Sunday, April 11, 2010

I want that pink one. Oh no, there's black!

Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of colors. I admire individuals who wear so much color especially those loud and glow-in-the-dark ones. On one end, I think I can't pull it off. And so I end up getting the blacks of every top. Despite my sick sounding in black, I think no one can't go wrong in black, whether tops, shoes, bags, and other accessories. One will instantly look elegant with just a little dab of color.

We spent holy week in Manila, we never are used to this practice but since my dad can't travel, we opted for an OA near location. Subic was an option too, but we chose shopping. Closed malls and establishments welcomed us which totally sucks. Lesson learned which I would like to share with you guys as a warning: NEVER ever go in NCR for holy week.

Everyone is heading north and we went on middle 
@ our hotel, Holiday Inn Galleria, we should have stayed in Shang or Sofitel

I spent Thursday night in Cubao and went to Greenbelt and was in awe when I saw that it was that alive with all the lights and people unlike in Ortigas where you can literally lay on street. I told my parents about it. since I am dying to go out. I checked, prior, if Pho hoa's gonna be open on a Good Friday and luckily, they'll operate.   

I love Vietnamese food because I love noodles, spring rolls, and veggies or is it because we were raised to be healthy. I don't think I am now because I eat too much pork fat and meat whenever I'm not with them.

Pho hoa is one of the best Vietnamese restaurant here. I love the concoction that comes with every dish and I love any dish with basil! The vegetarian rolls with peanut sauce, som tam salad (green papaya salad), viands of noodles are favorites. As for dessert, I love their rendition of mango crepe. It never fails to satisfy my delicate dessert craving.

In accordance to this entry's title, I wore the usual black that day, a plain shirt I got from MNG. I went back to purchase the white one for a project I have in mind. Too bad they don't have it in my size anymore. All that's left were big sizes.

I completed my attire with tattered jeans I bought from a store in Trinoma, I forgot the name sorry. And brought my mustard fringed bag I got from San Pablo, Laguna which is perfectly spacious since I was assigned to bring the big camera.

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