Sunday, October 10, 2010


Years ago, I finally cringed over online shopping. I'm beginning to have a few favorites as of the moment, though. Belle York is one.

BELLE YORK's Gaga 3/4 top with detachable ribbon gold chain brooch: These past few months, I fancy bows. I put the blame on fave people I follow on tumblr!
that bow brooch it is!
LET ME: There's just this urge to get the camera at times and take a photo before I leave. To be precise, Sunday last week was the 'ONE' concert/thanksgiving but since I don't have a photog, don't have a tripod for that matter, I do mirror shots which I used to somehow detest, hee. The second photo was taken by my friend. One of those rare times that I have someone to haul!

Beyond doubt, God has been really good! Just to give you an idea who I saw and who extended their regards:
 Gary Valenciano, I'm a fan!
Hello Jericho! I used to be a fan during Pangako Sa'yo days and Tin-Echo days! eck! ;-)
Rachelle, whom I met in Shang one Wednesday since she's Jayanne's best bud!

Overall, it was a fun-filled event! The new place is modern yet magnetically unperturbed and HUGE! 

BELLE YORK's Polka-dot laced back shirt:

PONDERED ON: I wanted to get this high-waisted charcoal gray ripped jeggings. I am unsure of what size to get, though. Being the wise buyer that I am (lulz), I didn't get it to refrain from petty unwise shopping decisions. If only I could fit it!    
I have that Light Suede Studded Gaga Blazer too! Haven't worn it yet, though.


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  1. I think that there is something cool about mirror fashion photos
    they portray the artist & fashionista =)

    that studded blazer is so fab
    and thanks so much for visiting
    I will follow!!!!



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