Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

One of the reasons why I wanted to go back to Ilocos Norte is to see Kapurpurawan Rock Formation! After 30 minutes tricycle ride from Cape Bojeador, we reached the drop off point to Kapurpurawan. We hiked for about 15 minutes down a cemented trail leading to a wide field. Its terra firma looks like hardened lava with little holes. There are numerous small bodies of water, bonsai plants, tree trunks, boulders along the trail.  

Will tell you more about Kapurpurawan through pictures and captions. The place rocks!!! --literally and figuratively! ;)
 Sneak peek before anything else
Kapurpurawan Rock Formation from afar! We kept on saying "ang ganda, and ganda" (translation: "very pretty, very pretty") during the entire trek... Imagine our (quadrupled) awe when we finally reached it!! <3
The rock formation is just an amazing parcel of a huge 'mountain'/'hill'/'limestone'/whatever (Hmm.. what is it exactly?)
 3.1 km dust road from main road to Kapurpurawan drop off site
 Along the way
looks like hardened lava with little holes... 
It's so white, hence the name! Kapurpurawan, an Ilocano term from the root word "puraw", means white... :)
I didn't see graffiti or any form of vandalism on the rocks i.e. "X was here". hihi! Good thing tourists are doing their part since we didn't see anyone looking over the place.
Its famous head! Some refer to it as the sphinx! They say that Kapurpurawan's form, and the color may I add, changes over time due to natural conditions. Kapurpurawan may look different a year from now. But the head seems to remain as is... A few changes, perhaps. But the head remains iconic!
I found it hard to go up there! Was the last to reach it and I needed their hands! I can't even stand; I was crawling the whole time! haha!
Somma shot which I really love!
With Gen! We can touch ze sky!
Looks like craters, no!

Huge waves at the sea stretch! Huge waves splashing against the shore!

I had a mini photoshoot! LOL, not really! A friend did multiple shots that's all! :)
Was mega windy!
 I love this roomy bag which I got for so little

We were beyond amazed with this natural wonder!! I won't mind going back! <3
See the other side?
Only in Ilocos, only in the Philippines <3
On our way back

Know more about Kapurpurawan Rock Formation in another light by visiting En Route's blog post! :))

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  1. wow this is amazing!!:) We have something like this in taiwan too, but didn't know we have it here in the Philippines!:D

  2. I had photos of this rock formation too :) Nice blog Atsie

    Miss you


  3. Wow the scenery looks beautiful! Haha I love your "model shoot" photos :D

  4. is this seriously in the philippines? i've lived here all my life and i still have more beautiful spots to discover pala. this is so midland US or australia. beautiful. lucky you got to discover it!

    come visit/follow me?


  5. Those are lovely rock formations!! I can't believe I haven't been able to see that when I went to Ilocos Norte a couple of years ago =(

    I love your dress!

    Lots of love,

  6. This place looks so nice! And you are rocking that dress :)

    So lovely

  7. ohh wow majestic scene! :) the rock formation rocks! Must visit!

  8. Hey just wanna let you know i think your blog is pretty cool. Amazing shots <3 FOLLOWED. keep it up <3 and maybe follow me as well? :)

  9. The place looks amazing!! :) Followed you already. Hope you could check my blog as well!! :) Keep blogging!

  10. Wow. Didn't know a place like this would exist in the Ph! This is really cool. Would really love to visit that place!! :) Following you now! :)


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