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Anti-acne products

For the past years, I've tried lots of skin and beauty products. Most of them to combat acne. 

Just a brief history and how it felt having protruding acne: It all started when I was in second year high school. I did not care how I looked at that time. My younger brother would always tease me and say, whenever we joke around and reminisce, that there was a time when I had a sty and never really cared whether people saw it. I walked around campus and talked to people face-to-face oblivious to the disease in my eye. Maybe because as far as I could remember my younger self, those things were normal and were things I needed not worry about. 

On one end, there came a point when I really felt down every time I see the cystic ones. I felt really conscious. People might only see the irritating acne and not me -you know that feeling, yea? Then, mom decided to take me to a dermatologist. As I suffer from weekly pricking treatment and nightly use of an array of topical creams, my face became clearer and clearer. If you are in Pampanga, I went to Dr. Judy Manalo-Evangelista at San Fernandino Hospital. From then on, I started looking for products which are skin-friendly for maintenance. Just to stress and not sound OA, I did not suffer a long time from acne, maybe just a month or so. BUT, it felt like a lifetime!

'Til now I get breakouts, honestly speaking. And so I still use different products from time-to-time. I even tried out those products from really persuasive skin care-related articles and advertisements. 


Would you believe, I tried PROACTIV! The one you see in Home TV Shopping endorsed by Jessica Simpson, P. Diddy, Lindsay Lohan and that short-haired Latina actress or TV star (I still remember the face but not the name, though)

The ad stresses that the product contains Benzoil Peroxide which eliminates, almost magically, acne. More so, you hear ordinary people's overly satisfied testimonies and you see their face really squeaky clean and clear! And, I fell for that! If you haven't tried it yet, forget about it; Proactiv doesn't work! Or does it? Maybe for you. As for me, it was just a waste of money. I just gave away mine.

Since I started with anti-acne, I might as well continue with that train of thought and have a rundown of MY reviews of anti-acne topical creams that I have already tried:

Maybe you've already heard about this product. I've seen lots of good reviews about it in magazines. Then, mom got me one, the big one is for bacne, or acne in the back. I had bacne but not really OA bacne. I used to tease people and wondered why acne could "grow" on one's back. Then, just my luck. Karma was just around the corner. :\ BLATANT REVIEW AND POINT: It did not work for me!

I forgot to take a picture of the product which articles praise for being an overnight remedy for breakouts and so I got a picture from the internet instead. It's the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion:
It also did not work for me. Haha! The solution is too harsh on the face. There's this burning sensation every single time I dab it on the affected portion -same with my mom’s experience. I tried it again and again since I had no other option at that time, but it didn't really dry the acne in spite of promising reviews. 

Mario Badescu is a good brand so you might want to try it and it might work on you. But it’s not cheap and it's too harsh on the skin. I suppose even though the results may vary, the tingling sensation will always be a part of it when one uses it.

Tired of taking photos already. I placed these products in one shot... But let me point out and stress that they are not used at the same time. They are not in any way related with one another. Usually when you go for dermatologist-prescribed topical creams, you would be given a number of products which you'll apply simultaneously. THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH THESE FOUR...

My auntie from Malaysia sent this bottle of Dalacin T which I’m guessing is also available in drugstores because I've heard of some people using this. Two of my friends use it. They mix it with the regular Eskinol. If I remember correctly, they were talking about a Dalacin T capsule. They mix the powder inside the capsule with the Eskinol liquid solution. I haven't tried that one yet and i just knew from my friends so I wouldn't delve into that anymore. ;-p

This Dalacin T.... WORKS! It goes with a small screen-like dabbing apparatus which functions like a cotton ball. It says though that "it can be harmful for people to take this medication if their doctor did not prescribe it", so I should warn you as it says. But it wasn't prescribed to me by any doctor! I just used it and it worked! 

HOW IS IT ON THE SKIN: It's just like you dabbed water or eye-mo on your skin. I
t doesn't make the skin dry which is really great. It's what I use now since I am still waiting for my TOP PICK anti-acne product with which I'll end this article. Although I already made a write-up about it here. Sorry, I tend to get giddy and jump from one topic to another. ;-p 

(2) That's just sunblock -prescribed and sold at the clinic of my dermatologist.
I don't normally wear sunblock because it's too heavy on the skin. But I really love this "dermatologically-prescribed" sunblock. It's really light
 on the skin, it's as if you did not put anything on even when you sweat. So if you're looking for a good sunblock, go to the nearest dermatology clinic. I'm sure they have a similar concoction. Mine's SPF 80. My mom’s is SPF 60 prescribed by another dermatologist, but they’re basically the same.

I put this sunblock on first before the pressed powder (in my case, the pressed powder is from my derma as well) or normal powder. 

(3) Himalaya Herbals A-N-P (Acne-n-Pimple Cream) which is an Indian-based product
I have this belief that Indian products are good on the skin. I've only tried this once and so I can't really make a good review. But when I used this, the morning-after effect was dry skin. Mom also noticed it and asked what I used for the noticeably dry face.

It was also sent to me by my auntie from Malaysia. It came with the Dalacin T. Well I guess this was the rotten tomato of the bunch. This product, however, is herbal which is good.

She sent products from Malaysia since her daughter suffered from acne. This helped her clear out the acne, breakouts, whiteheads, and zits. She gave a great feedback regarding the two and so sent a package. Big thanks, auntie! :')

(4) Skin Brightening Cream from MD Therapy
I love this one! It's from my dermatologist as well. And it's one of those series of topical creams you apply simultaneously and this comes second to the last in my case. Now, I use it alone since I don't have major breakouts anymore. It really lightens scars from acne picking or maybe scars you get from pricking your acne with dirty hands. This could help! I’m just not quite sure where you can get this. Ask your dermatologist, I suppose they know this as well.

NEXT, A FACIAL WASH: Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash from The Body Shop
Tea tree oil helps prevents blemishes. I was kind of cynical before regarding this product seeing that there appears to be no apparent effect. But now I see that my face doesn't dry out. I use this two to three times a day. It's good mainly because I get no irritation and it is not harsh on the skin. It's a skin-friendly anti-blemish facial wash.

FOR MY ULTIMATE ANTI-ACNE PRODUCT: The Shaclear- Skin Clear Anti Pimple Lotion --an ayurvedic product by
Shahnaz Husain from India

Again, please refer to this article instead 'coz I made an exclusive post about it already. HERE. Good thing I'll be able to use it again because an orgmate friend knows someone who'll go to India! I'm so excited! Hope it will still do wonders to my skin! :)

(It's 12:29 am already, I don't know if I have a typo or grammatical error, will re-read this one tomorrow and edit it if so) 


  1. Oh Nina, you fell for the Home TV shopping. Hahaha! I love Tea Tree Oil... I think it's the best product for me. And I discovered Neutrogena On-the-spot pimple treatment and it really works too. xoxo

  2. nina! i've tried proactive din! such a waste! haha! anyway, that dallacin + eskinol solution kind of works, although it made my skin peel like hell! hahahha! yung st. ives for acne prone skin worked for me before! hahaha! mejo may addiction kasi ako sa exfoliators kaya i liked it!

  3. MS. LEA! yes, one of my fail skin purchases!! :)

    JANIGGA! really? you tried proactiv too! haha! grabe, waste of money talaga! owww. dalacin T is good! it's what i use now! pero that version -in bottle! hindi nagpepeel and dry. :) i used st. ives pero i used it for my body, i love exfoliating scrubs too esp. before! now feet ko na lang ineexfoliate ko! haha!

  4. How much did you purchase the MD Skin Therapy Brightening Cream? Thanks!


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