Saturday, September 4, 2010

PAPERSELF and LUNAandCURIOUS: Paper Eyelashes and Graphic Tights

I stumbled upon paper eyelashes yesterday. Almost all search pages I clicked on were about these paper eyelashes by Paperself

 Model in Horse and Peach Blossom

The series of decorative false paper lashes are inspired by the traditional art of Chinese paper cutting and is a brain work of Designer Ting Yu Wang. Each lash looks meticulous and are available in three styles. All of which are in line with Chinese symbols with cultural meanings:
(1) Horses: for success
(2) Peony: for happiness and good fortune
(3) Peach Blossom: for love and romance

At first I found them emo-ish yet dainty. It's the lashes to die for for playful fashionistas out there. But I doubt that it's wearable for people who struggle from daily commute. I doubt you'll wear them on plain, normal days even. It can be worn solely for special events esp. fashion-related ones and made to be worn by models in runway and for photo shoots, perhaps. 

Based on web-search, I think Paperself is consigned by different shops since I saw shop names like Lost in Beauty and Luna and Curious carrying the brand. One article though had a link to Luna and Curious' blogspot and so I checked it out. To my surprise, they offer really hip and well-crafted items!

 Manon in Love Tights
 La Palangre Tights
La Pluie Tights

I think they're all sold out already. They're coming out with more Les Queues de Sardines tights of these design, though:
 "Icar" and "Descente d' Organes"

MORE OF Les Queues De Sardines Graphic Tights Autumn Winter 2010/11 Collection:

NEXT FIND: These feather necklaces...


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