Saturday, June 26, 2010


Just so you know, I've been going to-and-fro Manila and Pampanga for the past few weeks to score a great job. I'm down with two choices which is good.  The one I prefer is still on the bench  though since I just went through the second process two days ago. Hopefully, they will give me a call by early next week.

Not focusing much on my unsure personal endeavors which might jinx it but I started with it anyway since I am almost always a blabbermouth blogger type, I scribbled and pop edited my photo.


Since I have no precise thought for this post, I will just go through my plans these past few weeks despite my solely for impassive thoughts claim.

I am an impulsive and quantity-over-quality buyer. I invest on little things so long as I get ample stuff out of my money. But as I am finally entering the labor force, I am planning to invest on great items not minding the price. Thus, cultivate my patience to save for it. Even if I'd have to wear blinders or winkers just so I can focus and not put my money into small items yet again as I pass through the mall and kiosks, figuratively speaking. 

images from

(1) BRAND NEW DESIGNER BAG: I want a tote bag for everyday use. I will be selling my ragged clothes, accessories and bags tomorrow. I want to invest on a Louis Vuitton bag --the Neverfull Damier / Monogram MM.

Mom wouldn't let me have or even lend hers because I am not careful with things! A Longchamp bag is also of my choice and is the safest bet. I also want the Prada Antic Cervo OR the Gauffre Satchel Tote OR Prada's Fringed Tote OR the one I'm eyeing in their Greenbelt store which costs 110 freaking thousand pesos. On my list also is the Miu Miu Vitello Lux Satchel in allumino. Basically, I am leaning on a classic piece for my first must-have.

(2) DRESSES: One can never go wrong in a dress for work or even an event. It's an over-all piece which will enable you to save time and save yourself from headache of matching a top and a bottom. I need not say more.

(3) PLANNER: I need a planner that is simple yet chic.  It's time I strive for excellence in whatever I do. Seemingly simple thought but could somehow solve my dilemma of tardiness and forgetfulness which oftentimes are the culprit of a bigger problem.

(4) JOURNAL: It's time I take account every detail of my future trip. Mind you, you can never remember the details. It is really helpful that one has a journal discussing in detail, as much as possible, everything. Now that my friends and I are planning to go out-of-town, I've realized how it is important to do so. I can't relay information about our past visits since I already forgot about the simplest yet frequently asked questions about a tour and about a place.

(5) ZECHARIAH 4:6 : I should always bear in mind to give thanks in all things. It has always been my spiritual and one of my numerous life mantra that it is not by my might nor by my own strength but by the Spirit of God alone. During UPCAT, my verse is in Psalms. Same thought as this. 

I am way way enthusiastic to see and marvel on what God is about to do in my life and give in the coming days. Indeed, I am favored! 

TO END, let me share with you my Photo of the Day:

P.S. To my new followers, thanks! Followed all of you back which I always do. Thanks for the sweet comments on my previous posts. And I shall visit your blog tomorrow to leave comment(s) as well. Always, always give back.

PLUGGING: I want to see Swan Lake beginning to stage on July 1 at the CCP Main Theater. Hope I score the tickets; details HERE...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

SELLING MYSELF: A recapitulation. OMG, I landed on the newspaper!!

With the luxury of time, I decided to be present in whatever shindig as much as possible. Out of sheer favor, little things are delivered for me and seemingly small things keep on coming --that out of the many participants, I had the share of limelight.

It all started with that Wowowee thing, everybody kept on folding one after the other. I remained standing without exerting too much effort. And since I'm almost always the monotonous type, I sucked in coming up with a spunky line which is the worst 10-second of it. Thanks to Tita Patrice and Ashley and well, Ben for the privilege.

