Sunday, May 30, 2010

TOHONEYSUCKLEDAYS: Big thanks, Anthology; AND Thanks, anonymous

People were asking, why the site name: Why tohoneysuckledays? And since every blog has a story and a blogger chooses subjects for the blog's content, it all summed up to having honeysuckle days. Bottom line, I believe in optimistic declaration. 

I used to blog in livejournal and multiply. Mainly because I am that young, vulnerable, wanting to let sickish feelings out kiddo. I wanted to stop rambling about a thing in one whole post. this time. I have twitter as my rant box anyway.

I knew it's about time I put into writing my impassive thoughts. All of which came to my senses when I was looking for job. Companies would ask for sample articles and work. I couldn't give anything but my tumblr's link which is the recent and updated at that time. Dragging it is since tumblr allows reblogging. I needed to go through my site and choose posts I personally wrote. Then, I created this blog. I thought it's time to write and feature articles that are of my interest.

My honeysuckle days would be products I've tried, designers, designs, people, events, movie, places I've been to which you'll see as a trend in this blog. Suffice to say, you cannot feature everything. You have to stick with one or two detail about something or else it'll be too stormy for you and your readers. On one end, I am speaking on my behalf.

Honeysuckle is a flower that I became in love with  during multiply days when I liked The Submarines as well. It is defined by The Forgotten Language of Flowers article and as spirit vision, devoted love, generous and devoted affection, admired for their beauty and some for their fragrance. Every name has a meaning and names speak forth declaration that manifests in you, same through with our given names. 

I wanted to have an audience, honestly. An audience that somehow has the same leaning. An audience that would want to learn more as much as I do. When I created this blog, I wanted to adhere solely to what for me is cool and nice. Speak up and let others know as well. 

WHAT GIVES ME SHIVER: I am thankful for people who would message me and tell me that they learn something every time they visit my blog. Again, thanks :)

Remember my post regarding Anthology capri flats? Few minutes ago, Anthology shoes told me that they posted a link of my write-up in their facebook fan page as posted in their wordpress. Simple thought that really made me happy.  As much as they appreciate it, I appreciate the acknowledgment as well.

Sometimes I wonder, are people actually reading my posts. You could figure in some comments that they actually didn't read the post and comments are photo-based. Then, I saw this one comment regarding my Girls of sexy mind feature on Leemae. The comment made me feel that you digested everything that's written there. Indeed, I stand corrected.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

GIRLS OF SEXY MIND: 5th feature

(If you still haven't read the first post for the introduction and the sneak peek, I suggest you read it first to know exactly why I chose the girls I'm featuring on my blog.)

Last but definitely not the least...

(5) Janina
Usually you'll get to know a person as you spend time with them, but Janina and I weren't that close when I was still in UPLB; our bond did not start that typical way. It could be argued that we are part of the same organization, the thing is, that was just it, plainly casual. Even so, being on the same circle is a big plus which blossomed to... what we have now (I wanna say for keeps friendship but it sounds so corny, haha)

We actually spent time together since we were groupmates in Urban Sociology and had fieldworks as sideline to go thrift shopping, lol. But it was actually the time when I go to campus for occasional visits. We would text each other and meet, but never did I feel a tinge of unfamiliarity. There was this instant vibe of connection whenever we talk about just anything. As conversations jumped from one topic to another, I could not help but nod for thoughts that are most likely in congruence with mine --it's insane!! I adore her light-spirited wit and you could never accuse her of lifting a braggart bone.

HER STYLE, MASCULINE: It was never her secret that she wears her dad's clothes and goes to men's section for clothes. She usually wears an over-sized tee, leggings, and flip-flops or sneakers. She's a leggings-over-jeans and flats-over-heels (who wouldn't want the comfort?! K, wrong query point) person.

WHAT TO LOVE: It's definitely her cool style and thrift finds. I really love looking at her and thinks that she plays her (and her dad's ;p) wardrobe pretty well. 

