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Ace Water Spa!!

It was about 10 AM when we arrived at Ace Water Spa. We opted to visit on a weekday to avoid huge pool of patrons. We used the discount coupon I have from Navi and Belle de Jour and so we paid half the entrance price (supposedly P550 per head).

After paying at the reception area, we were handed locker keys and swimming caps and were asked to go upstairs to change into our swimwear and were lastly asked to shower before proceeding to the pool/spa area.

They are stringent with the attire. Patrons must be in fitted swimwear --trunks for male and swimsuit for female-- since you will be submerged to some highly pressured hydro massage treatments. Even my tight swimwear slightly inflated and went to the wrong places when I tried some of the hard hydro massages. Yikes. :)) I suggest women to wear one-piece suit instead of a two-piece suit because the pressure can literally take your top off specifically with the chest massages.

All you need to bring is a swimwear and a towel. Slippers, shampoo, body soap, and even hair dryer are provided in the shower-cum-locker room. The amenities are really clean that I didn't bother stepping on their tiles/plastic floors barefooted 'coz usually I need rubber slippers whenever I am in any resort restroom/shower room. Wet toilet floors and dirty toilet tiles are quite gross, y'know.
They sell swimwear in case you forgot to bring one or one accompany did not know
Notice the Bert Lozada Swim School 'logo' above? Yes, they offer swimming lessons for kids and teens.

There were quite a number of customers but the pool area still is not crowded. Most were senior citizens plainly relaxing and children having their swimming lessons, some with their parents and siblings for family bonding.

 FYI, cameras are not allowed inside. So, I had to take this photo at the cafe.
The place looks bigger in photos!! But, the place is big enough that it has all the services they promise to offer. :)
Some of their facilities are in the left most of this photo --the herbal pools, most hydro massage areas, steams and saunas. 
 Cropped from Ace Water Spa
 Ahhhh... hot herbal pools! 
Two images from google

When we got into the spa arena, we decided to sit on the Bubble Pool first but it wasn't producing bubbles and so we moved to try another one instead. Little did we know that the massage treatments should be personally activated by pressing buttons placed just near each of them. After we figured that out, off we jumped from one treatment to another to make use of the allotted 4 hours wisely. 

The four (4) hour span of time you are given seems short but we were already settled after 3 hours of using all facilities and services and decided to take a shower already to change out of a wet swimsuit into clothes.
 Our skins were smoother... silkier! SO GOOD!
Went nautical with yesterday's dress! :)
Look! My shoulder is kumikinang*** after!

The facilities are composed of approximately 25m 4-lanes lap pool, lazy river, steam, sauna, hot herbal pools with three scents of varying temperature level, resting area, and the many hydrotherapy/water massage areas.    

The massages are categorized into three: soft, medium, and hard massages. What is good about the place is they get to explain each treatment with the signages that you can find near each treatment indicating how to use it, to whom the treatment is best suited, what it cures/do to you, and to whom the treatment is prohibited even. Thus, I advice that you read the information and precautions first before using any of their services especially if you or any companion has a serious medical condition. The massages are as follow:
     1. Bubble Bed 
     Lay down comfortably on the designed bubble bed to fully feel the air and bubbles emitted on the surface  
through small holes as it slightly beats down your back, buttocks and feet.
     2. Bubble Pool
    This facility effectively massages the temporal pressure points specifically on the back portion of the legs and hip area.
     3. Bubble Massage
     This system has an effect of “feel good all over” after bathing as air combined with warm water comes out on holes at the floor surface that massages the body.
     4. Hydro-Acupuncture Bed
     It produces the effects of acupuncture that allows a person to enjoy the pricking sensation through the use of high pressure warm water with air coming from the tiny holes within the bed surface. 
    5. Rainfall Acupuncture
    It is best enjoyed when lying face down wherein million raindrops with various intensities gently massage every part of the body.
     6. Eight Nozzle Shower
     This shower is designed as an alternative way of cooling down after using the hot herbal pools, steam and sauna if you do not want to use the cold pool.
     7. Hydro-Buoyancy Massage
     This facility uses a jet driven water from the bottom that creates suppleness to build a floating sensation especially when combined with breathing exercises.
     8. Buttocks Massage
     While sitting comfortably, water pressure gushes out on the surface which hits and rubs down the buttocks.
     9. Jet Chair
     In a sitting position, water pressure gushes out directly towards the meridian points of the body to eliminate stress and at the same time loosens up tight muscles.
     10. Jet Chair with Foot Massage
    In a sitting position, water pressure gushes out directly towards the meridian points of the body while simultaneously receiving foot massage. 
     11. Head and Shoulder Massage
     The water coming from the equipment strongly hits the upper portion of the body.
     12. Water Falls
     The surging water from the falls strikes in all parts of the body largely on the upper portion.
     13. Multi-point Massage
     The surrounding wall towers with water nozzles injects variety of water pressure that massage different parts of the body.
     14. Chest Jet Massage
     This System is best relished in a squatting position to fully feel the water pressure that strikes directly towards your chest.
     15. Waist Jet Massage
     This system uses high and low water jet nozzles that produces strong water pressure.
     16. Upper Body Jet Massage
     Rigid water pours down from the elevated jets rubbing down the upper parts of the body. This massage system is NOT RECOMMENDED for those with osteoporosis.
     17. High Pressure Massage
     This system uses high and low water jet nozzles that produces strong water pressure.

