Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What movies could do

When I want to connote something in the most creative way, I simply doodle. I remember that after all the writings in my daily devotion came doodles. It makes me feel like I'm in a cartoon world that you could simply make cute doodles despite the stench occurrences --a sad face could still look cute and by looking at it is this feeling of it-wasn't-that-bad-after-all.

Today, I saw According to Greta starring Hilary Duff and I was inspired to get a notebook and go doodley about my daily whuts. It made me decide to hit the mall and get a notebook that I could label mine.

After seeing it, I watched Julie and Julia which inspired me to blog. Nothing new, though. I am a big fan of blogs and subscribed to every blogging site that I know, LOL. I guess I want to start anew --to get away from my blog sites with my name as my ID which is very vulgar and filled with emotional-laden stuff.

Movies are of huge part in my life. Sadly, I do not remember every detail in them. I cannot name all of them even. Worst, I don't remember if I saw a movie already or not by its title alone. It might ring a bell, but I have to deeply remember. Bottom line, they definitely make me feel good about life and what could be out for me. I sure feel good and wander within realms I create every time I see a good one. There's, indeed, more to life.

Well, this is me saying HELLO! Hello to my rather informative thoughts and BIG hello to honeysuckle days! :)

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  1. wow, what a realization
    love this blog, really....
    i only read Very Good Blogs...
    so this one is one of them......


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