Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gluttony and in-betweens

I am in love with Italannis!! Everything is just so delicious!!! I love their balsamic vinaigrette-filled insalata, fettuccine tartufo pasta, Quatro Staggioni pizza, and their panna cotta!!! Ahhh, SO SO SO GOOD! 
Honey with walnuts!
TRIVIA: Did you know that Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods can't stand to eat WALNUTS?! He hates walnuts more than durian! It's the only food that he doesn't really like to eat! He eats everything, yes, but not walnuts!! Totally bizaareeee! hehehe!
 Fresh Fruit Shakes!!! Two of my three faves!
I always order grapes or watermelon shake! I always order grape shake at Cibo! They're so refreshing!! As much as possible, I hate milk / condensed milk / any form of sweetener on my fruit shake... except with Avocado shake (another fave)!! <3 <3

I love Army Navy too since I like my fries and onion rings thinly sliced! I like my food thin a.k.a more flavorful! :)
Onion rings, freedom fries, burito, libertea
They have to lessen the price, though!! If not, make their serving portion fuller, bigger!
BULLY BOY BURGER looks tempting!
Wheat grass entices me... maybe because I feel a sense of cleanliness everytime I see them. I want to have a box pot of it in my table. hehe
Wheat grasssssss!!
I always have a shot whenever some juice kiosk offers this to get a doze of vitamins as promised! This juiced wheat grass at Edsa Central is sweet, though! It really didn't taste like grass! Taste's much more tolerable. Maybe because theirs is fresh/freshly cut? :)
Food taste better with herbs, no? <3 <3
These natural stones would make a good center piece!
 My fave 'garden'/plant and garden needs seller in Seedling Bank / Garden Center! Their shop (ambiance and interior) is really lovely and homey! 
Better if they have a cafe inside! It would really be nice to hang out here and just look at their arrangements and cute details they placed here and there. <3
See the elaphants? ;)

Don Henricos, why do you have to serve sinful buffalo wings?! (What a question!) The ranch sauce is sinful too! Always can't resist this! <3
I fancy lights!

P.S. Thank God it's not raining heavily anymore! I miss Mr. Sunshine!

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