Kids also could enjoy the following facilities which we got try as well:
     1. Kids Pool – a specially designed pool ideal for small kids. Play hide and seek in the mushroom falls as you get hit by a big water gun. (the big water guns weren't working when we visited the place)
     2. Floor Fountain – try “walking” on water as you enjoy the fountain. (this too isn't functioning yesterday)
    3. Bucket Splash – cool down in this exciting “pull the string” surprise!
     4. Lazy River – enjoy floating around in the current that goes the entire pool while bonding with the family.
Other facilities are: 
Feel rejuvenated in the 6 hot pools that have natural herbs for a relaxing aromatic experience.
    1. Mint Pool – has the temperature of 36 C.
    2. Jasmine Pool – will surely make you invigorated while relaxing your muscles. This pool is marked at 38 C.
    3. Lavander Pool – is the hottest pool with 40 C as its temperature, while the lavander scent keeps the skin soft and smooth. 
    4. Steam and Sauna
The Steam and Sauna will remove excess water and fats from the body.
As you step outside in this area, the cool and misty natural fog that is sprayed in the area will surely complete this heavenly ambiance.
    5. Cold Pool
This is the fastest way to cool down after using the hot herbal pools, steam or sauna.
Contrast Therapy Plunge is a special hydrotherapy experience wherein an alternate plunging into the hot herbal pools and cool pool takes place. Why do you need to do this? Click here. Tried this twice after each hot herbal pool session and dipped for few seconds. Really cold!
    6. Lapping Pool
Approximately 25m 4-lanes swimming pool is ideal for swimmers and soon-to-be swimmers to practice their “winning” strokes.
***All services information copied from Ace Water Spa's Website

 Kids' Area, Soft Massages and Moderate Massages accordingly. 
Photos from Ace Water Spa's website which I compiled myself.
 Hard Massages, Hot Herbal Pools, and Steam, Sauna and Pools accordingly. 
Photos from Ace Water Spa's website which I compiled myself.

We went to their cafe after to avail our complimentary soup and ordered Chicken Quesadilla which is really flavorful and has good amount of filling!

In totality, we had a great time! Deciding to go at Ace Water Spa is the nearest, most convinient, and one of the cheapest escapades EVERRR! It is also the most enticing getaway without the need and the hassle to go out of the metro for the want to plunge into the water. :) They have steam and sauna and hot herbal pools which I dig the most at Ace Water Spa. AHHH... sooooo good! 
  YAY! Them outside the building!

Entrance fee is P550 for adults and P250 for kids below 4 feet tall.

Ace Water Spa Quezon City:
399 Del Monte Avenue (near cor. Banaue St.)
SFDM, Quezon City
(02) 367-8040 to 41 | (02) 367-8061 to 62 | (02) 415-0164

Ace Water Spa Pasig City:
United st. cor. Brixton st. (near Pioneer)
Pasig City
Trunkline: (02) 451-1111 | (02) 582-5754
Customer Hotline: 
(02) 404-9995

Operating Hours:
Sundays to Thursdays - 6 AM to 10 PM
Fridays to Saturdays - 6 AM to 11 PM



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