky shop attendant --forgot about the other detail ;) Nicer in actual.

I find this really nice too; comes in rectangular and other sizes and colors of tirintas which are placed in it vary

This is the bag I'm pertaining to carried by a lady. Hers is black if I'm not mistaken. There are lots of color, even shapes and sizes, and designs to choose from.

Mom wants this Maria Rosa Tote. Again, there are color swatches.

YOU CHOOSE AND CHECK: The quality and craft of the bags differ from one to the other since they are hand-made, I suppose. Even the color combination of the scrap cloths used as the design vary. Due to this, we asked for all stocks available for a design we wanted when we were at the shop to choose which color  to get and workmanship we prefer, in general.   

DISCLAIMER: Photos from different sites I found as I googled, not mine.

Check out their site or simply google to see all products. ;)   

Sunday, July 18, 2010

MOST DURABLE HEADBAND EVER: "Let fashion go to your head" I quote

From time to time, I have this constant need for headbands which I use whenever I blog, watch TV, wash my face, stay at home all day and so on to keep my hair tidy, away from irritation. I bought all sorts of such from tiangges to malls to airports, but none of them last. Not until I had Evita Peroni's Kezia band which is a teeth-ed one. I never wanted those types of headband since I find them irritating and are really painful in the head. Thus, Evita Peroni promises painless head pieces. I tried them on and really fell in love with this one since I usually go for the simplest ones.

 Mine's in black though. Kezia black google photo can't be copied, unfortunately. So there

Kezia has been with me for a year or so now. It is really the most comfortable teethed headband ever and the most durable. There were lots of instances where it got twisted since I almost always unintentionally fall asleep with it on. Then, would remove it in the middle of my sleep for it ought not to be worn in bed. Just some story and narration, my brother sleeps in my room. For some reason, he does not want to sleep in his little hole. So, he sleeps on the pull out. Several times, Kezia the band lands in his bedside. Having no clue that it's there, it would get stuck and twisted whenever we push back his bed. Amazingly, it would just get out of shape, warped, still capable of withstanding wear and force. After bending it to its form it's back to function. Its plastic material is far way different from the other. I got my money's worth for its durability. 

SO: If you're looking for headbands, head pieces, and even accessories which are of good quality yet equally classy and fashionable, try anything Evita Peroni. images

PERSONALLY: If there one Evita Peroni band I won't buy and splurge on it is the Amery band and any series of Amery kind. Simple Joys has the same one which costs so little as opposed to the Evita Peroni one. There is also no difference in the fit and the appearance actually since the Amery doesn't have an Evita Peroni tag to start with. There are also of good quality alternative everywhere --those Korean bands which you can find in Divisoria and bazaars.  

Nonetheless, other than that, Evita Peroni is a good brand to find nice, long-wearing head pieces and other accessories.

Evita Peroni's Amery band


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Trilogy Boutique and Canteen

I opt to go to a mall because it's a one stop destination. There's dining, shopping, and entertainment of all sorts. Compound type places like Cubao Expo and the recently established The Collective tried to put together different shops and elements such as dining, galleries, shopping but leaning more on artsy and everything indie and, as I personally put and see it, hodgepodge of alternative to mainstream. 

I remember mom and I would go to Cubao Expo for a skin product that The Reading Room offers and some organic products that you can find in stores around Cubao X as the nearest supplier in mind. Then, we would eat at Bellini's Restaurant since it's Lucy Torres' favorite Italian restaurant, well, at that time she gushed about it in one column or show. Then, we go to Halo for their malunggay pasta and malunggay pesto though I heard it's not as healthy as it's supposed to be.

Then, I got hooked on online shopping. I would read information from my favorite shops and see if they have a store somewhere near. One online shop, oOhwables, is in Cubao X so I went to see their clothes in actual. I still vie to have the chance to try on clothes and even accessories. I thank God I fell out of love for online shopping already --from spending too much on courier fees! Yea, there were good buys, but there were also plenty of poor items Boo! I got accustomed to online shopping for a very long time and I think a huge amount of my money went there.

On the contrary, none of these whereabouts (excluding online shopping in this matter) were huge thing for me at that time. Not until hipsters constantly raved about the place and would post photos of them having a good time. I did not know that it is actually that hipstery at night. I became aware that it is actually that cool for some people. Consequently, I feel an aura of the hipsterdom everytime I step into the place now. Haha!

