Sunday, October 24, 2010


The last time I was in Cebu and Bohol was in April 2002 so everything's somewhat a blur already. There are a few things I won't forget, though. It was in the middle of Cebu's ocean where I tasted the freshest, REALEST and extremely appetizing scallops cooked in butter and garlic. It was simply the best, most succulent scallop dish I had in my life! Secondly, BBQ in Larsians stalls costs for only 2 pesos then. It's amazing to note that I've enjoyed late 90s and early 20s when everything seems really cheap.

I don't mind going back to places I've been to because there is almost always something new to travel around. More so, three to six days is not enough to explore the place. With this valued in mind, Vea and I will be in Cebu seven weeks from now. We haven't really planned anything yet not even where we'll lodge. Hence, I wonder how we'll spend this sojourn which is basically why I am writing an entry: to get suggestions from you guys and HELP us plan our itinerary! :)

Three things are on our list, though:

(1) To eat  a lot of Lechon Cebu! Where can we go for the best Lechon Cebu and food, in general? Dang! I'm salivating since yesterday!

(2) Try Edge Coaster in Crown Regency which is tilted 30-55 degrees thirty-eight floors above ground level. It was Vea-the-brave's idea, obviously. So help me God. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to this!

(3) Go to Bohol on our second day.

I wonder if Ethnic Ventures is still in Cebu. They have the nicest beaded accessories which are for export even!

I am praying for a calm weather, not to even drizzle for Christ's sake. I remember the time when we weren't able to hop one island in Davao brought about by huge tidal waves and restless wind and rain. This trip better be great accompanied by nice breezy weather. I am crossing my fingers too that I won't have a single deliverable for work by early to mid-December!

Come what may, see you in December, Cebu City!

Sky Walk and Edge Coaster. Rates and Schedules HERE
You're going to my stomach soon!!

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  1. Ayyy, I'm envious! I have been to Cebu twice, but I was with my parents both times. So I cant really give suggestions. Hehe we didn't get to really explore. Hirap pag matanda kasama!

    Happy trip to you, guys!


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