Thursday, July 8, 2010


ANTHOLOGY SHOES WILL TAKE YOU TO PLACES: Funny how it seems and to take note that most of their pairs are named after a place. With their naming and as I try to put sense or merely play with the idea, I can say that Anthology shoes can take you to far away places comfortably without getting any blisters --your feet for that matter. With Anthology, you need not bring slippers which you might need after a long walk --know what I'm talking about, yea?   

With that being said, I found new ones I really like which are as follow:

This new baby I should see and try on! They come in gold, silver and black patent! They are really adorable!
 pictures and color choices info from Tricia Gosingtian's post HERE

 Then, upon browsing Anthology's site, I came across this pair of bow and studs!

If you opt for printed ones, this is pretty good:

Lastly, leaning on a masculine side or touch, they have brogues now!

YOU WANT MORE, BETTER YET: Visit to see more and see the color swatches they have for these and other more.

GOOD NEWS as of July 17: Anthology is giving away a gold Shanghai in size 8! Details here! ;-)


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  2. Ayyy! I love them all! They look so comfy nga! :)

  3. thanks for sharing them! I want to purchase one soon! I followed you already, please follow me too. :) thanks!


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