Friday, April 16, 2010

Today's favorite find: CLIPA, The Purse Hanger

Watch this video clip and I'm sure you'll also want to have a "CLIPA" which is a purse hanger or purse hook that keeps your purse off the ground. What's good about it is you'll simply clip it to your handbag strap, leave it there and it's good to go or ready to be used anytime. No need to bring it everyday inside your messy bag and search for it whenever you need its use which is my problem in most times. There is that worry that it will be useless since you'll have to install a thing from time-to-time.

For bangles or accessories enthusiast, Clipa can also be used as a bangle. See, utility and style combined. :)

Watch this video to know more about Clipa and see what I mean...

I've heard that it's now available at Rustan Stores in Shangri-La, Makati, Alabang and Gateway or you may visit


  1. Nice! Love it! Okay yan especially pag nasa cr sa elbi. Wala kasing hooks eh. :))

  2. oo nga eh... At times, I place my bag sa floor. Totally, germ-y! But, I have no choice esp. pag wiwing-wiwi na. hee! But with this, mukhang perfect for those moments! haha! Again, sign up on blogger, Karel!!! haha!


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