Gold dress and heels 'coz sometimes you also need to wear heels ;p
 over-sized tee, leggings, and sneakers + sunnies

SAY HELLOJANINA: You can follow her on Chictopia. She also blogs here on blogger and on tumblr too. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

GIRLS OF SEXY MIND: 4th feature

(If you still haven't read the first post and the sneak peek, I suggest you read it first to know exactly why I chose the girls I'm featuring on my blog. And check out the previous features to know what I exactly think about each personally!)

(4) Vea
When I first saw Vea (during higher Statistics class) my initial reaction was: "Dang, if only I had her body!" She has this pretty face and "mature" physique, what more could you ask for --on a superficial level though. Then, she became a member of the organization I am in. The story went; we became really close and got to know her. 

I admire her fiery contempt against ill-mannered guys. She will defend a girlfriend from an uncouth gross call.  On an unfair commentary, her semester ends when most of us are still having hell-ish ticks in finishing academic requirements. How is that freaking possible, every frigging semester!

LET'S DIG DEEP; DIG HEART: On a more personal note, as I spend whatnot months with her, one thing I am certain of which I wrote in my manuscript's acknowledgment as well: she has this sweet disposition I can't resist to like. She is a meanie in a sweet way. That sounded weird and paradoxical, though. On top of it all, she knows what she wants and she aspires for it, nevertheless, she lets no one get on her way. She will ask for advice just like most but really knows where to stand at the end of it. One might doubt her decision and throw faulty words yet she proves haters wrong and remains to be happy for what she had put up, forth and forward.

THIS BLOG IS SUPPOSED TO CATER "IMPASSIVE" THOUGHTS ONLY (but this is more of a personal feature and how can you not not put dearly touch when writing about friends you adore at the same time); ABOUT HER STYLE: I can see her in a blouse and skirt plus sling bag and flats. Consequently, I can't see her in a simple tee, jeans and sneakers. Thus, she really looks good in her personal style of girly-way. 

I MUST NOT FORGET TO NOTE: Eyeliner magically transforms her whole look! That's the only time I really submitted to the fact that make-up do wonders! Thus, in her case, she applies it in the simplest way but really nice. Then again, it's really the eyeliner...

Chictopia looks
one of her usual campus/school attire

YOU CAN FOLLOW HER ON: She's now active in Chictopia! She's also in tumblr, and blogs here on blogger as well.

Friday, May 21, 2010

GIRLS OF SEXY MIND: 3rd feature

(If you still haven't read the first post and the sneak peek, I suggest you read it first to know exactly why I chose the girls I'm featuring on my blog. And check out the previous featured post to know what I exactly think about her, et cetera...)

(3) Kamilluh
I actually do not how to describe this lady in one thought. It seems there's a lot going on in her personality if you try to dissect her --as what I'm trying to do. Or should I say, I do not want to sound like I admire almost everything about her... but how could I hide the seemingly "she fished for comments" description! Sufficiently, she is one person I know that is literally of sexy mind and pretty face. Consequently, I think people who know her would approve of it too. She is one hot lady that anything you make her wear will surely flatter on her body. On top of it all, with the confidence she has, she can carry off anything.

She knows how to articulate herself. I will not forget the time when we had a picture taken with Mong Alcaraz and it was somewhat a huge issue since we-know-why. I was really thankful that we got in the same situation. If I would be stricken with words, I wouldn't know how to defend myself. I'll just keep my mouth shut and let them throw all they want. But thank God, she came up with this rock star syndrome. And with few words, thus, strong point, we were out of ill criticisms. Thanks to your mettlesome tongue. ;)

WHY SAY THAT: THAT'S FROM MONTHS AGO ALREADY: Again, simply because I couldn't forget about it, haha! And I'd like to point out that she's persuasive and assertive like that...

I FIGURED: I pointed out that it seems there's a lot going on in her personality... I think because she is interested in almost anything, be that music, movies down to male topics such as basketball yet she really knows a lot and really gets in to it. There's this saying and every time I encounter it I am reminded of her.. "we're only young once so let's fcuk it up right" (thinking out loud: I ain't sure if this is the quote but it's somewhat like this, haha).

