Saturday, May 1, 2010

OMG! Oh My Gulay at Baguio City

We used to go to Baguio City a lot during my primary to early grade school years. I remember that Baguio was the only place in mind when we go for a vacation together with relatives on my father side.

Did you know that Baguio is home of many Filipino artists? To name some I personally visited already and saw their magnificent works are: 
(1) Benedicto Cabrera, popularly known as Ben Cab. Who doesn't know him? Aside from his renowned works, he is the person behind Tam-Awan Village which aims to promote local artists. Inside the village you will see native Ifugao and Kalinga huts (by native, it means that the huts are made without the use of concrete nails, for real!). You may also see artists at work, watch cultural shows, visit their gallery or exhibits, sketch a portrait of you if you like and purchase their artworks as well; 
(2) Ben-Hur Villanueva -sculptor and painter. His gallery, Arko ni Apo, is located just across Tam-Awan Village. There is also a cafe inside named Cafe Disperensya. I'm not sure if it's still operating since this information is still from our 2001 visit; 
(4) Jordan Mang-osan -known for his solar painting. Yes, he rely on sun power to make artworks (also a Tam-Awan Village artist). He uses solar etching as a method wherein he uses a magnifying glass and derive images using sun ray by manipulating the two;
(5) Jojo Elmeda -also featured in Tam-Awan Village; and
(6) John Frank Sabado -mixed-media paintings who is also featured in Tam-Awan Village.
The last time we visited Baguio City, I became in love with one place where you can find everything artsy fartsy and everything healthy yet equally savory. It is located on the fifth floor (no elevators here) of the La Azotea Building along upper Session Road at Baguio City. It's Kidlat Tahimik’s (renowned filmmaker) Vegetarian Never Never Land or could literally be described as a fantasy land. 

The moment I walked in the place (cavelike entry), I was already in awe and was very excited to take pictures in every corner of the place. I was like, "yeah, Mom and Dad, the food can wait". But when I tasted the food, it was equally remarkable as the place. 

It was developed with the help of Oh My Gulay's chef, Pol Poblador, who is the son-in-law of well-known Filipino designer Patis Tesoro.
  Inside OH MY GULAY (picture from google images)
Art scrap (hen) and the place on the background
Ma and I!! What a beautiful place!
Super delicious food at Oh My Gulay
Oh My Gulay's house coffee is good too!
Ben, my brother, is enjoying it!
 Nice junk art as well
Nice idea, wanna mimic this art!

I tell you, Oh My Gulay is the prefect cozy, eye-candy place in Baguio City. There's also a balcony where you can feel the breeze and look over a portion of Baguio City. Go ahead and NEVER EVER forget to include Oh My Gulay in your itinerary when you visit Baguio City! :)

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