Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vitamins for Perfect Skin

Taking care of our skin is more of an inside healing job

Few months ago, my parents talked to my auntie from Malaysia. They told her that I suffer from zits again. She recommended the two products (Dalacin T and Himalaya Herbals A-N-P cream) that I wrote in my previous post. Then she pointed out one thing, before her daughter succumbed to pricking treatment, her dermatologist prescribed to take the right amount of Zinc and loads of Vitamin C first.

NOTE / DISCLAIMER: The next paragraphs will contain factual information directly lifted or mostly are somehow paraphrased, but it might still be subjected to plagiarism, haha. It's kinda scientific/medical, k! 

Zinc is good for the skin and it functions greatly for wound healing. It is a natural astringent which shrinks and tightens tissues, natural antibacterial, helps treat and prevent acne, natural insect repellent, natural sunscreen, protects our body from infections and other opportunistic virus and disease, treats eating disorder such as bulimia and anorexia resulting to weight gain.

Best selling author, Maureen Salaman, would say that the gospel for acne is zinc. She also points out in her book "All Your Health Questions Answered Naturally" that if you're drinking milk and suffers from acne, you should stop doing so for a while. But mind you, you should look for good, easily absorbed by the body, derived-from-nature blend which I found in Healthy Options --their CHELATED zinc.  

WHY NOT GO FOR ANTIBIOTICS: Antibiotics work because they kill bacteria; worst, they even kill good bacteria. Antibiotics don't discriminate between good and bad bacteria. When good bacterias are killed there happens a flesh-eating syndrome. Plus, antibiotics can make you immune to pharmaceutical antibiotics. It may not "heal" you anymore as you take them over long period of time. But just a reminder from what I've learned from listening to adult conversations, when you start taking in antibiotics make sure you take it on time and on a regular basis as prescribed, never ever skip. It will make you more immune and we never want that to happen. 

One of the vitamins that I can say heals a lot --from burns, bruises, insect bites, hangover, stress, stretch marks, sleep apnea, wrinkles to heart problems, cancer, allergies, Alzheimer's, hepatitis and other more. One great function that Vitamin C is known for is it boosts one's immune system. 

Most animals have the ability to make their own Vitamin C. It is a natural phenomenon in their system and is produced by their own body. On one end, humans along with guinea pigs, fruit bats, and gorillas need to ingest Vitamin C. The only vitamin our bodies can make is Vitamin D. 

It's safe to take loads of Vitamin C because it is excreted by the body in the form of urine but never really into waste. 

WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH (VITAMIN C INTAKE): My body can only accommodate 2000mg of Vitamin C, after that I experience looseness in my bowel from which you'll know you took over-sufficient amount of Vitamin C your body needs. On a usual day, I take one tablet of 1000mg. It's a different case whenever I am sick. Mom makes us ingest loads of Vitamin C for faster healing.

We buy our zinc and Vitamin C supplements from Healthy Options. I used to take Healthy Option's Vitamin C 500mg which is good, but mom purchased the Solgar's Ester C this time.

For zinc, I will forever stick to my 50 mg Chelated Zinc. ;p I am not sure, but I think zinc makes my skin fairer and fairer. Or is it maybe just because it acts as a natural sunscreen. 

  So there, never forget to heal from the inside!


  1. Amazing blog hon!
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  2. hello, "Pixie Dust"... sure, I'll do so since I love joining contests now to win stuff. haha! ;)


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