Recently, friends and I went to Trilogy Boutique and Canteen which combines dining and shopping and is owned by Jon Herrera, Rosario Herrera, Vicky Herrera, and DJ Steve Aoki. They have good independent brands such as Alternative Apparel (I love their plain V-neck shirts!!!), Junk Food, Obey, Christys Crown Series Hats, WeSC, Anthology shoes, Generic Surplus, Dolce Vita, Andy Warhol Watches, Wright Supply Co., and a whole lot more. They also sell books and magazines if I'm not mistaken.

Canteen, their in-store cafe, offers viands and menu that is really tempting. I wanted to try their dessert as well, but I was out of budget already.

 these polariod photos from
Their menu is really tempting, ryt! For price range and menu click here. I just wish they lessen the price. Medyo mahal kaya! ;-p

WHERE: 110 Alvion Center, Rada Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City Philippines
STORE HOURS: Monday-Friday- 11-8pm; Saturday-Sunday- 10am- 5pm

Thursday, July 15, 2010

FOR THE LOVE OF PROMOD: Lace-up heeled boots

The moment I saw them, I knew they're perfect! I did not purchase them right away though since I want to put my money in good investment. LOL. Then, as I was rethinking, I went back two days ago to fit them again and finally decided to get them. On one end, I don't know when to wear 'em!

I stand 168cms tall and additional three inches would make me feel and think that friends and other people wouldn't want to walk beside me --just a scene in my head 'coz I remember some comments from friends. Plus, I'm the type who doesn't want the spotlight --those stares and whispers. Or, am I just too conscious? hee!

WHICH BRINGS ME TO PONDER: Why did I purchase them, then? I was thinking of wearing them at work or an event God knows when! 

More so, despite its heels, it has platforms which made it way way easier to walk in! If you want the ease and comfort from heeled ones, go for platformed / platform shoes. :)

JUST SAYING: Just the other day, I saw Tricia Gosingtian wearing the same pair in one photo as I was browsing her site. As usual, the pair looks good on her!

actual pair from
when worn

Monday, July 12, 2010


With its igloo/ice-like structure, you will surely want to stop by Cold Spoon located along Friendship Highway corner of Carmenville Gate 3 at Angeles City, Pampanga! 

AND SO WE DID: We were on our way to Fontana for our weekend getaway when we decided to grab a froyo. I've passed by Cold Spoon nth times already but it was my first time to actually visit the place and  to try their frozen yogurt. I must say, their yogurt is as good as the place! 

cute doors
hello, Igloo
we're finally inside

There were a lot of toppings to choose from --from candies and chocolate bars to grains to fruits. We chose fruit toppings. Mine's and Theng's strawberry; Desi's blueberry and; Darren's cherry.

I would like to try their "Lassi" or Indian Yogurt Drink with good flavors to choose from. I also read they offer Black Sesame Flavor Frozen Yogurt which made me want to try it! It's my first time to hear that a froyo shop offers such flavor! Sadly, they only had plain when we went. Black sesame flavor stirs my curiosity to bits!

orderin' and strikin' a pose
strawberry ours
 cherry; blueberry on the background


Thursday, July 8, 2010


ANTHOLOGY SHOES WILL TAKE YOU TO PLACES: Funny how it seems and to take note that most of their pairs are named after a place. With their naming and as I try to put sense or merely play with the idea, I can say that Anthology shoes can take you to far away places comfortably without getting any blisters --your feet for that matter. With Anthology, you need not bring slippers which you might need after a long walk --know what I'm talking about, yea?   

With that being said, I found new ones I really like which are as follow:

This new baby I should see and try on! They come in gold, silver and black patent! They are really adorable!
 pictures and color choices info from Tricia Gosingtian's post HERE

 Then, upon browsing Anthology's site, I came across this pair of bow and studs!

If you opt for printed ones, this is pretty good:

Lastly, leaning on a masculine side or touch, they have brogues now!

YOU WANT MORE, BETTER YET: Visit to see more and see the color swatches they have for these and other more.

GOOD NEWS as of July 17: Anthology is giving away a gold Shanghai in size 8! Details here! ;-)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Alexander McQueen's succesor: Sarah Burton

Gucci Group did not welcome the idea of hiring an established designer at McQueen. Hence, they chose Ms. Sarah Burton, colleague of the late Alexander McQueen for 14 years, as the creative director of the brand. Story here

I MUST SAY: I am no intense for fashion, but Alexander McQueen's label is really over the top --pieces are seemingly tailored for medieval queens and high priests since I was reminded of King Solomon as illustrated in the Bible; which made me think again as for appropriation considerations, can I use a religious term as such --esp for a her, or is it not really. Anyhoo, here are some designs from McQueen's last collection which were completed by Sarah Burton:
Alexander McQueen Fall 2010 / 2011 Collection --click for these pictures' reference

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