Sunday, October 31, 2010

I MISS STRESS FREE DAYS: Hongkong and Macau

I was watching TV at my parents room a while ago when all of a sudden dad commented that I do teenybopperish mien for photos slash like those he sees in one Taiwanese reality TV show. I wondered where he was coming from. Little did I know that he was looking at our photos. I took glance and saw my then-zit-free face!

Celine in Before Sunset said that memories are of wonderful things if you don't have to deal with the past. My simple dilemma of having zits makes me sulk inside. I used to really write posts that might help one solve acne problems, yea. But nothing apparently works for me now since I'm drowning from job-related stress and sleep deprivation. 

Current occurrences in my life make me miss school days and bum days. I miss those times when I can say yes to every spur of the moment invites. I miss sleeping in the afternoon. I miss cutting classes just so I can spend time with friends and just because I don't feel like attending, oops and to take nap. I miss deciding for myself alone not worrying that my decision might affect others' work and performance. Accompanied by all of which is zit-free years which I am indignant about.

I wouldn't say I wanted to rush graduation to earn on my own, for my own, in fact I literally didn't. I wouldn't say either that I didn't want to work. I had relatively great internship experience and thought that working isn't that bad and hard after all. So, the thought somewhat made me feel all grown-up and that I am somehow equipped. On one end, I didn't expect that the real thing would be this hard and would entail you to work beyond limits yet  is still self-deprecating! Then again, there's this reality that at one point you have to bid goodbye to your comfort zone and delusions.

Don't get me wrong, I don't loathe my job. Not yet. I am thankful for this position. It makes me do things I never thought I could do. I delve on tasks really deep. I never stop till I finish even if I have to work 15 hours straight and be at work early. On top of it all, it reminds me to put my trust in God alone for it is not by my might but by His grace alone. But why ramble, you ask. Because dang, I wouldn't want to see another zit anymore! I slept the entire afternoon to recharge --thank God for the long weekend!

After all the seeming ramblings and musings, let me share with you guys some photos that my dad were looking at and share a story or two.

My 'rents don't really see our uploaded photos. It is just recently that dad savors looking at them on his iPad since he asked for photo transfer. Have I told you, iPad is not that bad! There were mixed response during the first release of iPad, but most people didn't like it. But it is actually pretty nice and really handy! It is truly the best way to see photos, e-mails, and the web. It's user-friendly which is perfect for totally non-techy individuals like my dad. You cannot multi-task in iPad, though. :| Or you may now? I have yet to check. It slipped my mind to validate this when I used it since, as far as I know, fall-released iPads are capable of multi-tasking already. 

Going back/About the photos, I loved Hongkong even if mom believes otherwise. Ma told us that there is no way that we are going back since people there are/were rude --were rude as for me. Filipinos were looked down upon the first time we went there years years ago. We were stereotyped as OFWs. The treatment, thus, followed and showed.

We still went back in 2009 and people weren't that rude anymore. I just don't know now after what had happened.

Despite the impudence we already attached with Hong Kong, it is one country I can go back to several times mainly because of shopping and its weather. LV and other designer shops/bags sell like pancakes! It was as if I was in a department store. Everyone really asks for stocks and goes out with a paper bag. HK boutiques (top of mind shopping paradise: Granville Road) also offer great items and have the nicest pieces. Accordingly, almost everyone is carrying a designer bag and are really well-dressed.

Next, Macau is much like the Philippines yet just a small country. It's just that there are lots of casino and it's a country with two systems. We bought and tasted Portugese egg tarts which taste really like Lord Stow's only cheaper since it originated there. We also bought beef jerky and I forgot other else.

Above all these y'know what, I was glad to know that dad can travel again now! YESSSS!  

zit free
 Hong Kong
 We stayed at BP Int'l
 oops, unseductive bra strap

Sunday, October 24, 2010


The last time I was in Cebu and Bohol was in April 2002 so everything's somewhat a blur already. There are a few things I won't forget, though. It was in the middle of Cebu's ocean where I tasted the freshest, REALEST and extremely appetizing scallops cooked in butter and garlic. It was simply the best, most succulent scallop dish I had in my life! Secondly, BBQ in Larsians stalls costs for only 2 pesos then. It's amazing to note that I've enjoyed late 90s and early 20s when everything seems really cheap.

I don't mind going back to places I've been to because there is almost always something new to travel around. More so, three to six days is not enough to explore the place. With this valued in mind, Vea and I will be in Cebu seven weeks from now. We haven't really planned anything yet not even where we'll lodge. Hence, I wonder how we'll spend this sojourn which is basically why I am writing an entry: to get suggestions from you guys and HELP us plan our itinerary! :)

Three things are on our list, though:

(1) To eat  a lot of Lechon Cebu! Where can we go for the best Lechon Cebu and food, in general? Dang! I'm salivating since yesterday!

(2) Try Edge Coaster in Crown Regency which is tilted 30-55 degrees thirty-eight floors above ground level. It was Vea-the-brave's idea, obviously. So help me God. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to this!

(3) Go to Bohol on our second day.

I wonder if Ethnic Ventures is still in Cebu. They have the nicest beaded accessories which are for export even!

I am praying for a calm weather, not to even drizzle for Christ's sake. I remember the time when we weren't able to hop one island in Davao brought about by huge tidal waves and restless wind and rain. This trip better be great accompanied by nice breezy weather. I am crossing my fingers too that I won't have a single deliverable for work by early to mid-December!

Come what may, see you in December, Cebu City!

Sky Walk and Edge Coaster. Rates and Schedules HERE
You're going to my stomach soon!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hunger Games Trilogy!!

I joined Saab Magalona's giveaway because (1) I love giveaways slash freebies; (2) I heard and read good reviews about Hunger Games and; (3) I simply had to try my luck to get the books for free. Blessedly, among 216 valid tweet entries, I won!

I have yet to read them, though. I just got the books last weekend and been really really busy at work. If you have already finished reading all three or any, I want to know, how did you find or feel about 'em? :)

As to provide references if you have no idea about Hunger Games books, you might want to check out what say Saab HERE and what say Regina Belmonte HERE

 Hardbound, baby!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Years ago, I finally cringed over online shopping. I'm beginning to have a few favorites as of the moment, though. Belle York is one.

BELLE YORK's Gaga 3/4 top with detachable ribbon gold chain brooch: These past few months, I fancy bows. I put the blame on fave people I follow on tumblr!
that bow brooch it is!
LET ME: There's just this urge to get the camera at times and take a photo before I leave. To be precise, Sunday last week was the 'ONE' concert/thanksgiving but since I don't have a photog, don't have a tripod for that matter, I do mirror shots which I used to somehow detest, hee. The second photo was taken by my friend. One of those rare times that I have someone to haul!

Beyond doubt, God has been really good! Just to give you an idea who I saw and who extended their regards:
 Gary Valenciano, I'm a fan!
Hello Jericho! I used to be a fan during Pangako Sa'yo days and Tin-Echo days! eck! ;-)
Rachelle, whom I met in Shang one Wednesday since she's Jayanne's best bud!

Overall, it was a fun-filled event! The new place is modern yet magnetically unperturbed and HUGE! 

BELLE YORK's Polka-dot laced back shirt:

PONDERED ON: I wanted to get this high-waisted charcoal gray ripped jeggings. I am unsure of what size to get, though. Being the wise buyer that I am (lulz), I didn't get it to refrain from petty unwise shopping decisions. If only I could fit it!    
I have that Light Suede Studded Gaga Blazer too! Haven't worn it yet, though.


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