Sunday, April 18, 2010

H&M nailed it once again

I always find blazers fashionable. It can turn a plain white or black tee stand out. A great designed and fitting blazer is a MUST HAVE on one's wardrobe. It can go a long way to achieve a chic ragged to semi-formal to formal look. 

Just now, I was browsing blogs from bloggers that I follow and looks from and, and I found one great find they all possess. At first glance, I thought it's a Valentino jacket, though, yea? It came to me as a shock and I was really in awe when I knew that it is actually from H&M included in The H&M Garden Collection. Beyond doubt, H&M never fails to make me want to be in their store.

Other stuff from the Garden Collection (which reminded me of
Moreso, if you want product preview from H&M's Garden Collection, click here...

And because ordinarily extraordinary people (ah, what?) wearing great clothes and matches apparels well greatly inspire me. Here are some photos from two great fashion bloggers and two fashionistas from and who played the blazer/jacket well (credits and link below each photo):

    RAEZ of CHEAP THRILLS -exact link post here
Anjelica Lorenz of Mode Junkie -exact post here
Vanessa from 
IRIS from Netherlands of

Ay yay ay, great, yea? H&M please have a store here! 


  1. i vote for Iris, for nailing it the bestest. haha grabe nina. how strange. last time i knew u, u were just this simple jeans and shirts girl. now you're this lookbooking chictopia-ing, fashionable girl. haha what happened?


  2. haha. late bloomer? Well, even before, I search fashion blogs na and drool over em, pero am too shy thinking that I'll suck at it. You see, I wasn't really comfortably with my OA thin figure. I always say na parang kung may magandang katawan lang ako. I'll wear anything. I guess, it is just recently na I learned to love my thin-gure. haha! That good? That bad? hihi. ;)

  3. that blazer is vava-voom! dali maging statement piece!

  4. I need this red jacket so badly...


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