Friday, June 3, 2011

Up North: Cape Bojeador and Tanap Avis

The following day, we went to all the places in Burgos listed in the itinerary. First stop was Cape Bojeador Lighthouse which is declared a National Treasure by the National Museum and is the highest lighthouse in the Philippines. 

As of the moment, the lighthouse (as in the structure itself only) is closed to the public due to some local political matter. The light keeper, on a positive note, was willing to open it for us either early morning or late afternoon since a fellow traveler knew him. We were supposed to go there in the afternoon (not early birds, hihi). We ended up going late morning. Most, if not all, say that the view from the beacon is breathtaking. We had the chance but *we're neither amenable to wake up early nor invigorated to go again after a tiresome day.

 We're going up! Sun's up! :S
..Brief history of Cape Bojeador..
 Red bricks and rusty decorative grill works
I admire old things but it would really be nice to rectify the place so it'll stand longer
Uncle light keeper <3 (beyond thankful for the hospitality!! very kind of you to assist, pamper, baby us. hihihi) ....and red bricks
A fruit from a small tree that grows in Ilocos. This one is pickled/soaked in Ilocos vinegar. You may eat it fresh too. It tastes like sour turnip (singkamas). 

From Cape Bojeador, we rented two tricycles (500php each) that took us to Kapurpurawan Rock Formation and Tanap Avis. We had to choose between Kaangrian falls and Tanap Avis Watershed Forest Reserve. We chose Tanap Avis, as said. Trails to both falls aren't developed unlike the rather paved trail in Kabigan falls.

Prior, we heard rumors that Tanap Avis is currently dried up, but some locals who were in Cape Bojeador said that Tanap Avis is prettier and that the no-water rumors aren't true.

I haven't trekked in a narrow, torturous trail before. An hour trek to Tanap Avis is adventure at its purest! I really had hard time going across narrow bridges. We even traversed through thick roots and hiked boulders! My Havaianas slippers even gave up! I still can't believe that I managed to survive the long shot! Well, thanks to friends who had to walk me through! ;)
 Them. :) Didn't take too much photo of the trek... Was too scared to even bother. haha! Felt like everything was unstable! :(
Passed through a number of these, nevertheless... I didn't have a choice! haha!

We were expecting to see it this way (expectation vs. reality):
EXPECTATION: Photo from here and here
Read awe-inspiring blog post here
PRETTY, yea? Who would want to miss this?! 

REALITY: The falls is super dry!  See, no water streaming from the top.
Yes, there's water in one side but the color is blue green not majestic blue as seen in photos above... Or is it because of lack of water... Hmm..
Disappointed souls. haha! 
It was really hot that we we're really looking forward to bathing in a falls! Fail!

Lesson we learned? Next time, look at the date of the post... And be warned by rumors because they're almost always true!! LOLJK.

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  1. your photos are amazing. love to go back to Ilocos. Maybe pag medyo malaki na si Yllac.

    ay unfair ka girl. nakita moko pero di kita nakita? pag nag end of the wolrd na, pano na? konsensya mo yan huh. next time pls say hi. i will only kill you with hug.

  2. Wow, the place looks awesome <3

  3. it's been a dream of mine to live in an old lighthouse. it's so sad about the falls drying up, somethings gotta be done to preserve our natural resources


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