Saturday, May 28, 2011

Up North: Sunset and Bangui Windmills

Last stop in our first day itinerary was to see Bangui Windmills up close. They are so huge that these were the first attraction we noticed from the highway.

Northwind Bangui Bay Project pursued by Bong Bong Marcos started operating in 2005 which supplies 40-70% of Ilocos' power requirement. The twenty windmills are used to generate power with the use of  air, a renewable/alternative power source --huzzah! an effort to nurture mother earth! :) It provides power without the harmful GFCs which cause global warming.

I actually am impressed by the projects of the Marcoses. Here are some that I am aware of: many of the buildings that we still see in Baguio are projects of Imelda; the BLISS Housing Project in Metro Manila was also pursued by her; birth of CCP; construction of LRT; built known specialized medical hospitals such as the Philippine Heart Center, Lung Center of The Philippines, Kidney Institute of the Philippines; and the list goes on. They, indeed, have done a lot in the arena of tourism and beautification of our country. Well, lay aside the issue of diverting public funds for personal gain surmounting these. 

Anyway, I was amazed that these Bangui windmills are really humongous up-close! Imagine, it's 70 meters in height or as high as a 23-story building and each blade measures 41 meters long!
 Finally!! <3
 Strong waves!!
 There are booths selling souvenirs over there! 
 I bought one windmill ref magnet and one pencil holder (the big one in photo)!
This photo is taken at a souvenir area in Saud (costs so much there)! Thank God I wasn't conviced to buy there. 
The one I got in Bangui is in pink but its design is simpler. :) <3
 I find this photo genuine <3
 That's all! :)
Shall share stories and photos from Day 2 next! :)

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  1. Nice pix! When I went there, it was raining that I didn't get to take great pictures of the windmills. Just plain sad.

  2. great photos! you're a great photographer! looks like lots of fun! i gotta visit that place!

    i like this blog! following! hope you follow back sweetie! pinay blogger here!


  3. good morning ms.nina Lacson.. do you have an airg acct.
    coz whoever this person is grabbing all your pics and posing U

  4. good morning ms.nina Lacson.. do you have an airg acct.
    coz whoever this person is grabbing all your pics and posing U

  5. Hi,

    Anong oras kayo nandito sa Bangui?


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