Friday, September 17, 2010


I love going to bazaars. It's where you'll find unique and good-priced items you won't find in malls --same through with thrift shops, it's just that items in bazaars are almost always brand new.

Just this week, my friend and I went to Kim's, person behind "Fashionistas on a Budget", house bazaar. If you're an e-bay bidder, you might know her as "kimkong0907" where I found her, by the way. She has one of the best boxes of US goods of accessories and clothes, as well as, authentic designer clothes. I tried to haggle by bidding a couple of times on e-bay but it seems I couldn't beat the drive others' had. I didn't have ample time to check if I've been outbid and so I didn't get anything from her. 

Not until I saw that she will open her house for shopping. We went; and I bought 3 long tops, 1 cropped shirt, and 1 really nice bronze necklace. They're a bit pricey but I purchased them anyway. My friend purchased 2 dresses and 1 really nice Gap bag of good deal! 

AY YAY AY STUFF: Photos that might excite you, fellow shopper!
I've been wanting to have that H&M necklace for a very long time. I had the chance to take hold of it. I didn't purchase it, though, since I wanted white details instead of turquoise. :( OH WELL!
nice house and really great stuff!
Clothes --tops, dresses, blazers, and all sorts!
 More accesories!
There are shoes and sandals as well; mostly on sizes 8/9 --my size, I didn't like anything, though.
That bin contains lots of BNWT items!!

I'll post 'em photos of my purchases some time, perhaps! ;-)

Photos from Fashionistas On A Budget. Add up to see more and to know more about if you like!


  1. where is that house bazaar located? there are lots of stuff for sale :)

  2. Hello jillmariamedina! You can message "Fashionistas on a budget" on the link provided in the post. You have to make an appointment with her that you're coming to her house bazaar. She'll give you her address, then. :)

  3. ooh this all looks fabulous!! :)

  4. love it. just posted some of my jewels!
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  5. I wanna go there too! :) where is her house anyway?:)

    I am inviting you to join my MY VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY! You can win a pair of brogues from shoeology, GCs from Golddot, and accessories from Anagon. :)


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