Then, Clavel Sneaker Magazine sent me the May Clavel Swag Pack (Galactic Riot shirt and a complimentary copy of Ms. Clavel Sneaker Magazine 2010-Two) just by tweeting that Galactic Riot is Better than Vader on Crack. My brother used the shirt first though. For information, Clavel Sneaker Magazine is giving away 1000 worth of gift certificates from Human and a NIXTAPE 2010 by the end of June to five winners; how to win this swag pack click here

Lastly, I'll have something Sheena Sy some time soon. I'm still waiting for the package. 
My brother wearing the Galactic shirt; the May and June Clavel Swag Pack; Me in Wowowee with Melai of PBB and Pokwang and fellow contestants

May 29, 2010: My friends and I saw Michelle Lim's, Dimple Lim's and Alex Piglao's Holiday collection during Philippine Fashion Week. I thought that was just it. I was just after the free exciting experience. Not until I was spotted by and asked for a photo. I immediately said yes without any question and without a tad of hesitation --eager to see myself on their website. In my mind was the thought that I'll land in Stylebible. Thanks to Troii and Ken for the tickets.

Just yesterday, without any clue, someone told me in that I got featured in Philippine Star's SUPREME section this time. I thought it was just a prank notice, nonetheless, I was eager to validate the information. I visited Philstar's website to check and saw an article with my name on it. Being an eager beaver to such, I went to buy a newspaper and was really glad to see myself. What a grand consolation to be part of it with people I adore and follow in different sites. I'm in the middle of Jenni Epperson and Preview's EIC Pauline Juan. More so, the article is written by Preview's Associate Fashion Editor and well, writer for SUPREME's STEALTH AND STALK column Ms. Daryl Chang (my girl crush!! haha). 

[1] Carla Abellana, [2] Carla Lazo, [4] Liz Uy, [5] Preview's Cit-Cit Sioson, [6] deathbyplatforms' Kookie Buhain, [7] Lissa Kahayon , [8] Isha Andaya, [9] Preview's Eloise Alba, [10] Jenni Epperson, [11] OMG! Me, [12] Preview's EIC Pauline Juan... Lots of Summit Media / Preview people!!

COMPARING MY PHOTO WITH THE REST: I wondered, of all featured in Stylebible how come she chose mine? 

My auntie commented that I really have thin legs. My brother pointed out I have big face and it looked odd. My cousin said that of all poses why did I pose that way. Ok, you guise, thanks for the compliment. haha! Putting aside the sarcasm and the pessimism, I got featured which made me glad and well, shocked. My heart  even melted with those surreal words. After reading it a couple of times, I realized how inappropriate and clashing my choices were for my ensemble. Thus, it made an impression. 

FOR THOSE WHO WERE ASKING: You can read the full article HEREDaryl Chang wrote...

"For the favor of God will be upon you all the days of your life."

P.S. I'm finally rooting for a particular job! Your prayers would be of great help. :) Finally, something I want!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

15th FRENCH FILM FESTIVAL: Claire's Knee (Le Genou de Claire)

I watched Claire's Knee (Le Genou de Claire) yesterday. It is one of the French films featured in the 15th French Film Festival at Shangri-La Cineplex 4. It is a 1970 film directed by the late Eric Rohmer and is the 5th film in his series of Six Moral Tales. 

It's a story about an engaged man spending his last holiday as a bachelor who develops a peculiar obsession over a young woman's knee whilst her half-sister flirts with him. Trailer here

Personally, I was reminded of my Psychology classes while watching it due to the fixation, fetishism, obsession that the lead character has towards the knee of a young woman. There's this gluttonous insatiable want to caress Claire's knee --a subconscious fight between a man's belief and his desire, thus, he tries to rationalize such. 

As much as it grossly sound, I found myself in loathe towards the lead character --towards middle-aged men obsessing and lusting young girls. And if I may say, a man flirting with almost every character. Putting aside this hostility and my cultural and conservative nature, the seemingly flirtatious acts might be socially acceptable in their culture. Thinking also that that might be the reason why the ladies didn't display any objection towards the volatile gestures; I might as well use my sociological learnings; this a French film anyway.

Consequently, a friend I watched it with argued that it is leaning more on poetry, well, maybe because of the lines and conversations. But I doubt so, most French films display such.

DID I LIKE IT: It made me think about those things which is good. Plus, it's artistically done. By that I  mean, it tried to deviate from the usual movie plot and cinematography yet it's well executed. The movie went his own way to depict lives of most men and thoughts most have. Yet again, of simple thoughts and few  connotative objects to relay a much bigger thought. Seeking credible critiques, it won the Prix Louis Delluc, Prix Méliès, and the top award at the San Sebastian Film Festival and it got a 94% rating in Rotten Tomatoes' Tomatometer. 

