Wednesday, May 19, 2010

GIRLS OF SEXY MIND: 2nd feature

(If you still haven't read the previous post and the sneak peek, I suggest you read it first to know exactly why I chose the girls I'm featuring on my blog.)

(2) Leemae
According to studies, an individual processes information with the dominant brain hemisphere. They say one is either more of the left brain or of the right brain. Left side brainers lean more on logical thinking and analysis and are objective while the right side subjects are more on the intuitive and are subjective in view of things happening around them. To keep this shorter and what we knew back in elementary years, left brain students are good in mathematics while right brain students cling more on creativity and art. 

As I was browsing on the internet, I saw this one article regarding the left brain vs. right brain matter which made me me nod that she really is a right brain mujer, haha...

"Left brain people want to know the rules and follow them. In fact, if there are no rules for situations, they will probably make up rules to follow! Left brain students know the consequences of not turning in papers on time or of failing a test. But right brain students are sometimes not aware that there is anything wrong." -directly lifted from HERE (haha, this made me remember her, and yea, I am sweet like tis!)
Despite the seemingly negative point, I totally adore right brainers! I, myself, think that I am more leaning on my right brain. But one thing I am certain of, I can't edit photos and the like the way she does. I don't know the way around photoshop --I am no gnarly one... which makes me eulogize the works of kickass right brainers and admire the beauty their eyes see. They know how to use their resources well and transform them creatively. Yes, I am talking about Leemae from which I can very well relate these "surmises" upon.

Another thing I am sure of about her is she really knows how to carry herself. She spends time in vanity and in editing them. Nonetheless, she executes them nicely --with the right blend and manipulation, not overdoing the editing which I abhor in most photoshop-ed ones.

TO END:  And because she is a fan of "shameless plugging", might as well plug her sites for you to know more about her and her works. You can follow her on tumblr, twitter for updates and multiply for more photos. 

'COZ I NEED NOT SAY MORE: Here are some of her photos showing off her style which she glamorously edited too... Hippie!! Suffice to say, she, herself, is her own masterpiece...


  1. I want to believe that I'm a left-brainer myself but I suck in Math. Hahaha!

    Leemae is such a trooper... love her pics and I love her style. xoxo

  2. you look awesome! i love your sunglasses! the leggings are sweet ass!

  3. LOVE the colors
    love your blog, thanks for sharing!
    and thanks for the sweet comments


  4. uhm i don't get the part where you say that you "admire the beauty their eyes see. They know how to use their resources well and transform them creatively." referring to "them" as the left brainers. i thought the creative ones are the right brainers?

    sorry, i may have misunderstood it.

  5. @Anonymous: haha! I was kind of preparing to debunk your argument! I was like, huh... But yea, I stand corrected! Thanks! That means you actually read this post! aww! edited it just now. ;) You should've introduced yourself! I love it when I get corrected!

    with love and gratitude,

  6. the triplets one is really cool ;)


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