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ULTIMATE All-Star Weekend!!!: NBA All-Stars vs Smart Gilas Pilipinas

The wait finally arrived! The Ultimate All-Star Weekend has gone but the story that enveloped The Big Dome last Sunday is still fresh in my senses. The NBA-All Stars and the Smart Gilas sure exhibited a great game; they brought down Smart Araneta Colisuem!! It was just an exhibition game but I could tell that they took it somehow seriously. Kudos to that! The crowd applauded and stood for every good shot. Not a BB fan but I myself did too! It CANNOT be helped!!

Our home team, I must say, played really well. Shouts to JV Casio... and Chris Tiu! ;) The first basket was actually scored by our home team, wouldjabelieve! One proud moment --at least for me.

Friends lined up as early as 7am. I came 15 minutes before the 1PM ball time. Thanks to them, they secured a seat for me! ha ha!

In a (bulleted) nutshell, here are the scenes I personally will never ever forget that made up Sunday's Ultimate All-Star exhibition game:
  • Willie Revillame was shown in close-up on screen, a good number in the crowd BOO-ed. Oooops! Sorry, Willie, not your crowd! ;P
  • Sen. Antonio Trillanes III was also spotted on screen! It was somehow surprising and really unexpected! In my mind, "What? No. Wait, who was that they focused again". I kind of had second thoughts! Upon validation that it was him, I laughed. I actually found it funny that he was there! Parang comic relief. :)
  • While at a free throw, MVP Derrick Rose plastered a cute smile for his nervousness. He missed the two free throws, by the way! haha! He still showed his cute smile that indemnified the missed shots. ;P
  • CP3 did the razzle dazzle dribble. I am not sure what it is called but friends coined it "pektos". haha! No clue how he does it!!
  • Boxing champ, Manny Pacquiao, came during the 3rd Quarter of the game. He caused a stir! Everyone chanted "Manny, Manny" as he takes his seat. He almost stole the show! Another Pinoy Pride moment! 
  • Kobe Bryant walked over to Manny Pacquiao while at a timeout. They chatted a bit. Everyone cheered!!! Two great athletes in one stadium!!! Iba ka, Manny! :) 
  • The pound-for-pound champ, then, walked towards the NBA stars' bench. They exchanged man-hugs, shook hands.
  • Chris Paul jokingly challenged Pacman to a sparring match. Whole of Araneta laughed and whoo-ed. I can still paint a mind scene of Chris Paul's provoking moves. 
  • After the game, the NBA stars asked for Pacman's autograph and had photo taken with him. Take note, not a group photo with the boxing champ!!! Some were spotted having a photo taken with him INDIVIDUALLY!
  • We, of course, had no idea what Kobe and Manny were chatting about. BUT, Kobe signaled "call me"! Naks, Manny!  
  • Chris Paul was spotted having a photo taken with Pacman. The funny part, he shooed a passerby that got into their (picture perfect moment) way! :))) 
  • At the end of it all, everyone whooped for both teams, for every single good basket! Everyone just wanted to witness and be part of an ultimate game and that's what both team put on. It was a great game!! <3 <3 We had to endure our hunger pangs but we definitely were filled with all the good moves! 
After the game, we passed by Burgoo since we saw two friends dining (Ate Kat of Bragger Buyer and Kuya Berto, one of the many solid Laker and Kobe fans!!). Customers at a long table besides them were too interested that they really asked about the Metta World Peace shirt by FanBoy Clothing as shown in previous post! One guy said and, well, lobbied that he'll get (Kuya Berto's shirt order) the shirt for 500php. FanBoy Clothing, indeed, stands out in a fan-filled crowd. :)

We drove all the way to Ortigas, after, to eat at Uncle Moe's. I enjoyed their Beef Kabab with kabab dressing and salsa!! :) Their buttered rice was a joke --plain rice topped with butter slice! I enjoyed my meal, nevertheless.
    ***Flashes*** here, there and everywhere inside Smart Araneta Coliseum as the players of Smart team (NBA-All Stars) gets introduced.
    Didn't bring a camera, so, these two are the only photos I have using my E5!
    Army of players in a line.   
    Yes, as you can depict from my bulleted highlights, Pacman moments sure did made an impact, for me.
    Photo from
    Kobe and Tiu!! <3
    Photo from
    Bromance! Iba ka talaga, Manny!! "You already"!
    Photo c/o
    Poster from

    Smart All-Stars (Kobe Bryant, JaVale McGee, Kevin Durant, James Harden, Tyreke Evans, Deron Williams,  Derrick Rose, Chris Paul,  Derek Fisher) won over Smart Gilas (JV Casio, Marcus Douthit, Chris Lutz, DonDon Hontiveros, Lassiter, Chris Tiu, Japet Aguilar, Williams, Ababou, Alapag, Baracael, Barroca, Asi Taulava, Ballesteros) 98-89.

     Party rock is in the house tonightEverybody just have a good time   


    1. OMG willie got Booed? Oh poor man!

      Natawa ako kay Manny talagang kinuha ang limelight! Go Manny! So Sikat!


    2. that's so cool kobie walking over to pacquiao! you're so lucky you got to watch live, my husband was going crazy trying to find a ticket :P

    3. nina, thank you so much for visiting and leaving a comment! ooh, this looks really fun. you got great action shots here ha. and uhm, am i the only one NOT digging manny's hair?


    4. Heeeey! You finally got to blog about it. We were supposed to watch Sunday too but changed our mind when the skies turned dark. Haha! Ok na kami with the Sat game. Lucky dudes who got our tickets ;)

      Definitely, Maybe

    5. Looks awesome! I hope to see a game one day!!


    6. i can only imagine the crowd! si manny na talaga! :)

      followed you.

    7. you really like this sport! :)

    8. Nina! you're filipina pala!haha Natawa ako kc i thought you were indonesian!:)

      Following you now! I hope we can be blogger friends.

    9. Aha...really so much beautiful blog..All picture is awesome..i like it so much.

    10. Nice blog...i follow u...and support u..stay long time..check..Brite


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