In contrast to those reviews and acclamation, I found myself wanting to scream inside the movie house out of urge to fast forward the boring transition. I wanted to sleep but the slow-paced nature of the film wanted me to see more, made me curious how it will end (slow-paced which most French film are, by the way, well, most films I've seen; most out of only a few though, haha). 
Thus, I wouldn't want to be the three guys who went out in the middle of the film because they got bored with it. One of them even complained, jabbered out loud  looking at the viewers behind him while doing so. I guess he wanted everyone or some to walk out and ditch the film --how disturbing and disrespectful! It's a free pass anyway.

CLAIRE'S REALLY PRETTY, HER STYLE DOUBLY SO: I love her style of mini dress with few accessories and her shirt-and-bikini-undies look. Laura too for her high-waist shorts and humongous short curly hair. Claire's mom style is nice too and is more sophisticated. Straw hats are worn by almost everyone which made me want to head on a calm breezy vacation.  
That's Laura in the bottom; Claire's style is nice, yea? still appropriate and stylish in our times

 15th French Film Fetsival and Claire's Knee
12 p.m. - Les Bureaux de Dieu
3 p.m. - La Graine et le Mulet
6 p.m. - La Fille du RER
9 p.m. - L’Heure d’ete’

12 p.m. - L’immortel
3 p.m. - Welcome
6 p.m. - Le Premier Venu
9 p.m. - L’Amour c’est mieux a deux

12 p.m. - La Fille du RER
3 p.m. - L’Heure d’été
6 p.m. - Le Beau Mariage
9 p.m. - Le Genou De Claire

6 p.m. - L’immortel
9 p.m. - Lola

12 p.m. - L’Heure d’ete’
3 p.m. - L’immortel
6 p.m. - Les Bureaux de Dieu
9 p.m. - La Graine et le Mulet


I DON'T SPEAK FRENCH (so might as well post the English titles as well):
June 9, Wednesday
12 p.m. - God’s Offices
3 p.m. - Secret of the Grain
6 p.m. - The Girl on the Train
9 p.m. - Summer Hours

June 10, Thursday
12 p.m. - 22 Bullets
3 p.m. - Welcome
6 p.m. - Just Anybody
9 p.m. - The Perfect Date

June 11, Friday
12 p.m. - The Girl on the Train
3 p.m. - Summer Hours
6 p.m. - Good Marriage
9 p.m. - Secret of the Grain

June 12, Saturday
12 p.m. - Just Anybody
3 p.m. - Claire’s Knee
6 p.m. - 22 Bullets
9 p.m. - Lola

June 13, Sunday
12 p.m. - Summer Hours
3 p.m. - 22 Bullets
6 p.m. - God’s Offices
9 p.m. - Secret of the Grain


PROMO PERIOD: June 3 to 20, 2010
June 3-13 in Shangri-la Cineplex 4, EDSA cor. Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City
June 15-19 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (A retrospective of classic films of Eric Rohmer; in honor of the late filmmaker who passed away early this year)
June 18-20 in Ayala Center Cebu 
June 22-24 A selection of films will be shown at the UP Film Institute for the film and mass communication students, followed by discussions with film professors. HERE

P.S. I want to see Brillante Medoza's Lola and the L'immortel (22 bullets)! Have you seen the two? Any good? I'll be back on Saturday. Good thing the two are scheduled for viewing. 

Friday, June 4, 2010

Make it a point to see a movie: I totaled three this week

I don't read books; I've tried by starting to read a page or two but I can't stand it. Then comes another book and I just end up sulking the same cycle. On one end, if you're not in the same school and course I was into, you must know that I've read lots of readings and articles my whole college life but that's just it, plainly academic. I can only stand essays, short stories(yeah, those short stories which are actually long ones), speeches, and objective articles of interests.

As to compensate, I watch great number of movies. Well, that would be my excuse for not reading books. On second thought, putting aside my animosity towards reading, I love movies for no reason and for no compensation factor at all. I figured, the two are of different entities, personally --mutually exclusive more like. 

