Sunday, September 9, 2012

I want a baby girl!

I saw photos of Alaia Rose on instagram. Googled this little tot (is that redundant? anyway...) and was linked to Monica Rose's blog. Initial reaction was, "this must be her mom's blog". Correct. Then knew that she's a stylist to celebrities --to the Kardashians [not a fan ;p], for instance. 
She's such a doll, e!!!! Prettiest kid ever!! *insertplentyhearts*

[Switch tone: Speaking hypothetically] 
Contrary to my title, I actually want a baby boy over a girl. Her pictures just made me want to have a girl --to have her actually!!!
And despite me admiring her ~style~, I think I wouldn't spend much on kid's clothes. I don't know. I just think that kids outgrow clothes really REALLY fast. But please dear God, I want super cute, super pretty kids! ;p

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