Friday, April 30, 2010

'coz BOYS wanna dress up too

Nothing still beats the thrill I had during the time I got hooked on The OC. Mainly because I follow Seth Cohen and Summer Robert's cute story. :') Since then, I became a fan of Adam Brody. I am pointing this out because someone reminds me of Seth Cohen/Adam Brody's "hollywood" style as he calls THE look. LOL.

The look: Plain shirt + jeans + sneakers + a coffee/soda on one hand (haha). Holding food can be a good accessory in paparazzi shots. ;-p Wearing sunglasses can make you look A-ok too since you don't have to express your eyes much and look odd under the sun. #diba
 Plain blue shirt, Vans sneakers, Odd Fit katsa messanger bag, and sunglasses
Plain shirt still, but, in Maroon this time 

Most of the time, we do not pay attention to what guys wear. Guys don't usually wear a bag, if they do, they'll settle on back pack or that shoe bag which is odd (well, at least for me). But this canvas bag is perfect, not lessening one's masculinity.

This bag is from Odd Fit, a local brand which he personally makes and distributes. Personally, I would like to have one and make it like Lindsay Lohan's bag in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen with lots of button pins, badges and even make doodles on it. ;-p
You can also wear your pride which is stylish nowadays. He is wearing a Yabang Pinoy braided abaca bracelet as an accessory.

LASTLY, having facial hair is SEXY and VERY MASCULINE! LOL! ;-p


SEE, boys can be stylish yet functional too! 

FEATURED: Finney Santos


  1. sure i'd love to follow you! =D
    adam brody is such a cutie!!

  2. OH, Hi Alyssa! Yey, I'm following you too now!
    HE SUPER IS!!! ;)

  3. "LASTLY, having facial hair is SEXY and VERY MASCULINE! (haha)"

    -sexxxxy..go teh(fin)!


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