Wednesday, May 26, 2010

GIRLS OF SEXY MIND: 5th feature

(If you still haven't read the first post for the introduction and the sneak peek, I suggest you read it first to know exactly why I chose the girls I'm featuring on my blog.)

Last but definitely not the least...

(5) Janina
Usually you'll get to know a person as you spend time with them, but Janina and I weren't that close when I was still in UPLB; our bond did not start that typical way. It could be argued that we are part of the same organization, the thing is, that was just it, plainly casual. Even so, being on the same circle is a big plus which blossomed to... what we have now (I wanna say for keeps friendship but it sounds so corny, haha)

We actually spent time together since we were groupmates in Urban Sociology and had fieldworks as sideline to go thrift shopping, lol. But it was actually the time when I go to campus for occasional visits. We would text each other and meet, but never did I feel a tinge of unfamiliarity. There was this instant vibe of connection whenever we talk about just anything. As conversations jumped from one topic to another, I could not help but nod for thoughts that are most likely in congruence with mine --it's insane!! I adore her light-spirited wit and you could never accuse her of lifting a braggart bone.

HER STYLE, MASCULINE: It was never her secret that she wears her dad's clothes and goes to men's section for clothes. She usually wears an over-sized tee, leggings, and flip-flops or sneakers. She's a leggings-over-jeans and flats-over-heels (who wouldn't want the comfort?! K, wrong query point) person.

WHAT TO LOVE: It's definitely her cool style and thrift finds. I really love looking at her and thinks that she plays her (and her dad's ;p) wardrobe pretty well. 

Gold dress and heels 'coz sometimes you also need to wear heels ;p
 over-sized tee, leggings, and sneakers + sunnies

SAY HELLOJANINA: You can follow her on Chictopia. She also blogs here on blogger and on tumblr too. 

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  1. Definitely a fun and quirky girl... so cute. xoxo


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