Thursday, August 11, 2011

SHOP ONLINE: Lyn Battad (The Perfect Girl) for Schmug

Updating the store kept me busy these past few days. I'm one happy bean seeing how this whole project turned out! *deep wooh* I, literally, worked on it till wee hours! Seeing the albums, thus, is fulfilling... very fulfilling!

Schmug started just catering to friends' closet needs --ala-house bazaar! They come over and get to see and try on the items themselves. Quite a number of years later, we infiltrated the world wide web. We started with few designer bags. Then, clothes. Next, more clothes. After, pre-loved bags. Now, we are trying to add brand new items at very affordable price, still. We find joy in bringing you pretty yet cheap items sourced from trips here and there, going from alley to alley.  

This time, we aimed to get a model. We contacted some friends (residing near Pampanga) in mind to model for us, for weeeeeks. Nothing really comes easy, no output is delivered in a poof, but with perseverance, vision, and faith, everything slowly fell into the right place. The whole collection wouldn't be as great as it is (of course, I am biased) if not for Lyn Battad. Thank you so much for going all the way to Pampanga! Thank you so much for making this vision materialize! Shouts I love yeeeew!! :))

Without further ado, here are some items from Lyn Battad for Schmug set. No item above 800 including brand new bags and brand new clothes! :) We live up to our "Best deal there is" tagline! :)
Thank you so much, Paulyn!!!!!
Thankful to have pretty friends! :)
Still learning my way around photoshop. 
Maisty dress / long top, Nautical earrings from Earrisistible collection, and Paris long necklace from Neckciting collection
The bling (shoulder) pads are not included and nor for sale. WAIT! But Schmug is planning to exclusively release some, hopefully, some time soon. :) It can give a simple shirt or blazer an oomph, dontyathink? :)
XOXO Floral Maxi Dress, Paris long necklace from Neckciting collection, and Trio Fruitata earrings from Earrisistible collection
H&M Casino Bodycon dress and Playful Owl long necklace from Neckciting collection
Blair top, Girlyphant long necklace from Neckciting collection, and Brand New Parfois Teal Hobo bag
BNWT Summer Fling dress (built-in inner lace)
Schmug accessories she's wearing: Peacock necklace from Neckciting collection and Birdies connector ring from Bling It On collection
Blazers/jackets: Sargeant jacket, Sheer glittery long blazer, Shenin blazer (polka interior!!!)  
Leo inner top is for sale too! Can be worn as dress too!! View Leo Party dress's lookbook.
Schmug accessories she's wearing: Peacock necklace from Neckciting collection and Turquoise Dainty ring from Bling It On collection
BNWT Cyci dress and Armygle long necklace from Neckciting collection
Ethnic cropped top and Girlyphant long necklace from Neckciting collection

Styled by: Yours truly 
Make-up: No need, haha
Clothes and (most) accessories: Schmug 
Model: Lyn Battad

More items await!!!

No multiply account?
Need not worry! You can contact me @ 09163826819 for inquiries and reservations! :)


  1. Nice blog... Cool clothes.... Love to see more...

  2. hi Nina! stumbled upon your blog and this found it interesting! def gonna check your multiply site ;)

    a new follower here ;)

  3. Cool blog! Love those jackets, actually I'm eyeing the denim floral jacket and tote :) will definitely visit your site!

    PS: Care to follow each others blog?♥

    Hugs and kisses

  4. girl is this your store????

    everything looks soooo pretty and yup your model sure is selling these fab items beautifully.

    btw sino sa Fash???? really? sandie ko? or from PRP. Meron din kasi sa PRP na version ng Sandie but walang stitching details at the back of the foot and lighter yung shade ng wooden heels.

  5. pretty Lyn! I'll be checking your site again.
    I did a comment regarding the Shu curl lash. :)

  6. I really love those rings :)

  7. Pretty! Love the clothes! :) Btw, saw my name on your sidebar, thank you!!!xx


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