Sunday, March 27, 2011


We had lunch at Pepper Lunch one Monday. (read further below)
Had Pepper Lunch in Shang, though. haha; not in Rockwell as pictured! Thanks, google!
 Yummeeeeh! A bit salty, but better than Sizzling Pepper Steak!!
Sizzle it your way
I ordered my meal with miso soup. Their miso soup ain't good... for me. hihi

It was also the day I wore my maxi skirt to work. It did not look great that day, though. I guess the mood and ++ stress ruined it!

I feel odd posting this. I am not into clothes anymore. I am spending more on good food to relieve stress and occasional sadness. It's actually been awhile since I shopped for new clothes. I don't get giddy on fashion-related articles and things anymore. I am actually even thinking of a derogatory term for... *gulp*.... fashion just so I won't use it for some subdued reason. Perhaps, change it to style-related ones. Eh-wan.

I blame *let's not drop the word/cause* for engulfing my drive and merely like on things I used to really check in detail. This may sound awful, but not really. I am holding on to the fact that all these will end soon. Thank God! :) Next step, though, is twice as hard, to contemplate on my next step and which path to take... again! Haha!
 Nyahahahah *laughing at myself*
As much as I want to make it a point not to take and post shots this way such as in the dressing room, there's no other way I can think of / resort to.
Photos captured during the day I bought it. Wore it exactly with the top, shoes and necklace. 
 Look, you can even see my jeans! haha!
Hahah! Chura!
Nakakatawa. Why am I even posting all these!
Anyway, thurrr!
I should've asked a friend to take me a photo when we were at Shang, no? Choss!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Schmug will upload/sell clothes soon as promised. Visit the store late next week for hot items up for grabs! 

a.k.a there are still a lot more which wouldn't be previewed here :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dear Darla, I can't get enough of you! *and Closet Sale*

I was never really a fan of Yellow Cab, not even close to an occasional craver/customer. I would seldom want Charlie Chan but that was it; I was never really into their pizza. Ever since they added Dear Darla in their menu though, I find myself hankering to visit the nearest branch to order 14 inch Dear Darla for myself alone, haha. There was a even a week when I had it for three consecutive days! SO GOOD!

Dear Darla is a thin crust pizza which is pre-sliced in rectangular strips that comes with alfalfa, the Queen of the Forages, and arugula. I like the aroma and the bitterness of arugula and the delicate earthly goat grass taste of alfalfa. Together with the greens, I always add crushed chili pepper before rolling it to perfection.  
Crushed chili pepper spilled!

Ju taking ze photo.
Charlie Chan!

After having Dear Darla one Sunday, I made extra money... I had closet sale again at home. Friends came over, tried on clothes and accessories, and purchased a number of items. YAYAY!
some, some
I even sold shoes..
Thank you, friends! 'Til the next closet sale! :)


Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Co-newbies and I went to Centris to play Laser Tag. 

In a nutshell, laser tag is an individual or team activity wherein one attempts to score by tagging other players with a laser/infrared signaling gun device. Each player wears infrared sensitive gear with target spots. The score a player gets depends on where s/he tags (targets) the opponent. What's good about laser tag is it's painless unlike paintball. Grabe! I never thought that a 15 minute game would be that exhausting. My thighs hurt after the game till the day after. My hands were even shaking over lunch. 

What made our gaming experience extra special, well, specifically for me hee!, is we were playing with Japoy Lizardo... and his friends. I, on a frustrating note, wasn't aware that we were sequestered in a small arena the entire time. I unintendedly asked over late lunch if the Japoy they were pertaining to was Japoy Lizardo and they said yes. HELLO! I should have tagged him the entire gaming time! SADDENING! *hahah*

 So, those are the mushrooms!
Centris bazaar
Losers! haha!
Before we headed on the arena.
 I see Japoy's hair and eye!!!!!!!!!!!
BTW, our contender! 

After the game, we headed over to Shakey's and had Monster meal! HEAVEN! Hope we score 12 of these!
We shall win!
Jo, Ellaine, ..., Vera
Imma miss all of yew... co-newbies!
 Ice cream treat! Happy Birthday, Roane!!


Friday, March 4, 2011

SWATCH: Swatch x Jeremy Scott and The Lady Collection

Next to Jeremy Scott's Adidas Originals collaboration and collaboration with French bag maker Longchamp on their iconic Le Pliage bag is his collection with Swatch! HYPE! 

 (1) Baroque-inspired frame around the bezel; (2) wings made famous by his Adidas Originals sneakers; (3) a cartooned lightening bolt
From L-R: Swatch Opulence, the Winged Swatch, and Lightning Flash
 Personally, it's toss between Winged Swatch and THIS --Lightning Flash!
BUT, Lightning Flash looks too plastic in actual/a 'usual' plastic swatch when worn. I might put my money to Winged Swatch. TORNNNNN!

 I like Swatch's Lady Collection as well!
 ALL COLORS: Light blue, purple, peach, light pink, azure, yellow, green, pale crimson, beige and white

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