Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I do not know what I know

Trying shabby editing skillz these days
Look closely, you'll see me
Or is it obvious enough...
The main reason I created this recent blog is to remind myself of details that touched my life in any way --be that movies, restaurants, events, brands, products, and trips to different places. Chronicling the latter more so.

Isn't it that when something moved you, you remember the details vividly? I DO NOT. I am not like most of you. Mind you, latter point stated is not positive in any way, not kind of "embrace it, you're unique", "the more distinct, the better", "I am different; therefore, I am better than you, you just do not know yet", "deviant is the new cool". Let's just say something seems oddly wrong.

I actually don't get me. I blogged about Everybody's Fine. I blogged about so many more. But ask me when was Everybody's Fine released? Or, who are the actors in it? I'll tell you, "I am not sure *scratches head*, go see my post about it"... We were choosing our Friday midnight movie. We had to glance through parts of most movies in the deck because I can't remember the plot, but I knew I've already seen them --the titles rang a bell. We played some parts and, as expected, the cymbals clonked, I was reminded. I also re-watched Kickass on HBO, few days ago. I really can't remember most scenes. I was reminded as the film progressed. I feel like this blog serves as my memory capsule. My brain and my blog can be mutually exclusive. Pretty weird. 

Aside from movies I can't seem to pin on my head, I also can't remember details of our trips. UNFORGIVABLE! UNBELIEVABLE! I, most of the time, play the dumb doll whenever we (family) talk about our sojourns. Let me talk about our Singapore trip, for instance. Funny, I can't remember where we stayed. Not only that I can't remember the hotel's name, I really can't also remember how it looked like!! I don't even remember myself staying at a hotel! Ma and Ben even tried to paint me a picture of how it looked like. They said it had a mini zoo inside, blah blah. I CAN'T REMEMBER ANYTHING ABOUT IT! Why is myself conspiring against itself! 

Another example, I stated in my Lakbay Norte post that the last time I went to Ilocos was in 2004. I had to consult mom's travel diary on this. Yea, ma chronicles all our family travels. She writes everything up to the smallest detail! She lists all our purchases complete with description and price even. Thank God she did and still does that. I actually have my travel notebook too! And again, I created this blog to somehow put them on record. Chronicling them is a must! You may do this in various ways: by printing out photos and putting captions on them (ain't it lovely to look back flipping through our good ol' photo albums); make a scrapbook; and the list goes on. 

Here's another one, me and my high school friends hang out often these past few months. And we would sometimes talk about those nene days. They sometimes have to remind me of the happenings. They would then funnily ask if I really was that person and other sarcasms.

I created this blog for myself. I created this blog to remind myself of my precious years. I didn't primarily create this blog to make you know what I know, to share to you what I know. I do too, but again, not primarily. As years pass by, there are things that I tend to forget. Frustratingly, even things that I know I treasure in my heart.

I am not complaining. I also do not feel like banging my head on the wall every time I can't seem to locate them anywhere in my head. This matter doesn't frustrate me. I am just saying (and sharing?), haha. I actually accepted that I can be pretty flummoxed at times. :) But please, spare me from those OA comments. Do not get exaggerated on me on this. I still know that Everybody's Fine is a remake of Stanno Tutti Bene; that they had Drew Barrymore. That I walked around Vigan and some parts of Ilocos in house clothes (shirt and boxers!!) and I highly disapproved in staying at a creepy room filled with religious statues back in 2004. That I had Irish ice cream in Clarke Quay where we searched for Pacita Abad's bridge.

As what I've learned from my Abnormal Psychology, if it doesn't hamper your daily functioning, it still is not abnormal. In my case, this forgetfulness syndrome doesn't cripple me and is far from ending it in suicide. I still remember a huge chunk, and people (friends and family) are there to remind me of things anyway! haha!  

I am just 22 years old, FCOL! I wanna know though, am I the only one? ;P


  1. my memory is just as bad as yours if not worse :S

  2. nakalimutan ko na sasabihan ko..ay yun pala. cute mo. hehe

  3. Hi babe,

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment like seeing my features as anne curtis! Such a biggie compliment! I adore that girls o much, so thanks! :)

  4. Well, I think that...

    I forgot what I wanted to say.

    Kidding! :)

    Well, I used to remember even the craziest details when I was younger. But as I grew older, I keep forgetting stuff. Kinda like a computer whose memory is getting full so you have ton erase some files. Maybe our brain is doing that automatically for us? ;)

    Definitely, Maybe

  5. Oh no! You are not alone dearie... =) I feel the same way.... And I agree with what you've learned from Abnormal Psychology that if it doesn't hamper your daily functioning, it still is not abnormal.

    Hang in there... There might be easy exercises to easily remember everything... =)


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