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Kobe Bryant in Manila 2011!!!

July 13, 2011, we followed Kobe Bryant in Manila! We met at The Fort as early as 11am for lunch. Then, went at Nike, The Fort for Kobe's short appearance. After that, at about 4pm, off we drove to Araneta Coliseum for the 5pm basketball clinic/exhibition game with the Smart Gilas and the UAAP All-Stars. 

I am not a basketball fan... but I do love Michael Jordan (who doesn't!!?!) and was a fan of the then-Chicago Bulls! <3 I tagged along because they had a spare ticket and I got loads of free time, haha! I told myself, "owkaaay, I'll just be the camera man, fan friends."

I must say though, I had fun being in the midst of fans. We were standing behind the barricades at The Fort. Couple of fans behind us shouted funny (for some irritating) soulful yells. Fans screamed "KOOOBEEEE" at the top of their lungs and even shouted in frustration to make Kobe come near us. For split second, they were close to meeting the aim. We thought he was coming near us... He was really walking towards us!!!, BUT security was D tight. They altered his path. They didn't want Kobe to go anywhere near the grass!! JK.. In short, they failed! Haha! I was genuinely laughing the entire time! I felt their joyful frustration! :))) 

I felt the I N T E N S I T Y all the more at The Big Dome! So many people came together in Araneta  Coliseum for the love of Kobe!! I really felt happy for all the fans who came --from children as young as 5 years old to teenagers to yuppies to adults; from male fans to female fans, geared up in their Nikes and Kobe jerseys/shirts/attire, tinodo na ang pagiging fan, haha, why not! Everyone was wearing their best giddy smiles that topped it all off!

I went there as a spectator but I ended up enjoying the entire Kobe day! I actually am looking forward to July 24! :)
Waiting for Kobe at The Fort! It was super hooooot!! *agit*
We were grilled waiting from 2pm till Kobe's arrival at 3pm.
 Fans waiting near the Nike store's entrance door where Kobe came out...
with Gio, Finn, and Rain :)
 Damarbs wearing FanBoy's Metta World Peace shirt!
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 Photo courtesy of @tyler899
FanBoy shirts: Metta World Peace shirt, Black Mamba shirt, and Kobe shirt, respectively.
 Other shirt designs by FanBoy clothing: Hand Down Man Down and You're No Kobe
Ok... For more inquires and available FanBoy shirt designs just contact him, haha

Going back on track :) ...
 It's raining swoosh!
The Fort event was hosted by Aaron Atayde and JINNO RUFINO, ahhhhh!!!
I ended up musing glaring at Jinno Rufino at The Fort!! He shook my hand even!! waaa! Thanks to Nikko a.k.a Tyler of Magic 89.9 (one of the most humble, light-spirited people I know) for introducing us! haha!
 Finally, Kobe's on stage!! I was looking at Jinno, though! JK! ;P
 Privileged kids!
 The crowd at one side

Finally, the real deal!! Game faces on! The Black Mamba at the The Big Dome!!!
Hosted by Bianca Gonzales and Boom Gonzales, this time.
 After the interview with Kobe, players of the Smart Gilas Pilipinas and players of the UAAP All-Stars were introduced.
 Players preppin' up
Kobe on the couch, to assess a 10-minute game with other coaches.

Everyone was shocked and pumped up at the same time with the BIG Mamba twist!!! Kobe Bryant asked for an 8 minute extension! He played with Filipino players and teamed up with the UAAP All-Stars!! The energy inside Araneta became more INSANE!!! 
According also to Bianca Gonzales, this was the ONLY time he insisted to play in an exhibition game! Lucky us we were there! :))
It was a GREAT 8-minute unexpected, unplanned game! Everyone was standing whenever the ball was at Kobe's hands! Whole Araneta chanting that the ball be passed to Kobe! The energy of the crowd was WILD!! 
Even at the start of the UAAP All-Stars-Smart Gilas game, some were requesting, "Kobe, Kobe"... It's a Kobe event after all.. Who wouldn't want to see The Black Mamba play instead! :)) All came for Kobe!!!
Kobe puts on an FEU jersey, about to put on a show!!
FEU must really be proud, haha!
 Prior to Kobe's participation, the score was: Smart Gilas - 33 | UAAP - 24
 Crowd went WILDERRRRRR, oh!
 Even Chris Tiu <3 <3 <3 got kilgzzz!  
Kinilig din ako nung makita ko siya! haha!
Game ends with 45-41 Smart Gilas Pilipinas!
Most panira moment goes to... Slaughter! haha! He missed an easy basket that would've made the score tie!
There were two to four easy baskets missed, I think!
Kobe was a very, very giving player. He could've taken those two to four easy baskets and the rest (just as the crowd requested) but he gave the UAAP players the chance. He did an insane DUNK, though!! :))

I enjoyed every minute of the game! The energy of the crowd was contagious! Collective behavior??! ha ha!
If you're a fan and you weren't here, I suggest you go buy a ticket for the 23rd/24th!!! ;-) Don't let the THRILLING, NAKAKAKILIG TO THE HILT chance pass you by again! See you there! <3



  1. Good job Nin!


  2. Lovely mustard cardigan & floral top <3 Kobe bryan sure is tall! Btw, Even Chris Tiu is so hawtt!! :D


  3. kakainggit ka naman nin. sa susunod sama mo ako. hahaha..

  4. Gwapo nung naka red. Short man nga lang. Either way, nice read!

  5. im not a basketball fan myself but my husband loves kobe! :)

  6. he is very famous it seems you like basketball!

  7. "Even Chris Tiu <3 <3 <3 got kilgzzz!
    Kinilig din ako nung makita ko siya! haha!"
    -Who wouldn't!!? Hehehe.. :))

  8. wow i wish my hubby could have seen this! Must have been awesome :) Nice shots!

  9. I just blogged about this, too! Epic epic epic game!! Love it! Glad my boyfriend let me tag along :))

    Definitely, Maybe

  10. P.s. Blogged about this too ---> I meant the NBA all star weekend game. It was only the boyfriend who went to the Kobe event :)

  11. the tshirts are so cool too!!

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