Friday, April 30, 2010

'coz BOYS wanna dress up too

Nothing still beats the thrill I had during the time I got hooked on The OC. Mainly because I follow Seth Cohen and Summer Robert's cute story. :') Since then, I became a fan of Adam Brody. I am pointing this out because someone reminds me of Seth Cohen/Adam Brody's "hollywood" style as he calls THE look. LOL.

The look: Plain shirt + jeans + sneakers + a coffee/soda on one hand (haha). Holding food can be a good accessory in paparazzi shots. ;-p Wearing sunglasses can make you look A-ok too since you don't have to express your eyes much and look odd under the sun. #diba
 Plain blue shirt, Vans sneakers, Odd Fit katsa messanger bag, and sunglasses
Plain shirt still, but, in Maroon this time 

Most of the time, we do not pay attention to what guys wear. Guys don't usually wear a bag, if they do, they'll settle on back pack or that shoe bag which is odd (well, at least for me). But this canvas bag is perfect, not lessening one's masculinity.

This bag is from Odd Fit, a local brand which he personally makes and distributes. Personally, I would like to have one and make it like Lindsay Lohan's bag in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen with lots of button pins, badges and even make doodles on it. ;-p
You can also wear your pride which is stylish nowadays. He is wearing a Yabang Pinoy braided abaca bracelet as an accessory.

LASTLY, having facial hair is SEXY and VERY MASCULINE! LOL! ;-p


SEE, boys can be stylish yet functional too! 

FEATURED: Finney Santos

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I wore MARA HOFFMAN for graduation

First of all, finally, I am a legit graduate!

Remember that post I told you about regarding the thrift find designer dress that I'm thinking to wear for graduation! Refer to this link. I did wear it!

WHY I DECIDED TO GO FOR IT: With the hot summer weather, I needed something that is stylish yet really comfy! I love bat-winged dresses and blouse and so this found dress is perfect for the look I want to achieve! Moreso, I really love the sweetheart-ish neckline!

The dress I have is in size M (medium), though, but the heck. I wore it with a vintage gold and black belt because gold is always the way to go to make anything sophisticated.

sorry for the chalk-like tint... Coz the black part is velvet :)
see: size Medium! Small or even extra small would've been better for my small bust! ;)
how I wore it all-in-all
To complete the attire, I wore a peep toe 2-inch heeled shoes I got from Steve Madden, super comfy that I managed to run in them since my friend and I had to run meters because we were already late! Thank God I did not flunk! 

Personally, good comfy pair of shoes are great investment. I would not mind spend much, just so I could walk in them for hours. Add to that is the fact that I really am having hard time to look for perfect pairs 'coz my feet are OA not equal in length. An inch difference, would you believe!  
THERE WAS A SUGGESTION, THOUGH: To move the belt and use the middle part instead --without the buckle being seen. The suggestion was also great. But I didn't have the time to do it anymore! :\
that part, it's in a pattern
I ENDED UP LOOKING THIS WAY (I don't have pre-graduation march photos which sucks, so the quality of my photos in dress ain't good and I look haggard already from hours of sitting, standing, and waiting, in general): 

My tummy looked big since the belt isn't in place anymore, plus the pattern of the dress created the illusion. I just want to point out that my tummy isn't that big! See what I told you, a smaller size could have been better because the bust area isn't suited for my bust size! Nonetheless, I'm happy in it! 

Pardon the whole body pic, that's the only photo I have!   


Sunday, April 18, 2010

H&M nailed it once again

I always find blazers fashionable. It can turn a plain white or black tee stand out. A great designed and fitting blazer is a MUST HAVE on one's wardrobe. It can go a long way to achieve a chic ragged to semi-formal to formal look. 

Just now, I was browsing blogs from bloggers that I follow and looks from and, and I found one great find they all possess. At first glance, I thought it's a Valentino jacket, though, yea? It came to me as a shock and I was really in awe when I knew that it is actually from H&M included in The H&M Garden Collection. Beyond doubt, H&M never fails to make me want to be in their store.

Other stuff from the Garden Collection (which reminded me of
Moreso, if you want product preview from H&M's Garden Collection, click here...

And because ordinarily extraordinary people (ah, what?) wearing great clothes and matches apparels well greatly inspire me. Here are some photos from two great fashion bloggers and two fashionistas from and who played the blazer/jacket well (credits and link below each photo):

    RAEZ of CHEAP THRILLS -exact link post here
Anjelica Lorenz of Mode Junkie -exact post here
Vanessa from 
IRIS from Netherlands of

Ay yay ay, great, yea? H&M please have a store here! 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

PERFECT FLATS: Capri by Anthology Event

Recently, I purchased this pair for 2,895 pesos at Analog Soul in Trinoma. This pair is by Anthology EVENT, which is Marikina made but the upper leather, sole leather, and materials are imported from Italy (not that I'm gaga for imported made products, just so we all know). I think the inner fabric is made of pig skin, though (or not). Anyhoo, they claim that their shoes are all about all-day comfort and I couldn't agree more! 

 The box and the logo, Anthology Event

Whenever I wear newly bought footwear, I suffer for two days or so until the time that it finally fits and adjusts to my feet perfectly and comfortably. But with this Anthology event flats, my feet did not hurt at all. It did but after a whole day of walk which is the normal type of sore you get even when wearing slippers. It fits your feet perfectly too since its garterized. Your feet neither look too big nor too small.