PLEASE EXCUSE THE SEEMINGLY GET-TO-KNOW TAUNT: I watched two movies of good stuff this week. Two movies that you might excuse yourself from or you might watch out of  just-because reasons. But I must say, their covers, titles and the actors even are no match from its good plot and total execution.

The third one is showing in cinemas but I find it as just an ok one but might as well quote a conversation I found interestingly weird and in season for my blog.

(1) Everybody's Fine (2009)
Starting with the basic, Everybody's Fine is a remake of Guiseppe Tornatore's 1990 film Stanno Tutti Bene. The story started and circled with Frank Goode's sojourn to visit each of his children across the state. It is a story about a dad's relationship towards his kids and the simple want to gather and spend time with them in one table.

Before you ditch the usual plot, it is a really good film about reality. I found the context and metaphors used in the film really artistically done --from Frank Goode's job down to the title of the movie itself. It's like the writers chose the figurative words and phrases carefully and played well with the cinema shots to depict and to derive at a senseful point.

Towards the end of the film, indeed, it's just a matter of seeing and knowing that everybody's fine and happy deducing career achievements and each wrong turns in life.

Now, everytime I see those PVC-coated wires I am reminded of this heart-warming film.

I SAY: I say higher! 

IF EVERYBODY'S FINE WAS IN RUNWAY: Since those PVC-coated wires remind me of the film, I was also reminded of Kermit Tesoro's and Leeroy New's Philippine Fashion Week 2010 collection of industrial-inspired set (personal thought and output when I saw the collection)...

in style, the Everybody's Fine way
pictures from

(2) Bandslam (2009)
Bandslam stars Alyson Michalka (HOT!), Vanessa Hudgens, and Gaelan Connell whom reminds me of Patrick Fugit, by the way. The story revolves around two people sharing their enthusiasm for music by forming and cultivating a legit band. On the other side, a boy and a girl finding love in the person of each other.

Again, before you ditch this one with its teeny bopper stars, it actually is a pretty cool film. So please call me Ni7na, that's silent 7. Something weird suddenly inserted, I guess you'll understand me after seeing it.

It is a film which hails underdogs who have minds and worlds of their own BUT eventually find their limelight for unraveling their closeted skills. Something to look forward, David Bowie made a special appearance in this film.

Despite its pop vibe and plot, I managed to see a touch of indie-ness in it, I guess.  

I SAY: Surprisingly really high

IF BANDSLAM WAS AN ACCESSORY: It would be of cuture-ish rings and boots! Alyson Michalka wore boots almost the entire roll; Vanessa too, I think...
from here; I just want one so I posted this, haha
 since it is more like a cool pop+indie-ish film, I think this one is more appropriate as its style
male boots though I think. Nonetheless, that's the idea

(3) Shrek 4 (2010)
Shrek 4 is the one I'm pertaining to as just an ok one. But a conversation between donkey and puss-in-boots struck me which is "in season" for my blog referring to my previous prefixing-a-word-in-a-word post.

SO, Donkey and Puss were talking:

Donkey: You're a (CAT)astrophe
Puss: and you're... re(DONKEY)lous
Both: *laughed*

At times, no matter how bad or poor a movie rates for you, you'll still find something cute, funny, and nice; or make you learn a thing or two; or get an idea from it like my case after seeing Julie and Julia and According to Greta as stated here. So, watch any movie and make the mind wonder and well, wander.

 fatty puss-in-boots but really adorable!

I SAY: Everybody's Fine is way better!

IF SHREK WAS A CLOTHING LINE: I would have to choose Popomomo -its post-postmodern movement.
think green

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

LET IDEAS SPEAK: Maroons and Nina Who?

First of all, I am posting it here this time because I am a fan of reiteration. 

I am a product of the University of the Philippines. For four and a half years of stay, I wasn't able to find the perfect university shirt. A shirt that for me is well thought of. Yea, there were some but not really.

Most of the time, the shirts do no meet my wants in a shirt design, shirt's material and cut, myriad of colors, and what have you. To name some I personally find fault in are shirts being overly-designed, some themes are overly-bragging, the cut, material and fit of the shirt ain't good, and other more something's-off acuity.

