Friday, September 3, 2010

MORE STRAPS PLEASE: A girl can never have too many shoes

I used to think that you have to spend thousands for a good pair of shoes. God knows why, my feet are thin and long. I'm a size 7 in width but a size 8 or 9 even in length. But just as we all know, when an inch long is added so does to its width to proportionate. I try to somehow solve my seemingly big dilemma by going to US branded shoe stores since they have half sizes. In general though, I never really did spend time in the shoe section; I'll just sulk in frustration, I argued.

Then, I started seeing really affordable yet stylish and to top it all off, comfortable ones that fit my 'annoying' feet just right. It began with a pair. Then, I find myself wanting to go to the shoe section first before anything else when I hit shops and malls. I also made my debut in wearing 2 to 3 inched wedges!


 NEXT: My mom was too generous to tell me to get the other pair of almost the same style of different color.

LAST FIND: I'll still never get tired of flats! Please excuse. The flats are bronze and shiny. I can't take a good steady clear photo, srsly!

ALL OF WHICH are strappy, yes...

I'm in love with bows and any animal element!!
At my apartment. I now have curtains, by the way! 
FAIL, yes
LEFT: bows all over the blouse. RIGHT: horses on bottom of dress. OH, bows and animals!!!

Seems like I solely showcased the brown strappy wedges! I don't have time and didn't have someone to take a photo of me. I have now, thank God! :)
 I wore the flats for this romper one holiday, though. Pardon the eyes.

SOMETHING FROM F21: I went to F21 this week to check out their clogs! Too bad they ran out of stocks already. I could have put my 1,500 to 1,600 for a pretty good pair already if the shoes and I were meant to be! lulz! 

But I heard SM Department Store in Megamall and Makati are coming out with clogs this October! I saw pretty booties that are about to come as well!
from F21's facebook page

 How about you? Any good pair find? ;-)


  1. the brown wedges are nicer! i love them with your outfit! you look great :D

  2. I love them! Favorite ko yung flats. I want a pair! I also like the lace top! :))

  3. you have pretty feet. I hate mine. i have fat, huge, round feet. And when it's hot it gets even bigger. And it gets better, am pregnant now so we'll see. Am looking forward sa manas with so much fear.


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