Friday, May 21, 2010

GIRLS OF SEXY MIND: 3rd feature

(If you still haven't read the first post and the sneak peek, I suggest you read it first to know exactly why I chose the girls I'm featuring on my blog. And check out the previous featured post to know what I exactly think about her, et cetera...)

(3) Kamilluh
I actually do not how to describe this lady in one thought. It seems there's a lot going on in her personality if you try to dissect her --as what I'm trying to do. Or should I say, I do not want to sound like I admire almost everything about her... but how could I hide the seemingly "she fished for comments" description! Sufficiently, she is one person I know that is literally of sexy mind and pretty face. Consequently, I think people who know her would approve of it too. She is one hot lady that anything you make her wear will surely flatter on her body. On top of it all, with the confidence she has, she can carry off anything.

She knows how to articulate herself. I will not forget the time when we had a picture taken with Mong Alcaraz and it was somewhat a huge issue since we-know-why. I was really thankful that we got in the same situation. If I would be stricken with words, I wouldn't know how to defend myself. I'll just keep my mouth shut and let them throw all they want. But thank God, she came up with this rock star syndrome. And with few words, thus, strong point, we were out of ill criticisms. Thanks to your mettlesome tongue. ;)

WHY SAY THAT: THAT'S FROM MONTHS AGO ALREADY: Again, simply because I couldn't forget about it, haha! And I'd like to point out that she's persuasive and assertive like that...

I FIGURED: I pointed out that it seems there's a lot going on in her personality... I think because she is interested in almost anything, be that music, movies down to male topics such as basketball yet she really knows a lot and really gets in to it. There's this saying and every time I encounter it I am reminded of her.. "we're only young once so let's fcuk it up right" (thinking out loud: I ain't sure if this is the quote but it's somewhat like this, haha).

ONE LB GIRL, ONE LAID BACK GIRL: If there is one word that would describe her everyday style it would totally be laid back. According to her, she is a tank top and denim person. She prefers drab over loud colors. Nonetheless, she makes it a point that everything's toned down.

sexy back from Topshop
from her fb... the watermark is still there naman. ;) see, tank top and jeans girl!
 by the way, she's a jock too!

This is our decision, to live fast and die young.
We've got the vision, now let's have some fun.


  1. I love laid-back styles... she's definitely my girl. xoxo

  2. lovely styles, lovely insight.

  3. Hahaha Thanks Nina. One day I will write about you. Who knows, maybe tomorrow? Haha. Anyway, I just realized how awkward I look in my photos. Haha. I hope to have better photos one day.


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