Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I wore MARA HOFFMAN for graduation

First of all, finally, I am a legit graduate!

Remember that post I told you about regarding the thrift find designer dress that I'm thinking to wear for graduation! Refer to this link. I did wear it!

WHY I DECIDED TO GO FOR IT: With the hot summer weather, I needed something that is stylish yet really comfy! I love bat-winged dresses and blouse and so this found dress is perfect for the look I want to achieve! Moreso, I really love the sweetheart-ish neckline!

The dress I have is in size M (medium), though, but the heck. I wore it with a vintage gold and black belt because gold is always the way to go to make anything sophisticated.

sorry for the chalk-like tint... Coz the black part is velvet :)
see: size Medium! Small or even extra small would've been better for my small bust! ;)
how I wore it all-in-all
To complete the attire, I wore a peep toe 2-inch heeled shoes I got from Steve Madden, super comfy that I managed to run in them since my friend and I had to run meters because we were already late! Thank God I did not flunk! 

Personally, good comfy pair of shoes are great investment. I would not mind spend much, just so I could walk in them for hours. Add to that is the fact that I really am having hard time to look for perfect pairs 'coz my feet are OA not equal in length. An inch difference, would you believe!  
THERE WAS A SUGGESTION, THOUGH: To move the belt and use the middle part instead --without the buckle being seen. The suggestion was also great. But I didn't have the time to do it anymore! :\
that part, it's in a pattern
I ENDED UP LOOKING THIS WAY (I don't have pre-graduation march photos which sucks, so the quality of my photos in dress ain't good and I look haggard already from hours of sitting, standing, and waiting, in general): 

My tummy looked big since the belt isn't in place anymore, plus the pattern of the dress created the illusion. I just want to point out that my tummy isn't that big! See what I told you, a smaller size could have been better because the bust area isn't suited for my bust size! Nonetheless, I'm happy in it! 

Pardon the whole body pic, that's the only photo I have!   



  1. hello, congrats on graduating!!

    i love your dress!! it's such a gorgeous print!

  2. Hahahahaha. I saw you and Ate Elena running towards Palma Bridge! Ang late niyo nga! :))

  3. haha! Karel! Again, sign up on blogger now! haha! yez! SUPER LATE :\ no pictures of waiting with fellow graduates tuloy. aw. haha!


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