Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ever bought shoes that are too small: Stretch Your Shoes With Ice

Some and I myself would say, screw fashion if it compromises comfort. On one end, when it comes to formal events I wouldn't care so long as it looks good and so long as it brings out the confidence I need to schmooze with different people. I accepted the fact that at one point, you have to wear heels, you have to wear shoes, you have to wear those feet sore and be out of your comfort zone. The simple concept of dressing up made me realize this. Hence, I have to say that one need not suffer to be stylish, though there are dire times from which I refer such instances and thoughts.

Months ago, I've been meaning to try Michelle Phan's shoe stretching technique. My right foot is an inch bigger than my left. And so this simple shoe stretching technique was a big yes for me the moment I knew about it. Finally, a few centimeters off pain, I said.

I bought leather ankle boots just recently. Dealing with the same dilemma, the right pair is small for my feet. And so I figured, now is the time I get to try if ice works since I'm dying to wear them for fashion week.

the exact pair I used for the experiment

STRETCH YOUR SHOES WITH ICE: When I was asking my mom for the materials that I needed, she was kind of doubtful. She made a good point, isn't it that cold therapy or compress results to contraction while anything subjected to heat causes expansion. But then, I still tried it out.

This technique works best on leather since leather is more conforming and has more give than synthetics. Though Michelle Phan would point out that if it's fake leather you might need to do the process for a few more times.

The last step was kind of funny. I couldn't help but feel weird for placing the shoe in the freezer. Then, my brother was even puzzled when I was finally getting the shoes out of it after a day resting in there. Yea, for 24-hours since the leather is too thick and tough.

PROBLEMS I ENCOUNTERED: The shoes I have are closed ones as you see (photo above). I had hard time putting the Ziplock pack inside with it's small opening and body. The water pack is neither not enough nor too much. So I had to pour in and pour out water (vice versa) which resulted to a shoe soaked in water before I could even place the pack inside somehow perfectly since I wasn't able to aim in pushing the pack towards the very end of the shoe.

During the process, it made me think that it's easier for peep toes as seen in the video; or in closed shoes case, doll shoes or simple slip-ons are easier to get the whole steps done with.

WAS IT A SUCCESS: It's gonna be a YES. First of all, the shoe has a limit to how far it could stretch. So don't expect that the shoes could go from size 7 to 8. The result is merely just a loosen up thing. It was a success by the fact that I managed to walk in it for hours which I can't do prior to subjecting the shoes in freeze.

EMBEDDED IS THE VIDEO for instructions. The video below might appear blank/might not appear. So, you can view it HERE.


edited these photos out of the want to learn  
Blazer: Jessica
Dress: thrifted
Shoes: thrifted
Belt: thrifted
Necklaces: SM Department store and Nina Ricci


  1. Wow, that really makes sense... using ice to stretch the shoes. I normally use a bigger shoe form to stretch my shoes.

    You look gorgeous... love your dress. I scrolled down to see where you bought it. Too bad it's thrifted, I'd be damn lucky to find a similar one now. Have a great day! xoxo

  2. i have seen this tutorial before on stretching shoes with ice but i was skeptical whether it will work. now i'm trying this on a thrifted pair! thanks!

  3. hm... totally going to try this if i come upon shoes to small for me. i never thought ice could do that.

    these shoes look freaking awesome! and you look amazing in your outfit! that blazer is also amazingly gorgeous.

  4. Yay! I love your blog! Dami kong natutunan. This one will be especially useful :D

    I love your outfit. I am a thrift shop junkie too :)

  5. Love the shoes, nins!

    Though I'm incredibly shy to wear boots here (hello, tropical country), your articles and pictures seem to cheer me to try! Hehe! :)


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