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To the Su to the bic

"How come politicians put little effort and mandate on tourism?" or "How come they seem not buoyed up to work on our tourism in the same way other land work near excellently on theirs?", I always ponder whenever we're out of the country. Starting off, you will be greeted by their well-maintained, nicely built and interiored airports and short or rather fast transacting queues... Wandering on a foreign soil makes me wish that ours become near to what they offer. There's that want to adapt what is theirs.

We always are proud that we are rich in marine and other terrestrial life and natural resources (no doubt about this) but most of these are not well taken care of and are not well-managed. Dismally, our definition of well-managed is the mediocre type. I actually even prefer go to local places which are categorized as virgin and undeveloped.

Having world-class facilities and infrastructures mixed with good service is the best way to make an impression without the need to lift the lips. In a micro level, it is in the same way one's style operates and could manifest one's personality without the need to talk; it is also in the same way chefs work on their menu behind eliason doors amplified with good service to make an impression.

Don't get me wrong. I think there are lots of astounding local place. I just think we can do so much more and offer more. It's just nice to imagine that we see beautiful things everywhere we look. Seeing that there are efforts to at least preserve, protect and maintain what we already have. Then work on riding the tides of changing dials by refurbishing every effort to keep abreast.

We were in Subic for three days. I wasn't excited when I knew that we'll spend lengthy time (yes) there since we only spend our time in Freeports and over meals. My brother and I were on loops thinking on what we can do there for three days. There is lack of familial activity you can do there (please exclude water activities; we're not a hydro family. We do not spend much time in the beach. We did when we were so much younger, yes). Whatever it is in our seemingly unappreciative mind (bad!!), we still went since accommodation was already booked. :)
Used camera phone for all photos! DSLR is too heavy to bring around; we left it at home! haha! 
 View from our room

Visiting Tree Top Adventure, the most recent attraction in Subic, is one activity destination I have in mind. We had somewhat hard time choosing on which adventure to embark on. We looked at their packages which is very helpful since you'll get to try a lot depending on your preference. But since it was super hot and we needed to vacate the area as soon as we can, we chose only two (dad can't stand the heat for long hours). My brother and I chose fast adventure rides: the Superman ride and  the Tree Drop which according to the cashier lady is the ultimate amongst all.
We tried Superman Adventure first!
Ben doesn't smile; he's a rockstar! choss! Acccording to him, smiling makes his cheeks puffier! Hence the face!
Ben in superman position already... see? :)
 Lastly, we survived Tree Drop Adventure in Australian style position
I was on the brink of vomiting when I landed in soil. Good thing my stomach was empty. Hihi.
 "Serene as the jungle may seem, there is also something in it to quench your thirst for adrenaline rush. Flirt with gravity by rappelling down the side of a 60-foot tree! Each descent is a unique adventure as we offer a variety of styles - the conventional, the spider style and the daring Australian style (face first!)" -Tree Top Adventure Subic

The following day, we accidentally passed by Ocean Adventure. We saw, from a distance, that the park got bigger (they built additional avian tents) and the vicinity doesn't smell corroded anymore (jusme! Before, the place seemed uninhabited contrary to being an open-water marine park. You can really smell rusty water from afar!). So, we bought tickets and went inside.

Contrariwise to my personal tourism-related cloud (agenda is not to whine about tourism really :)), I was surprised and glad with the improvement they did at the park. I was amazed with all the shows  --on how the presenting staff spoke eloquently spiced up with really good humor. They put up really good shows which is already comparable to that of other Asian countries (think Malaysia's, Singapore's, Hongkong's, Thailand's).      

I'll discuss every stop we did inside in detail through pictures and captions... 
 Heat became a tad bearable with these two. :)
FIRST ACTIVITY: We ate at their Grill resto. Forgot what they call it. 
  I love the metal leaf wall lights screwed around the place!
 We went to scheduled shows after eating before going inside the aquariums since we arrived just 30 minutes ahead our given schedule.
First in our schedule was the The Adventures of Olongapo Jones.
This show features OA's mascots and high flying trampoline acrobats. The kid in red didn't stop laughing! Oh, the simple joy in kids' heart! <3
  Second is the Walk on the Wild Side.  
The show started with an Aeta showing and explaining to everyone on how to survive in the forest using only what you can find in the wild. He also showed us on how to make utensils out of bamboo alone. He even showed us how to make a fire without using matchsticks... properly. He was able to make fire in a minute or less! AMAZING!!!
There were Koreans watching. The Aeta spoked in Tagalog and I see no problem with that! :) The feeling to see this scene was actually surreal! :)  Seeing that they still enjoyed the show despite the lingual barrier.
Anyway, after the Aeta segment, they introduced some animals (birds, mammals, bats, and reptiles) of the night.
 After that, we went to the Dolphin Friends Show
...Waiting for the show to start! 
Here you'll learn about dolphins and see them showcase their intelligence and agility. 
Again, there's one kid who got the attention of everybody with his loud laugh as he watched dolphins 'fly' here and there. :) 
Lastly, we went to see the Sea Lions via the Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show.

All of these shows are filled with humor and wit. And even if PETA discourages and is mad with these "animal cruelty" shenanigans hihi, each show promotes various environmental education. BTW, you can also meet and greet marine animals up-close through their Animal Encounter program.

Sun is setting when all the shows ended. We still went inside the aquariums for few minutes before heading back to our hotel. We visited three aquariums. :) I saw Nemo and Dori in one aquarium!!! <3
   You look deli! haha!
 Natatakot ako sa mga isda :(
We were excited to go to this one!!! Jusme!! Baby sharks lang pala!!! haha. Everyone's baby pa: the sting rays, jellyfish, moray eel...
  Ocean Adventure have two-three souvenir shops. Prices of souvenirs are relatively cheap. They practice what they preach also by selling eco-bags for instance. :)

Lastly, vacay wouldn't be complete without nomming good food! Food and travel always go together! Just a run through of some restaurants we visited (a.k.a those which I was able to take photo of only haha)...
We ate again (didn't learn from experience) at Seafood by the Bay. The food is too expensive for food's taste. Hotel food's even better.
Had dinner at Texas Joe's. We oftentimes pass by Texas Joe's but never did we visit to eat since the place spelled meat! 
Their ribs is really good!!! The food is relatively cheap!! Really worth it!! The ambiance and interior of the place is suiting! Service is good! I am definitely going back! Good food! 
Doodled while waiting
 They have rocking horse outside!! Sarap! 
 Last day breakfast was spent in Meat Plus!!! We were the first customers to arrive! Hence the empty chairs. First time to see Meat Plus like this! haha!
Cute hanged plates with scribbled messages
Ordered Nai Cha on our way home! SARAAAAAAAP! Tasted better this time!!

Haha! Sorry! Purely interior photos. Not a single photo of food! I was busy binge eating! <3



  1. glad that ocean adventure improved! now i want to visit it! :D and i miss subic!

  2. What phone did you use for taking pictures? Theyre all so clear! :p

    Definitely, Maybe

  3. great job posting this, there's a lot to do in subic pala :)


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