As a result, during our class in Contemporary Politics on my last semester, Jessie and I came up with this idea. Actually, it was Jessie’s. He was conversing and thinking with me though in the middle of a report or discussion. It was an immediate yes for me when the idea brewed. 

The idea came from the (Red) shirts of Gap. At first, we tried to think of other words with prefix or suffix red on it other than those offered by Gap. Next thing we knew was the idea of (MAROON)ONG for a UP shirt. I think it would sell well if released and  be made available for UP students. I would get one if ever! I firmly believe it was a great idea. But then again, an idea that is stuck in a creative (ehem), entrepreneurial (ehem), consumerist mind.

The sleeves seem too small but that's the idea sample. Didn't know what font to use and color as well. That's the fullest extent of my editing skills.  

DETERMINING FACTOR: Would you want one?

Next-est we knew, we were playing with my name and thought of Filipino/Tagalog words with (nina) on them. We came up with few words. Words which sounded too narcissistic and too proud. In dismay, those narcissistic words were the only ones we came up with. There was this phrase as well, but am  getting goosebumps to even make a sample output. A phrase stating '(Nina)kaw mo ang puso ko', how funnily pathetic was that. But there. 

Thinking about this line of Nina-themed shirts, I would have to label it as Nina Who? because who would care anyway. Well, except for those I have the same name with, maybe... or not. 

I used a somehow hard-to-decipher-what's-written font since the words give me the creeps, but still it was an idea. Too in awe of thy self it seems, yea haha. This is an idea that will remain just that for sure. 


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ever bought shoes that are too small: Stretch Your Shoes With Ice

Some and I myself would say, screw fashion if it compromises comfort. On one end, when it comes to formal events I wouldn't care so long as it looks good and so long as it brings out the confidence I need to schmooze with different people. I accepted the fact that at one point, you have to wear heels, you have to wear shoes, you have to wear those feet sore and be out of your comfort zone. The simple concept of dressing up made me realize this. Hence, I have to say that one need not suffer to be stylish, though there are dire times from which I refer such instances and thoughts.

Months ago, I've been meaning to try Michelle Phan's shoe stretching technique. My right foot is an inch bigger than my left. And so this simple shoe stretching technique was a big yes for me the moment I knew about it. Finally, a few centimeters off pain, I said.

I bought leather ankle boots just recently. Dealing with the same dilemma, the right pair is small for my feet. And so I figured, now is the time I get to try if ice works since I'm dying to wear them for fashion week.

the exact pair I used for the experiment

STRETCH YOUR SHOES WITH ICE: When I was asking my mom for the materials that I needed, she was kind of doubtful. She made a good point, isn't it that cold therapy or compress results to contraction while anything subjected to heat causes expansion. But then, I still tried it out.

This technique works best on leather since leather is more conforming and has more give than synthetics. Though Michelle Phan would point out that if it's fake leather you might need to do the process for a few more times.

The last step was kind of funny. I couldn't help but feel weird for placing the shoe in the freezer. Then, my brother was even puzzled when I was finally getting the shoes out of it after a day resting in there. Yea, for 24-hours since the leather is too thick and tough.

PROBLEMS I ENCOUNTERED: The shoes I have are closed ones as you see (photo above). I had hard time putting the Ziplock pack inside with it's small opening and body. The water pack is neither not enough nor too much. So I had to pour in and pour out water (vice versa) which resulted to a shoe soaked in water before I could even place the pack inside somehow perfectly since I wasn't able to aim in pushing the pack towards the very end of the shoe.

During the process, it made me think that it's easier for peep toes as seen in the video; or in closed shoes case, doll shoes or simple slip-ons are easier to get the whole steps done with.

WAS IT A SUCCESS: It's gonna be a YES. First of all, the shoe has a limit to how far it could stretch. So don't expect that the shoes could go from size 7 to 8. The result is merely just a loosen up thing. It was a success by the fact that I managed to walk in it for hours which I can't do prior to subjecting the shoes in freeze.

EMBEDDED IS THE VIDEO for instructions. The video below might appear blank/might not appear. So, you can view it HERE.


edited these photos out of the want to learn  
Blazer: Jessica
Dress: thrifted
Shoes: thrifted
Belt: thrifted
Necklaces: SM Department store and Nina Ricci

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