ONE LB GIRL, ONE LAID BACK GIRL: If there is one word that would describe her everyday style it would totally be laid back. According to her, she is a tank top and denim person. She prefers drab over loud colors. Nonetheless, she makes it a point that everything's toned down.

sexy back from Topshop
from her fb... the watermark is still there naman. ;) see, tank top and jeans girl!
 by the way, she's a jock too!

This is our decision, to live fast and die young.
We've got the vision, now let's have some fun.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

GIRLS OF SEXY MIND: 2nd feature

(If you still haven't read the previous post and the sneak peek, I suggest you read it first to know exactly why I chose the girls I'm featuring on my blog.)

(2) Leemae
According to studies, an individual processes information with the dominant brain hemisphere. They say one is either more of the left brain or of the right brain. Left side brainers lean more on logical thinking and analysis and are objective while the right side subjects are more on the intuitive and are subjective in view of things happening around them. To keep this shorter and what we knew back in elementary years, left brain students are good in mathematics while right brain students cling more on creativity and art. 

As I was browsing on the internet, I saw this one article regarding the left brain vs. right brain matter which made me me nod that she really is a right brain mujer, haha...

"Left brain people want to know the rules and follow them. In fact, if there are no rules for situations, they will probably make up rules to follow! Left brain students know the consequences of not turning in papers on time or of failing a test. But right brain students are sometimes not aware that there is anything wrong." -directly lifted from HERE (haha, this made me remember her, and yea, I am sweet like tis!)
Despite the seemingly negative point, I totally adore right brainers! I, myself, think that I am more leaning on my right brain. But one thing I am certain of, I can't edit photos and the like the way she does. I don't know the way around photoshop --I am no gnarly one... which makes me eulogize the works of kickass right brainers and admire the beauty their eyes see. They know how to use their resources well and transform them creatively. Yes, I am talking about Leemae from which I can very well relate these "surmises" upon.

Another thing I am sure of about her is she really knows how to carry herself. She spends time in vanity and in editing them. Nonetheless, she executes them nicely --with the right blend and manipulation, not overdoing the editing which I abhor in most photoshop-ed ones.

TO END:  And because she is a fan of "shameless plugging", might as well plug her sites for you to know more about her and her works. You can follow her on tumblr, twitter for updates and multiply for more photos. 

'COZ I NEED NOT SAY MORE: Here are some of her photos showing off her style which she glamorously edited too... Hippie!! Suffice to say, she, herself, is her own masterpiece...

Monday, May 17, 2010

GIRLS OF SEXY MIND: Intro and 1st feature

If there is one thing I've learned from writing ample research paper, reflection paper and everything in between, it is to clearly define terms. So, when I say I admire pretty girls with really sexy mind, by sexy mind I mean there's vehemence in their word and their works. A sexy mind knowing how to articulate herself well where she's good at. 

There are LOTS of pretty girls, I know! When I thought of having this post, 10 to 15 names sprung. But I think there's this seemingly thin line which separates a girl of a great mind from another girl. I guess, I always  thought that there's gotta be more to being physically attractive.

With that being (ambiguously, haha) stated, I came up with five lassies I've met with looks and wit. Thus, I will keep the series of posts with utmost honesty on what I think about them...

(1) Bea and "Curtis and Curtis"
I knew Bea back in elementary. As I'm trying to recall those days, she's one pretty girl even before and she dances well ('coz I remember her as part of the dance troupe, haha). On one end, we both left San Lorenzo to spend intermediate learning some school else. And for college, she went to Ateneo. So, we never really got to talk from then on. Subsequently, nothing has changed, she remains to be this witty classy girl.

When asked what her style is, she really does not know how to define it. But one thing is sure, according to her, she shops for everything chic which is reflected in her daily outfits. Personally, I find girls who dress up the girly-way adorable, I deem that they can get away with anything...

