Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Alexander McQueen's succesor: Sarah Burton

Gucci Group did not welcome the idea of hiring an established designer at McQueen. Hence, they chose Ms. Sarah Burton, colleague of the late Alexander McQueen for 14 years, as the creative director of the brand. Story here

I MUST SAY: I am no intense for fashion, but Alexander McQueen's label is really over the top --pieces are seemingly tailored for medieval queens and high priests since I was reminded of King Solomon as illustrated in the Bible; which made me think again as for appropriation considerations, can I use a religious term as such --esp for a her, or is it not really. Anyhoo, here are some designs from McQueen's last collection which were completed by Sarah Burton:
Alexander McQueen Fall 2010 / 2011 Collection --click for these pictures' reference



  1. haha i love alexander mc queen shoes. amde for rockstars. :D what happened to ur ads

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    please visit mine too.. and follow if you like it.. thanks and have a nice day


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