Saturday, April 23, 2011

Swedish Hasbeens!

These Swedish Hasbeens are so adorable! I personally am eyeing on these low hasbeens! I can feel them snuggling my feet by merely looking at them!

Low hasbeens in the middle!! Wish they're available in delectable colors that make up Children's Hasbeens, though! :S
Images from
 "Swedish Hasbeens shoes are hand-made using the same craftsmanship as in the the 70s which is kind to people and nature. We use natural materials and you could pretty much bury your shoes in your garden.

Like all hand-made stuff using natural materials every pair will be unique which is a sign of quality. So don’t worry if the wood varies in color and if there are twigs in it. Natural grain leather may also have marks and may vary in color and thickness.The untreated natural colored leather will darken with time. The colored leather, like black, might rub off on other light stuff. The color on the painted wooden sole and the rubber sole will wear off in a natural way with time." -Swedish Hasbeens

The different heels height of Swedish Hasbeens. They also have loafers, boots, bags and belts and children's hasbeens. List of products here in Swedish Hasbeens' site (where I got these photos).

Swedish Hasbeens and H&M collaborated for Spring 2011 (came out in stores just recently; April 20th to be exact) featuring three wood-sole clog designs which are available in different colors to suit anyone's spring outfit! This collection makes the look of a '70s Bohemian woman.
also available in tan and white

Images from Swedish Hasbeens, Google Images, and H&M.


  1. i loooove hasbeens! so different <3

  2. the boots and the mustard flats are really cute!

  3. the designs are cute! but wooden shoes are hard to walk for me ;(

  4. wow! these are so adorable! i so need a pair!

  5. Those are lovely.. its hard to pick what pair am i getting.. darn..

  6. followed you dear! nice blog! :D

  7. OMG! these are the cutest! hope i see one here in taiwan hihi!


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