Friday, June 4, 2010

Make it a point to see a movie: I totaled three this week

I don't read books; I've tried by starting to read a page or two but I can't stand it. Then comes another book and I just end up sulking the same cycle. On one end, if you're not in the same school and course I was into, you must know that I've read lots of readings and articles my whole college life but that's just it, plainly academic. I can only stand essays, short stories(yeah, those short stories which are actually long ones), speeches, and objective articles of interests.

As to compensate, I watch great number of movies. Well, that would be my excuse for not reading books. On second thought, putting aside my animosity towards reading, I love movies for no reason and for no compensation factor at all. I figured, the two are of different entities, personally --mutually exclusive more like. 

PLEASE EXCUSE THE SEEMINGLY GET-TO-KNOW TAUNT: I watched two movies of good stuff this week. Two movies that you might excuse yourself from or you might watch out of  just-because reasons. But I must say, their covers, titles and the actors even are no match from its good plot and total execution.

The third one is showing in cinemas but I find it as just an ok one but might as well quote a conversation I found interestingly weird and in season for my blog.

(1) Everybody's Fine (2009)
Starting with the basic, Everybody's Fine is a remake of Guiseppe Tornatore's 1990 film Stanno Tutti Bene. The story started and circled with Frank Goode's sojourn to visit each of his children across the state. It is a story about a dad's relationship towards his kids and the simple want to gather and spend time with them in one table.

Before you ditch the usual plot, it is a really good film about reality. I found the context and metaphors used in the film really artistically done --from Frank Goode's job down to the title of the movie itself. It's like the writers chose the figurative words and phrases carefully and played well with the cinema shots to depict and to derive at a senseful point.

Towards the end of the film, indeed, it's just a matter of seeing and knowing that everybody's fine and happy deducing career achievements and each wrong turns in life.

Now, everytime I see those PVC-coated wires I am reminded of this heart-warming film.

I SAY: I say higher! 

IF EVERYBODY'S FINE WAS IN RUNWAY: Since those PVC-coated wires remind me of the film, I was also reminded of Kermit Tesoro's and Leeroy New's Philippine Fashion Week 2010 collection of industrial-inspired set (personal thought and output when I saw the collection)...

in style, the Everybody's Fine way
pictures from

(2) Bandslam (2009)
Bandslam stars Alyson Michalka (HOT!), Vanessa Hudgens, and Gaelan Connell whom reminds me of Patrick Fugit, by the way. The story revolves around two people sharing their enthusiasm for music by forming and cultivating a legit band. On the other side, a boy and a girl finding love in the person of each other.

Again, before you ditch this one with its teeny bopper stars, it actually is a pretty cool film. So please call me Ni7na, that's silent 7. Something weird suddenly inserted, I guess you'll understand me after seeing it.

It is a film which hails underdogs who have minds and worlds of their own BUT eventually find their limelight for unraveling their closeted skills. Something to look forward, David Bowie made a special appearance in this film.

Despite its pop vibe and plot, I managed to see a touch of indie-ness in it, I guess.  

I SAY: Surprisingly really high

IF BANDSLAM WAS AN ACCESSORY: It would be of cuture-ish rings and boots! Alyson Michalka wore boots almost the entire roll; Vanessa too, I think...
from here; I just want one so I posted this, haha
 since it is more like a cool pop+indie-ish film, I think this one is more appropriate as its style
male boots though I think. Nonetheless, that's the idea

(3) Shrek 4 (2010)
Shrek 4 is the one I'm pertaining to as just an ok one. But a conversation between donkey and puss-in-boots struck me which is "in season" for my blog referring to my previous prefixing-a-word-in-a-word post.

SO, Donkey and Puss were talking:

Donkey: You're a (CAT)astrophe
Puss: and you're... re(DONKEY)lous
Both: *laughed*

At times, no matter how bad or poor a movie rates for you, you'll still find something cute, funny, and nice; or make you learn a thing or two; or get an idea from it like my case after seeing Julie and Julia and According to Greta as stated here. So, watch any movie and make the mind wonder and well, wander.

 fatty puss-in-boots but really adorable!

I SAY: Everybody's Fine is way better!

IF SHREK WAS A CLOTHING LINE: I would have to choose Popomomo -its post-postmodern movement.
think green


  1. What a very creative way to review movies using fashion as a basis. I haven't seen all those movies, not even Shrek. I know, I'm so ancient. Hahaha!

    PS... my sister is having a boy based on the ultrasound. :-)

  2. 1] I want to see Bandslam.
    2] The Hello There ring is LOVE! I want one!
    3] Puss in boots is adorable, fat or not :D

    Btw, there's this 8 Questions game and I tagged you! Please check out my blog when you have time.. :)

    Lee {}

  3. i love to hello there ring~
    so coool


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