Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Multiply Shopping Party

I accidentally deleted my text-heavy (!!!) original, supposedly post about the Multiply Shopping Party last Sunday!! So I am currently starting from scratch again *cries buckets*! Better late and redo than not to post anymore!

Here it goes AGAIN *gulps*... 

I thought I wouldn't go anymore to the Multiply Shopping Party. Not because I have prior commitments, but because I only have one invite, and who wants to go to an event, to a party alone? I sure don't. Then, a friend told me that she won two invites to the party. Hopes got up, I can finally go with a friend or two. I bugged her to go, but she really can't since she's coming all the way from Batangas and the party is scheduled on a weekday, in the middle of work week. I asked her if I can have her invites instead so I can bring two friends, and she agreed. Then again, a day before the event, she still hasn't received any instruction on how to claim the invites! [INSERT LONG STORY HERE ON WHAT WE HAD TO DO AND GO THROUGH TO GET THE INSTRUCTION / CONFIRMATION FEW HOURS (!!) BEFORE THE MULTIPLY SHOPPING PARTY! *frustrating and dismayed*] Lazy to go into detail, bottom line is I was able to go with two friends!

Since this post is about Multiply Marketplace's launch, let me share reason/s on why I personally love Multiply. As some of you may know, I am the person behind Schmug (nothing grand, but yea), an online shop catering to women's needs and wants which I started managing since April of 2010. I chose Multiply as Schmug's online marketplace for a simple but non-negotiable want to somehow have a site that I can tweak the way I want to which I cannot do in most online marketplace out there. Most are asking that I transfer Schmug or create a facebook account since multiply is blocked in their offices; and most argue that they don't have a Multiply account. Friends, you can visit my site even if you don't have a Multiply account! That's why I left a contact number on the welcome note. ;P

Here are some outtakes. The fashion show has already ended when we came, though *le sigh*.
When we arrived, Bianca Valero was hosting on stage, announcing winners for certain categories.
with Essa!!! Glad to see you and others too!!! =)
 Bianca Valero and friends
ze bling pads
Dre doing the fierce pose!
Met lovely Melody!!! =)
Meet Essa (of Pomppet), the Schmug hoarder! :) 
Essa carrying the lace bag and cinched her dress with the double wrap safari belt both from Schmug. Thank you!! :)
Proud Multiply Merchant... and seller too!!
Thanks, Multiply!
@ White Space, Makati
Photobooth photos with friends!!
Love the magnetic (yes, magnetic!!!) photo prints --"a souvenir which will be kept for life" --courtesy of Partyshots! Love the quality of photos too! 



Thursday, October 20, 2011

Belle de Jour 2012 Power Planner Launch

I accompanied my cousin to the Take Flight: BDJ Fair 2012 which was held at Eastwood last Sunday, October 16. We decided to go around the mall first to assuage the heat and since we arrived an hour early before Alyanna Martinez's talk where we were registered. 

I did not expect and know that it would be an outdoor fair, hence, me in thick blazer --we went straight to Manila after our Sunday service. I know, I know, it's clearly stated that the event will be at the Eastwood Mall OPEN PARK but I didn't check on this prior. My bad. I didn't shed so much sweat, though, if you're curious. Hello, I could've removed the blazer but I didn't. 

While killing time inside the mall, we went through the food stalls at the upper level. Then, we saw a Happy Lemon ad and told my cousin that I'll grab a drink first. While waiting in line, I noticed that Alyanna Martinez was in front of us and told Ro that we're surely not yet late for the talk. Loved her radiant skin. I've always believed that good skin is one's best accessory.

Long queues greeted us when we finally headed out to go to the fair. The queue for those who pre-registered (raises hand) was longer than the queue for walk-in participants! Great turn-out, BDJ! Congrats!    
        I tried Green Tea with rock salt and cheese and I didn't like it! 
Am I starting not to enjoy milk tea anymore? Somehow, I guess. No strong carvings for milk tea these past few weeks. 
We attended the Shop Around the World talk of again, stylist Alyanna Martinez.
 This center table filled with cupcakes, planners, and cute itsie bitsies intially caught our attention when we got in.
Yes, Divine Lee *had a talk too entitled "Get Lost in Style" but scheduled time is already late for us.
Early ones who were pre-registered to the Shop Around the World talk!
While waiting!
Love the clear chairs! It made the tent look more spacious :)
Took a photo of our passport while waiting for the talk to start
Should've toaken a photo of the entire schedule of events!
Finally!! Opening remarks!
Alyanna Martinez givin' the talk!!

