Monday, May 17, 2010

GIRLS OF SEXY MIND: Intro and 1st feature

If there is one thing I've learned from writing ample research paper, reflection paper and everything in between, it is to clearly define terms. So, when I say I admire pretty girls with really sexy mind, by sexy mind I mean there's vehemence in their word and their works. A sexy mind knowing how to articulate herself well where she's good at. 

There are LOTS of pretty girls, I know! When I thought of having this post, 10 to 15 names sprung. But I think there's this seemingly thin line which separates a girl of a great mind from another girl. I guess, I always  thought that there's gotta be more to being physically attractive.

With that being (ambiguously, haha) stated, I came up with five lassies I've met with looks and wit. Thus, I will keep the series of posts with utmost honesty on what I think about them...

(1) Bea and "Curtis and Curtis"
I knew Bea back in elementary. As I'm trying to recall those days, she's one pretty girl even before and she dances well ('coz I remember her as part of the dance troupe, haha). On one end, we both left San Lorenzo to spend intermediate learning some school else. And for college, she went to Ateneo. So, we never really got to talk from then on. Subsequently, nothing has changed, she remains to be this witty classy girl.

When asked what her style is, she really does not know how to define it. But one thing is sure, according to her, she shops for everything chic which is reflected in her daily outfits. Personally, I find girls who dress up the girly-way adorable, I deem that they can get away with anything...

WHERE TO SHOP FOR CHIC STYLE: Good news, her style is made available for everyone. Bea and her sister put up an online shop, labeled Curtis and Curtis, of to-die-for clothes and accessories (such as belts, necklaces, bracelets/bangles) sourced from her sister's travel abroad and some are designed exclusively by C&C. 

As I feast my eyes on C&C's delectable site, great clothes modeled by fab ladies welcomed me, then, I looked at the prices and they are incredibly affordable! Visit their multiply online shop HERE and see it for yourselves, you can also like curtisandcurtis on facebook, and follow them on twitter for updates. :)

Preview on what C&C offers...

I love their skirts and lace tops and found really nice affordable accessories!! 

photos obtained from CandC's site for this "sneak preview" purpose :)

"Stay tuned", there are four more ladies to be unraveled!


  1. Did you take her pics? I love her green dress. Can't wait to see more of your surprise features. xoxo

  2. LOVE it
    your blog is so inspirational
    keep it up!
    thanks for sharing as always!


  3. Fabulosity! Great photos. :)


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