Wednesday, June 2, 2010

LET IDEAS SPEAK: Maroons and Nina Who?

First of all, I am posting it here this time because I am a fan of reiteration. 

I am a product of the University of the Philippines. For four and a half years of stay, I wasn't able to find the perfect university shirt. A shirt that for me is well thought of. Yea, there were some but not really.

Most of the time, the shirts do no meet my wants in a shirt design, shirt's material and cut, myriad of colors, and what have you. To name some I personally find fault in are shirts being overly-designed, some themes are overly-bragging, the cut, material and fit of the shirt ain't good, and other more something's-off acuity.

As a result, during our class in Contemporary Politics on my last semester, Jessie and I came up with this idea. Actually, it was Jessie’s. He was conversing and thinking with me though in the middle of a report or discussion. It was an immediate yes for me when the idea brewed. 

The idea came from the (Red) shirts of Gap. At first, we tried to think of other words with prefix or suffix red on it other than those offered by Gap. Next thing we knew was the idea of (MAROON)ONG for a UP shirt. I think it would sell well if released and  be made available for UP students. I would get one if ever! I firmly believe it was a great idea. But then again, an idea that is stuck in a creative (ehem), entrepreneurial (ehem), consumerist mind.

The sleeves seem too small but that's the idea sample. Didn't know what font to use and color as well. That's the fullest extent of my editing skills.  

DETERMINING FACTOR: Would you want one?

Next-est we knew, we were playing with my name and thought of Filipino/Tagalog words with (nina) on them. We came up with few words. Words which sounded too narcissistic and too proud. In dismay, those narcissistic words were the only ones we came up with. There was this phrase as well, but am  getting goosebumps to even make a sample output. A phrase stating '(Nina)kaw mo ang puso ko', how funnily pathetic was that. But there. 

Thinking about this line of Nina-themed shirts, I would have to label it as Nina Who? because who would care anyway. Well, except for those I have the same name with, maybe... or not. 

I used a somehow hard-to-decipher-what's-written font since the words give me the creeps, but still it was an idea. Too in awe of thy self it seems, yea haha. This is an idea that will remain just that for sure. 



  1. Kinda like the (Maroon)ong line. I thought it was a swell idea! Kinda bragging but really subtle? Reminds me of EC's sUPreme being though (xcept that one's a tad too bragging for my taste haha)Funny I never had UP shirt myself too.

  2. Kulet nung (Maroon)ong shirt hehe!

    Thanks for following back Nina! I'll have another giveaway before June ends~

    Lee []

  3. this is guhreat!!! (maroon)ong
    cool! -chea

  4. Neens. Naalala ko to. Hahahha

  5. Hahaha! Why not Nina? Love the idea. (Maroon)ong is cool. I too am a product of the state university. xoxo


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