Saturday, January 22, 2011

MARIKINA: Mama Chit's and Krung Thai

We went to this coffee house, more like diner, named Mama Chit's Coffee House. Labeling it as a coffee house is such a misnomer! I wonder why they decided to name it as that when they don't even serve coffee variants and cakes or even pastries and the fact that their bestsellers/their customers' in-house favorites are grilled burgers, pasta, and their nacho salad. WHY coffee house, Mama Chit's!

Anyhoo, the place is snuggery small which has that combination of subtle ambient and accent lighting that creates a comforting warm mood. Being at funky junk places heightens my astronomic admiration to such for they have managed to work on and incorporate junk as interiors pretty well --everything is still in harmony despite the overwhelming elements (same with country style eateries!).

It was nice to look at their 60s to early 90s vintage pop decors and be time warped or simply be reminded of early years with their displays such as rotary phones, vinyl, sepia and black and white framed photos of Old Manila, old posters and acrylic paintings of famous icons, black and white tiles and other more.

If you come to think about it, everything stated above are elements you would find in most diner, I know. What I loved most about Mama Chit's (aside from its unusual interior, still. hihi) is their relatively cheap comfort food; for at the end of it all, it boils down to price and taste and the suitability of the two.  

 Lamp in one nook
 Those can banderitas are so pretty!
 I like their wall which is bombarded with Old Manila pictures in frames and a portrait of Elvis Presley and a portrait of Marilyn Monroe on the other side.
I asked the cashier lady on their bestsellers for pasta and burger since it was our first time there. She suggested that we order Mama Chit's spaghetti and their Cheeseburger with chips. So, we did. We also had root beer float and green mango shake to go with our meal. 
I had the CHESSEBURGERRRR with chips! I placed some chips inside the burger for added crisp! Crispness for the heart!
Their food is really of comfort food in goody good price!! SULIT!
It was still Christmasy at Mama Chit's when we went!
Mama Chit's is open 10am to 9pm daily and is located at San Roque, Marikina City (near that Shoe Museum)
 Skull on my left
 The only BB team I rooted for. Jordan foreverzzz! 
slut machine... ay, slot machine.
I approve of Mama Chit's, too! Beatles on his side --not that I'm a fan, hee! 
Eow, Mama Chit'z! Izzz super cold outside!
TEH vid!

We had dinner at Krung Thai the other day. I spent two nights in Marikina for dinner, yes. 

We had Pad Thai and Tom Yum. They have big servings so we shared instead. I wanted to order pork satay or spring rolls but we weren't willing to wait for 20 minutes. Personally, I deem that Krung Thai lacks the Thai spiciness. Their Pad Thai is not as good as it should. There's no bean sprout and some part of each strand of the noodle is uncooked... Weird!

Having tasted my two Thai favorites cooked the Krung Thai way, I say that their rendition of Thai food did not satisfy my taste buds well mainly because I have Siam House to compare it with. Siam House is pretty far if you are from the metro, but, rest assured that it is the BEST yet most affordable Thai restaurant to date!

Most customers in Krung Thai ordered bagoong rice and Thai (fried) chicken. Later did we know that those two are their bestsellers so despite my bad review I would probably go back to try the two.

Tom Yum! See, their serving is big!
  Didn't like their Pad Thai much
Amazing Thailand
Krung Thai is located at Sta. Elena, Marikina City

I was pondering weeks ago on where I spend my money most. As expected, money goes mostly on food! I am just too defensive on this and would argue that it is the good kind of vice. I enjoy spending on food with purse wide open and with a rumbling stomach and popping eyes willing to take the bait of tempting menus. I don't think I can cut off my spending for good food, though. For one, food eases the tension and stress I get from time to time. Hee!


  1. i miss you and you dont even know it.... well, now you do...

  2. Same here, I spend my money mostly on food. And when guilt kicks in, I justify it and say, "At least it's food." Haha.

    Want to try Mama Chit's! Soon I hope!

  3. CIBO YUCK. hahaha

  4. Marikina is teeming with great food places. Hope you visit again! :D


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