Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ON SCREEN: 9th Spanish Film Festival and "The Social Network"

Instituto Cervantes de Manila presents twenty-three recent and awarded Spanish and Latin American films for the forthcoming 9th Spanish Film Festival.

VISIT HERE for more details

Película Film Festival runs September 30 to October 10, 2010 at Greenbelt 3, Cinema 2. Ticket price of PHP 65.

More so, there will be series of workshops on scriptwriting and filmmaking by Spanish scriptwriters, directors and film producers themselves. Adding to that are dance perfomances and concerts during the two-week  long festival (which I'm not sure what concert really means here or of what type, hee). For detailed information go to http://www.pelicula.ph or http://manila.cervantes.es or add "Icm Cultura" on facebook to receive updates.

BTW: One Filipino film entitled "Happyland" directed by Jim Libiran (director of "Tribu", yes) will have its premier on October 10. ABOUT here.

 Quick snapshot of everything. I wanted to show everything at readable size. The size of picture is big though that the right most part got slightly cut. Click photo for a better view. Better yet, click HERE to see synopsis, trailer and other film info of each. 

"The Social Network", story about the founders of Facebook slash true-to-life story of the social networking site, Facebook, opens October 1, 2010! Seriously, I want to see it --alongside, Going the Distance and Easy A!

 Because being millionaire is not enough!


If can't be viewed, watch HERE.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Quoting Marilyn Monroe, imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. I, on my part, think that I'm on the brink of being boring. I never did change my choice for bottoms. As to make up for this, I choose rather the dainty and playful pieces in whatever I put on for the rest.
Pretty blouses and accessories make me happy. Getting them at cheap price doubles the fun! 
Just a run through (of pat of details, or the lack thereof! haha):

FIRST: Wearing lace top is one way to feel sexy in spite of conservative-ism. Heavy lace much so.
One of those few days I wear slippers. I arrived at my apartment in slippers since I forgot to bring my sandals. I changed to formal ones for work, of course.
heavy lace x crochet
black x white and washed denim

SECOND: I will never get tired of anything floral!
flower power
B&W! The necklace you see is the bronze necklace I got from the house bazaar.

THIRD: Just want to say hi to my 2nd Anna Sui (watercolor feather dress) from that house bazaar also.
lovely ruffled shoulder cover

FOURTH: Cotton On cropped shirt. As much as I love prints, I love stripes as well. More so, inkling of studs.
studded belt

FIFTH: Denim over denim! As to pay attention to details, this light-weight denim blazer has cute little flowers when folded. 
sorry, not ironed!
THE butterfly necklace c/o Accesorize

stitched details
this is a happy top. incongruous with my face!
smile though your face is pimply!
THE sleeves I love too!
hello, SUPER cute stitched x bejeweled niceties!

P.S This is not an outfit post, yes? eck.

Friday, September 17, 2010


I love going to bazaars. It's where you'll find unique and good-priced items you won't find in malls --same through with thrift shops, it's just that items in bazaars are almost always brand new.

Just this week, my friend and I went to Kim's, person behind "Fashionistas on a Budget", house bazaar. If you're an e-bay bidder, you might know her as "kimkong0907" where I found her, by the way. She has one of the best boxes of US goods of accessories and clothes, as well as, authentic designer clothes. I tried to haggle by bidding a couple of times on e-bay but it seems I couldn't beat the drive others' had. I didn't have ample time to check if I've been outbid and so I didn't get anything from her. 

Not until I saw that she will open her house for shopping. We went; and I bought 3 long tops, 1 cropped shirt, and 1 really nice bronze necklace. They're a bit pricey but I purchased them anyway. My friend purchased 2 dresses and 1 really nice Gap bag of good deal! 

AY YAY AY STUFF: Photos that might excite you, fellow shopper!
I've been wanting to have that H&M necklace for a very long time. I had the chance to take hold of it. I didn't purchase it, though, since I wanted white details instead of turquoise. :( OH WELL!
nice house and really great stuff!
Clothes --tops, dresses, blazers, and all sorts!
 More accesories!
There are shoes and sandals as well; mostly on sizes 8/9 --my size, I didn't like anything, though.
That bin contains lots of BNWT items!!

I'll post 'em photos of my purchases some time, perhaps! ;-)

Photos from Fashionistas On A Budget. Add up to see more and to know more about if you like!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

PAPERSELF and LUNAandCURIOUS: Paper Eyelashes and Graphic Tights

I stumbled upon paper eyelashes yesterday. Almost all search pages I clicked on were about these paper eyelashes by Paperself

 Model in Horse and Peach Blossom

The series of decorative false paper lashes are inspired by the traditional art of Chinese paper cutting and is a brain work of Designer Ting Yu Wang. Each lash looks meticulous and are available in three styles. All of which are in line with Chinese symbols with cultural meanings:
(1) Horses: for success
(2) Peony: for happiness and good fortune
(3) Peach Blossom: for love and romance

At first I found them emo-ish yet dainty. It's the lashes to die for for playful fashionistas out there. But I doubt that it's wearable for people who struggle from daily commute. I doubt you'll wear them on plain, normal days even. It can be worn solely for special events esp. fashion-related ones and made to be worn by models in runway and for photo shoots, perhaps. 

Based on web-search, I think Paperself is consigned by different shops since I saw shop names like Lost in Beauty and Luna and Curious carrying the brand. One article though had a link to Luna and Curious' blogspot and so I checked it out. To my surprise, they offer really hip and well-crafted items!

 Manon in Love Tights
 La Palangre Tights
La Pluie Tights

I think they're all sold out already. They're coming out with more Les Queues de Sardines tights of these design, though:
 "Icar" and "Descente d' Organes"

MORE OF Les Queues De Sardines Graphic Tights Autumn Winter 2010/11 Collection:

NEXT FIND: These feather necklaces...

Friday, September 3, 2010

MORE STRAPS PLEASE: A girl can never have too many shoes

I used to think that you have to spend thousands for a good pair of shoes. God knows why, my feet are thin and long. I'm a size 7 in width but a size 8 or 9 even in length. But just as we all know, when an inch long is added so does to its width to proportionate. I try to somehow solve my seemingly big dilemma by going to US branded shoe stores since they have half sizes. In general though, I never really did spend time in the shoe section; I'll just sulk in frustration, I argued.

Then, I started seeing really affordable yet stylish and to top it all off, comfortable ones that fit my 'annoying' feet just right. It began with a pair. Then, I find myself wanting to go to the shoe section first before anything else when I hit shops and malls. I also made my debut in wearing 2 to 3 inched wedges!


 NEXT: My mom was too generous to tell me to get the other pair of almost the same style of different color.

LAST FIND: I'll still never get tired of flats! Please excuse. The flats are bronze and shiny. I can't take a good steady clear photo, srsly!

ALL OF WHICH are strappy, yes...

I'm in love with bows and any animal element!!
At my apartment. I now have curtains, by the way! 
FAIL, yes
LEFT: bows all over the blouse. RIGHT: horses on bottom of dress. OH, bows and animals!!!

Seems like I solely showcased the brown strappy wedges! I don't have time and didn't have someone to take a photo of me. I have now, thank God! :)
 I wore the flats for this romper one holiday, though. Pardon the eyes.

SOMETHING FROM F21: I went to F21 this week to check out their clogs! Too bad they ran out of stocks already. I could have put my 1,500 to 1,600 for a pretty good pair already if the shoes and I were meant to be! lulz! 

But I heard SM Department Store in Megamall and Makati are coming out with clogs this October! I saw pretty booties that are about to come as well!
from F21's facebook page

 How about you? Any good pair find? ;-)

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