WHERE TO SHOP FOR CHIC STYLE: Good news, her style is made available for everyone. Bea and her sister put up an online shop, labeled Curtis and Curtis, of to-die-for clothes and accessories (such as belts, necklaces, bracelets/bangles) sourced from her sister's travel abroad and some are designed exclusively by C&C. 

As I feast my eyes on C&C's delectable site, great clothes modeled by fab ladies welcomed me, then, I looked at the prices and they are incredibly affordable! Visit their multiply online shop HERE and see it for yourselves, you can also like curtisandcurtis on facebook, and follow them on twitter for updates. :)

Preview on what C&C offers...

I love their skirts and lace tops and found really nice affordable accessories!! 

photos obtained from CandC's site for this "sneak preview" purpose :)

"Stay tuned", there are four more ladies to be unraveled!

Friday, May 14, 2010

SNEAK PEEK: Pretty girls with really sexy mind

There are a number of girls whom I admire. A great number of them are women I haven't even met in real life but with the blogs, write-ups, pazzi shots and with the name that goes with it, they definitely are my style icon. To name a few, there's Rachel Zoe, Jane Aldridge, Nicole Richie and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. But you know whom I admire most? Friends I have met and have seen certain oomph gaining yadahs of many. Great style and charming looks anchored with their sexy mind. For at the end of it all, a great mind and an ardent tongue would bring applause gaining the respect of many --wait, this sounds a bit OA, but really, no exaggeration meant, just come to think of it. :) 

They say the eyes are the mirror to the soul and they are too pure and too honest in aught to disguise the sweet soul shining through them. And they say that a smile can always melt a heart and it's a curve that sets everything straight. With that being said, I guess I'd have to choose the eyes and the smile for this sneak preview... Tune in, for you will know more about these girls in the coming days and "identities (more of style) be revealed".


COLOR PICK: Black, gold and leather brown

Black over white
Gold over silver
and well with the hot weather, ponytail over hair hanging loosely

I noticed, in 5 out of 6 photos, I did the hand-on-hip pose... I guess I wanted to show that the lace blouse is actually a poncho-type one. 

 BUG!! INSECT! I love em!! Because I love Jane Aldridge, I think she's my inspiration for this piece!
the bangles I usually wear
Then, two gold necklaces, 'coz I guess I love Rachel Zoe!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ADVOCACY: Native is the new chic

It has always been my advocacy to buy, patronize Filipino made products and know the person behind the craft. Thus, not to sound poser-ish, I do purchase and admire foreign goods and foreign designers. On one end, this post is not about that so let's not delve deep into that anymore but might as well point it out. Going back, at the end of it all, it's good to mix and match the two, or better yet, add a Filipino twist and twang in your wardrobe. 

I find my mom's choices up-to-date. In most times, she is advanced to trend. Our taste is at variance, but as time passes by, I find myself lurking at her closet for accessories and other stuff. I guess one's style changes as one age. 

Personally, my penchant goes for bags --hello mom, it's your fault. My approbation calls out to the following Filipino BAG designers, namely (hello again mom, I blame it all on you, it feels like that I'm writing about your stuff, haha):

Let's start with a Pinay designer whom I admire much. Amina Aranaz-Alunan bags have been a staple here and all over the globe. She is also the person behind School of Fashion and the Arts (SoFA), right outside Urdaneta Village, beside The One School, an entrepreneurial learning institution that is its sister school. Basically, I admire her delicate yet sturdy crafted handbags out of native materials.

REMEMBER, there was this time when eco-friendly bag was a hit. This was my personal pick which I used in school, in most times, during my sophomore year... The "I'm a natural shopper eco bag" by Aranaz:

More of her bags:
the perfect beach / chic travel bag. It always is a stand out whenever we travel
really nice in actual, not quite sure if I "photo-ed" it nicely
close-up of the nice beaded details

(2) Kiculo of Bacolod City
Label derived from the first syllables of the name of the designer’s (Marichu) daughter, Kitkat Cusi Lobaton. Know more about the line HERE. :) And I quote from the article, "Kiculo has become synonymous with class and cutting-edge style that has caught the facy of fashionable Negrenses like Gretchen Cojuanco and Guia Gomez." 