Here's what I've learned, can still remember, and insights I'd like to personally share from the talk:
(1) I've only shopped and window shopped to some Asian countries: Bangkok -SHOPPED! and still wanna go back, Singapore -shopped! and wanna go back, Hongkong -SHOPPED TWICE! still wanna go back, Malaysia -semi-shopped, Macau -more of food? hee. And based on her talk and based on her multiple shopping experiences around the globe, she said that her top shopping destinations are still in Asia namely Bangkok and Hongkong. I couldn't agree more! Nothing beats Bangkok and Hongkong shopping! Can I just say, shopping here in the Philippines for bargains is great too and we offer lots of great locally made and designed pieces.
(2) Yes, you must visit Granville when you're in Hongkong! It's where we actually purchased so much good deal, good quality unique finds! Some indie Hongkong designers have shops there (indie = Thank God I got you on first dibs, trendy and unique at the same time).
(3) Know when a country's sale season is. 
Now that I am travelling without parental supervision and personally shelving out money on my own, this information matters to me now. I didn't really know the value of money before. I skimp as much as I can now. Except on good food, hee. It is a plus that there are LOTS of seat sale now unlike before. :) Thank you, Cebu Pacific! And thanks to Vea, the ever reliable friend when it comes to booking flights on sale and wanderlust, travel affairs, in general!
(4) Get lost!
(5) On a more personal note, more than the great shopping anyone can rave about, and more than all the tangible things you get to bring home, going to different places, crossing cultures, make you learn so much that you will never ever learn in school. Thy young mind may not have understood everything in a wink as we set foot, but there.  

They often say that education is the most valuable inheritance your parents can bestow on you that no one can take away. As for me, it's every single sojourn I spent with my family that my parents funded since we were young that made me appreciate the diversity of life and the beautiful, simple, luxe things in this world. Crossing cultures and sub/territories, aside from good education, is a gem that no one can take away from you. So go ahead, take flight!
Pa-Price is Right game ng Goody! 
I guess I didn't get it right! Haven't received an e-mail! hee!
FART was there! I remember that we looked for their shop years ago! :)
Lots of brands have a booth inside, some that I know of for instance that I wasn't able to take a photo of are: Leyende, Ace Water Spa, Artwine, Sole Sister, Athena, CarbTrim, Jellybean, John Robert Powers, Etude House, and Azta. 
Cousin bought 4 planners on 20% off! The BDJ planner retails for 480php @ the fair. One of reasons why we attended the event is to avail of this good discount. Thanks, BDJ!
Photo from Lace and Tiaras
What's inside our Goody swag bag!
After the fun-filled event, we ate at Pho Hoa, Trinoma! <333
Favorite of all time, their fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce!! <333

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Los Banos in Manille!!!

Posting two separate weekend dates I had with college friends. 
(1) Two or even three weekends ago, we had our late lunch at Moshi Moshi in Katipunan before we attended Sunday service at Galleria.
(2) Chilled at Fred's late afternoon last Saturday.

I. Moshi Moshi
The food is good because (1) they have generous serving portions which would definitely make you burp and, (2) everything is budget-priced. The interior is also supercuuuute which made us actually opt to eat here. 

On one end, expect Tokyo Tokyoish Japanese-kunu dishes. Japanese fastfood as I'd like to call it. The food was oily, heavy on the stomach, and satiating. The contrast that is totally not Japanese. 

I checked on their facebook page just now and it is actually stated that Moshi Moshi is a Japanese fastfood joint! So yes, if I were to be asked once again if Moshi Moshi's Japanese fastfood dishes are worth your money and would satisfy your appetite, I'd definitely say yes and would recommend it. 
Grassssss <333
These KitKat boxes on display initially caught my attention.
The packaging of Japanese products are always really cute! One of the reasons why we spend so much unnecessary things at Japanese stores like Saizen! #guiltypleasure
Reasonably priced, eh? 
Group photo!
First time to spend quality time with these ladies after a very long time!!!
Lumi-Liz Uy!!
Two photos grabbed from Odessa
Jotting down their purchases and doing the math, hah! 
They spent the night with me at my pad. They bought lots of items from Schmug!!! Thanks so much!! <333
4 because we're 4! Chos!
Moshi Moshi where we dined in is located @ 2/F Regis Center, 327 Katipunan Ave. Brgy. Loyola Heights, Quezon City. 
Saint's Alp Teahouse!! 
Will visit next time!

II. Fred's
Love the ambiance! One cozy place where you and your friends would wanna hang out! 
Nice subtle lighting! Lovely photos on the wall! 
3D! Choss!
Familiar face? Iz Schmug's mowdul Paulyn!!
wit Aryani!
Nachos with yogurt dressing! We didn't get to finish this! Ain't sinful! 
Still doesn't use my cam's flash! :\\
Jessie, talagang pilit isinama si kuya, hrhr!

Fred's is located at Cubao Expo

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