Thinking that you think like I do, I'm kind of hesitant to try them on since it kind of looks like one of those Tory Burch wanna be. But after trying them on, I said: Oh ok, this is by Anthology. Nothing more, nothing less, just real and fashionable comfort shoes.

That pair is named Capri, stock # is 8333. It also comes in Stabillo Red Orange (though it's labeled red in their catalog) which my friend bought. It also is available in other color but Analog Soul only has those two colors at that time. I guess we're already that late. They also have other flats but other designs that I tried on are somewhat hurtful. 

You may see a lot of garterized flats which looks somehow like it at different shoe stores. But unless you try this one on, you'll never know the difference. My mom always fit those garterized flats and nothing meets the comfort she's looking for. And when I tried this one on, I knew that they're meant to comfort my feet. The price is really worth it. I'm using it for three days straight without foot sore. AMAZING! 

I can say that this is one of my good finds! I heard that they're running out of stocks! Hurry and feel the comfort personally! :)

You may also find Anthology at The Ramp outlets at Glorietta, Shangri-La, The Podium, and Quezon Avenue; Chocolate Clothing Co. stores at Trinoma and Ayala Cebu; Trilogy Boutique in Makati; Athem at Greenbelt 5, Powerplant, and Shangri-La; and where I got mine, Analog Soul in Trinoma.

  When worn

Visit this site to know more about this Capri flats Anthology Events Shoes and to know more about their line. You may also visit them in Multiply and purchase here: Anthology at

How about you, what's your favorite pair?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Today's favorite find: CLIPA, The Purse Hanger

Watch this video clip and I'm sure you'll also want to have a "CLIPA" which is a purse hanger or purse hook that keeps your purse off the ground. What's good about it is you'll simply clip it to your handbag strap, leave it there and it's good to go or ready to be used anytime. No need to bring it everyday inside your messy bag and search for it whenever you need its use which is my problem in most times. There is that worry that it will be useless since you'll have to install a thing from time-to-time.

For bangles or accessories enthusiast, Clipa can also be used as a bangle. See, utility and style combined. :)

Watch this video to know more about Clipa and see what I mean...

I've heard that it's now available at Rustan Stores in Shangri-La, Makati, Alabang and Gateway or you may visit

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thrift finds are treasure finds

It has never been a secret that I shop a lot in thrift shops especially in Cubao, Laguna (since I had my college at the University of the Philippines, Los Banos), and Anonas (new found love, actually).

It all started in Baguio when I was in elementary or approaching high school, but since I'm the t-shirt ONLY girl, I looked for nice shirts only, some I still have with me and used to wear a lot during my freshman days in college.

Few weeks ago, I found a dress in Anonas. It is from the first thrift shop that you'll see on your way out of Anonas LRT station. A lady was holding it when I saw it. My heart jumped the moment I saw the dress. Good thing, she did not get it. I immediately took hold of the dress which cost me so little. Then, I searched it on the internet. It's a Mara Hoffman dress which is included in her Spring 2008 collection, which originally costs 400 frigging US dollars. I couldn't hide my excitement anymore when I knew about that and told my friends immediately and gave them the link.

That's the exact dress! The dress I have is a size M (medium), though. I'll be wearing that for graduation, I think.

OH! I need my sophomore figure back! 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I want that pink one. Oh no, there's black!

Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of colors. I admire individuals who wear so much color especially those loud and glow-in-the-dark ones. On one end, I think I can't pull it off. And so I end up getting the blacks of every top. Despite my sick sounding in black, I think no one can't go wrong in black, whether tops, shoes, bags, and other accessories. One will instantly look elegant with just a little dab of color.

We spent holy week in Manila, we never are used to this practice but since my dad can't travel, we opted for an OA near location. Subic was an option too, but we chose shopping. Closed malls and establishments welcomed us which totally sucks. Lesson learned which I would like to share with you guys as a warning: NEVER ever go in NCR for holy week.

Everyone is heading north and we went on middle 
@ our hotel, Holiday Inn Galleria, we should have stayed in Shang or Sofitel

I spent Thursday night in Cubao and went to Greenbelt and was in awe when I saw that it was that alive with all the lights and people unlike in Ortigas where you can literally lay on street. I told my parents about it. since I am dying to go out. I checked, prior, if Pho hoa's gonna be open on a Good Friday and luckily, they'll operate.   

I love Vietnamese food because I love noodles, spring rolls, and veggies or is it because we were raised to be healthy. I don't think I am now because I eat too much pork fat and meat whenever I'm not with them.

Pho hoa is one of the best Vietnamese restaurant here. I love the concoction that comes with every dish and I love any dish with basil! The vegetarian rolls with peanut sauce, som tam salad (green papaya salad), viands of noodles are favorites. As for dessert, I love their rendition of mango crepe. It never fails to satisfy my delicate dessert craving.

In accordance to this entry's title, I wore the usual black that day, a plain shirt I got from MNG. I went back to purchase the white one for a project I have in mind. Too bad they don't have it in my size anymore. All that's left were big sizes.

I completed my attire with tattered jeans I bought from a store in Trinoma, I forgot the name sorry. And brought my mustard fringed bag I got from San Pablo, Laguna which is perfectly spacious since I was assigned to bring the big camera.
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