plaid handle, soft maong-ish material coupled with just the right amount of beading in place
seems like an Indian or from other Asian country handbag (details are of shells and beads) 
brown all over! The knot-tied functioning as zipper is cool. I think I wasn't able to produce a photo of this one well, yea? It actually is nice in actual.
(3) Talimaya  
Hand-woven, hand-crafted, summer handbags with the use of local and indigenous materials manufactured by Sharon Azanza. More so, Talimaya bags are exported to Japan, USA and Europe.

Hand-painted design and I love the beading!! I LOVE THIS ONE! 

EQUAL GROUND: WHY I LOVE EM : 'Coz they are all equally chic. The beading and the native materials are well thought of and are crafted perfectly. Plus, they have successfully and proudly reached the international scene --NO WONDER! 

P.S. You also might want to join Pixie Dust's giveaway! Get a chance to win make-up and accessories. CLICK: HERE for details. ;) 

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vitamins for Perfect Skin

Taking care of our skin is more of an inside healing job

Few months ago, my parents talked to my auntie from Malaysia. They told her that I suffer from zits again. She recommended the two products (Dalacin T and Himalaya Herbals A-N-P cream) that I wrote in my previous post. Then she pointed out one thing, before her daughter succumbed to pricking treatment, her dermatologist prescribed to take the right amount of Zinc and loads of Vitamin C first.

NOTE / DISCLAIMER: The next paragraphs will contain factual information directly lifted or mostly are somehow paraphrased, but it might still be subjected to plagiarism, haha. It's kinda scientific/medical, k! 

Zinc is good for the skin and it functions greatly for wound healing. It is a natural astringent which shrinks and tightens tissues, natural antibacterial, helps treat and prevent acne, natural insect repellent, natural sunscreen, protects our body from infections and other opportunistic virus and disease, treats eating disorder such as bulimia and anorexia resulting to weight gain.

Best selling author, Maureen Salaman, would say that the gospel for acne is zinc. She also points out in her book "All Your Health Questions Answered Naturally" that if you're drinking milk and suffers from acne, you should stop doing so for a while. But mind you, you should look for good, easily absorbed by the body, derived-from-nature blend which I found in Healthy Options --their CHELATED zinc.  

WHY NOT GO FOR ANTIBIOTICS: Antibiotics work because they kill bacteria; worst, they even kill good bacteria. Antibiotics don't discriminate between good and bad bacteria. When good bacterias are killed there happens a flesh-eating syndrome. Plus, antibiotics can make you immune to pharmaceutical antibiotics. It may not "heal" you anymore as you take them over long period of time. But just a reminder from what I've learned from listening to adult conversations, when you start taking in antibiotics make sure you take it on time and on a regular basis as prescribed, never ever skip. It will make you more immune and we never want that to happen. 

One of the vitamins that I can say heals a lot --from burns, bruises, insect bites, hangover, stress, stretch marks, sleep apnea, wrinkles to heart problems, cancer, allergies, Alzheimer's, hepatitis and other more. One great function that Vitamin C is known for is it boosts one's immune system. 

Most animals have the ability to make their own Vitamin C. It is a natural phenomenon in their system and is produced by their own body. On one end, humans along with guinea pigs, fruit bats, and gorillas need to ingest Vitamin C. The only vitamin our bodies can make is Vitamin D. 

It's safe to take loads of Vitamin C because it is excreted by the body in the form of urine but never really into waste. 

WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH (VITAMIN C INTAKE): My body can only accommodate 2000mg of Vitamin C, after that I experience looseness in my bowel from which you'll know you took over-sufficient amount of Vitamin C your body needs. On a usual day, I take one tablet of 1000mg. It's a different case whenever I am sick. Mom makes us ingest loads of Vitamin C for faster healing.

We buy our zinc and Vitamin C supplements from Healthy Options. I used to take Healthy Option's Vitamin C 500mg which is good, but mom purchased the Solgar's Ester C this time.

