Saturday, April 17, 2010

PERFECT FLATS: Capri by Anthology Event

Recently, I purchased this pair for 2,895 pesos at Analog Soul in Trinoma. This pair is by Anthology EVENT, which is Marikina made but the upper leather, sole leather, and materials are imported from Italy (not that I'm gaga for imported made products, just so we all know). I think the inner fabric is made of pig skin, though (or not). Anyhoo, they claim that their shoes are all about all-day comfort and I couldn't agree more! 

 The box and the logo, Anthology Event

Whenever I wear newly bought footwear, I suffer for two days or so until the time that it finally fits and adjusts to my feet perfectly and comfortably. But with this Anthology event flats, my feet did not hurt at all. It did but after a whole day of walk which is the normal type of sore you get even when wearing slippers. It fits your feet perfectly too since its garterized. Your feet neither look too big nor too small.

Thinking that you think like I do, I'm kind of hesitant to try them on since it kind of looks like one of those Tory Burch wanna be. But after trying them on, I said: Oh ok, this is by Anthology. Nothing more, nothing less, just real and fashionable comfort shoes.

That pair is named Capri, stock # is 8333. It also comes in Stabillo Red Orange (though it's labeled red in their catalog) which my friend bought. It also is available in other color but Analog Soul only has those two colors at that time. I guess we're already that late. They also have other flats but other designs that I tried on are somewhat hurtful. 

You may see a lot of garterized flats which looks somehow like it at different shoe stores. But unless you try this one on, you'll never know the difference. My mom always fit those garterized flats and nothing meets the comfort she's looking for. And when I tried this one on, I knew that they're meant to comfort my feet. The price is really worth it. I'm using it for three days straight without foot sore. AMAZING! 

I can say that this is one of my good finds! I heard that they're running out of stocks! Hurry and feel the comfort personally! :)

You may also find Anthology at The Ramp outlets at Glorietta, Shangri-La, The Podium, and Quezon Avenue; Chocolate Clothing Co. stores at Trinoma and Ayala Cebu; Trilogy Boutique in Makati; Athem at Greenbelt 5, Powerplant, and Shangri-La; and where I got mine, Analog Soul in Trinoma.

  When worn

Visit this site to know more about this Capri flats Anthology Events Shoes and to know more about their line. You may also visit them in Multiply and purchase here: Anthology at

How about you, what's your favorite pair?


  1. Your shoes reminded me of the Tory Burch signature ballet flats... great buy Nina. I love ballet flats too. Normally, I go around wearing my Toms shoes because they are just so comfy.

    Glad to have met you! xoxo

  2. Hi po! Exactly! My point as well in this article! :) I would also love to have a pair of Tom shoes! I'm gonna try them on next time since I only stare at them thinking that they might not fit my long thin feet pretty well. :) Thanks. Nice to meet you here as well. :) <3


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