For zinc, I will forever stick to my 50 mg Chelated Zinc. ;p I am not sure, but I think zinc makes my skin fairer and fairer. Or is it maybe just because it acts as a natural sunscreen. 

  So there, never forget to heal from the inside!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Anti-acne products

For the past years, I've tried lots of skin and beauty products. Most of them to combat acne. 

Just a brief history and how it felt having protruding acne: It all started when I was in second year high school. I did not care how I looked at that time. My younger brother would always tease me and say, whenever we joke around and reminisce, that there was a time when I had a sty and never really cared whether people saw it. I walked around campus and talked to people face-to-face oblivious to the disease in my eye. Maybe because as far as I could remember my younger self, those things were normal and were things I needed not worry about. 

On one end, there came a point when I really felt down every time I see the cystic ones. I felt really conscious. People might only see the irritating acne and not me -you know that feeling, yea? Then, mom decided to take me to a dermatologist. As I suffer from weekly pricking treatment and nightly use of an array of topical creams, my face became clearer and clearer. If you are in Pampanga, I went to Dr. Judy Manalo-Evangelista at San Fernandino Hospital. From then on, I started looking for products which are skin-friendly for maintenance. Just to stress and not sound OA, I did not suffer a long time from acne, maybe just a month or so. BUT, it felt like a lifetime!

'Til now I get breakouts, honestly speaking. And so I still use different products from time-to-time. I even tried out those products from really persuasive skin care-related articles and advertisements. 


Would you believe, I tried PROACTIV! The one you see in Home TV Shopping endorsed by Jessica Simpson, P. Diddy, Lindsay Lohan and that short-haired Latina actress or TV star (I still remember the face but not the name, though)

The ad stresses that the product contains Benzoil Peroxide which eliminates, almost magically, acne. More so, you hear ordinary people's overly satisfied testimonies and you see their face really squeaky clean and clear! And, I fell for that! If you haven't tried it yet, forget about it; Proactiv doesn't work! Or does it? Maybe for you. As for me, it was just a waste of money. I just gave away mine.

Since I started with anti-acne, I might as well continue with that train of thought and have a rundown of MY reviews of anti-acne topical creams that I have already tried:

Maybe you've already heard about this product. I've seen lots of good reviews about it in magazines. Then, mom got me one, the big one is for bacne, or acne in the back. I had bacne but not really OA bacne. I used to tease people and wondered why acne could "grow" on one's back. Then, just my luck. Karma was just around the corner. :\ BLATANT REVIEW AND POINT: It did not work for me!

I forgot to take a picture of the product which articles praise for being an overnight remedy for breakouts and so I got a picture from the internet instead. It's the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion:
It also did not work for me. Haha! The solution is too harsh on the face. There's this burning sensation every single time I dab it on the affected portion -same with my mom’s experience. I tried it again and again since I had no other option at that time, but it didn't really dry the acne in spite of promising reviews. 

Mario Badescu is a good brand so you might want to try it and it might work on you. But it’s not cheap and it's too harsh on the skin. I suppose even though the results may vary, the tingling sensation will always be a part of it when one uses it.

Tired of taking photos already. I placed these products in one shot... But let me point out and stress that they are not used at the same time. They are not in any way related with one another. Usually when you go for dermatologist-prescribed topical creams, you would be given a number of products which you'll apply simultaneously. THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH THESE FOUR...

My auntie from Malaysia sent this bottle of Dalacin T which I’m guessing is also available in drugstores because I've heard of some people using this. Two of my friends use it. They mix it with the regular Eskinol. If I remember correctly, they were talking about a Dalacin T capsule. They mix the powder inside the capsule with the Eskinol liquid solution. I haven't tried that one yet and i just knew from my friends so I wouldn't delve into that anymore. ;-p

This Dalacin T.... WORKS! It goes with a small screen-like dabbing apparatus which functions like a cotton ball. It says though that "it can be harmful for people to take this medication if their doctor did not prescribe it", so I should warn you as it says. But it wasn't prescribed to me by any doctor! I just used it and it worked! 

HOW IS IT ON THE SKIN: It's just like you dabbed water or eye-mo on your skin. I
t doesn't make the skin dry which is really great. It's what I use now since I am still waiting for my TOP PICK anti-acne product with which I'll end this article. Although I already made a write-up about it here. Sorry, I tend to get giddy and jump from one topic to another. ;-p 

(2) That's just sunblock -prescribed and sold at the clinic of my dermatologist.
I don't normally wear sunblock because it's too heavy on the skin. But I really love this "dermatologically-prescribed" sunblock. It's really light
 on the skin, it's as if you did not put anything on even when you sweat. So if you're looking for a good sunblock, go to the nearest dermatology clinic. I'm sure they have a similar concoction. Mine's SPF 80. My mom’s is SPF 60 prescribed by another dermatologist, but they’re basically the same.

I put this sunblock on first before the pressed powder (in my case, the pressed powder is from my derma as well) or normal powder. 

(3) Himalaya Herbals A-N-P (Acne-n-Pimple Cream) which is an Indian-based product
I have this belief that Indian products are good on the skin. I've only tried this once and so I can't really make a good review. But when I used this, the morning-after effect was dry skin. Mom also noticed it and asked what I used for the noticeably dry face.

It was also sent to me by my auntie from Malaysia. It came with the Dalacin T. Well I guess this was the rotten tomato of the bunch. This product, however, is herbal which is good.

She sent products from Malaysia since her daughter suffered from acne. This helped her clear out the acne, breakouts, whiteheads, and zits. She gave a great feedback regarding the two and so sent a package. Big thanks, auntie! :')

(4) Skin Brightening Cream from MD Therapy
I love this one! It's from my dermatologist as well. And it's one of those series of topical creams you apply simultaneously and this comes second to the last in my case. Now, I use it alone since I don't have major breakouts anymore. It really lightens scars from acne picking or maybe scars you get from pricking your acne with dirty hands. This could help! I’m just not quite sure where you can get this. Ask your dermatologist, I suppose they know this as well.

NEXT, A FACIAL WASH: Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash from The Body Shop
Tea tree oil helps prevents blemishes. I was kind of cynical before regarding this product seeing that there appears to be no apparent effect. But now I see that my face doesn't dry out. I use this two to three times a day. It's good mainly because I get no irritation and it is not harsh on the skin. It's a skin-friendly anti-blemish facial wash.

FOR MY ULTIMATE ANTI-ACNE PRODUCT: The Shaclear- Skin Clear Anti Pimple Lotion --an ayurvedic product by
Shahnaz Husain from India

Again, please refer to this article instead 'coz I made an exclusive post about it already. HERE. Good thing I'll be able to use it again because an orgmate friend knows someone who'll go to India! I'm so excited! Hope it will still do wonders to my skin! :)

(It's 12:29 am already, I don't know if I have a typo or grammatical error, will re-read this one tomorrow and edit it if so) 

TRF all over; Dark all over

Today's my parents' 22nd wedding anniversary. We celebrated it by feasting at Mequeni's lunch buffet at Holiday Inn Resort, Clark Field. We had crabs, herbed baby potatoes, roast beef (really delicious!), cold cuts, chocolate fondue, creme brulee, maki, sashimi, and a whole lot more!

 The buffet! Desserts welcomed us!
 Main dish section
Everything that I wore is from Zara TRF.  
Hello sabi ng chicken legs ko! haha!
Thought bubble: I want ankle boots with shoe lace for tighter fit... Ala combat or army boots!
Minus the Wayfarers. But look at my face, looks so annoyed, haha!

Because boys dress up too, hrhr
 front and back
Beaded bracelets and metal-studded belt. Beads and studs look good on guys as well. I find headgear like bonnet on guys nice and functional. More so, shades is always a MUST HAVE to protect the eyes and to avoid stressing, twitching your face muscles especially skin around the eyes. 

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